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Rachel features in the latest issue of Pride Magazine

Rachel Maclynn features in the latest issue of Pride Magazine in the Blind Date Diaries article.

Last night Vida saved my life from a broken heart…

03 Oct

I’ve never needed an excuse to throw a party, so our fifth anniversary just had to be celebrated and with the day of our big party finally upon us, we all assembled for a debrief in the luxurious Library bar of The Devonshire Club. Looking around at my gorgeous colleagues Rachel, Leila, Annika, Mia, Jacqueline, […]

Achieving Career Success AND Relationship Success: the principles are the same!

04 May

Are you married to your job? This may be a cliché statement, but one that rings true to many people who consider themselves ‘successful’. Success is typically associated with career status, earnings and achievements. But while your professional achievements catapult into the stratosphere, has your romantic relationship plummeted into a gloomy void as a consequence? […]

Why Regulation Across Entire Dating Industry Is Now More Vital Than Ever

28 Apr

With the dating industry having grown exponentially in recent years, and in light of the horrendous case of Jason Lawrance, who was recently found guilty of raping and assaulting seven women after meeting them on internet dating site, never has it been more urgent for an industry to be regulated. Research company Mintel predict that the online dating market […]

Intimacy in Gay Relationships- Look Into My Eyes

31 Mar

A video is circulating Facebook right now that depicts several people – parents and adult children, siblings, married couples – who are tasked to stand, facing one another, and look into each others’ eyes for four minutes. A similar task was given to a couple on the verge of divorce, to spend five minutes a […]

Confidence & flavours; Rendezvous January Gallery Party

02 Feb

It’s a particularly warm late January afternoon as I pop in to see gorgeous Bethany at Goat Chelsea to collect the canapés they’ve made for our Gallery Party at the Cadogan tonight. I carve up Bethany’s gym plans by suggesting a quick ‘glass of confidence’ (“Hey why not? It’ll make me train harder”. Good girl!) […]

Are you ready for an emotionally available gay partnership?

19 Jan

There’s been no shortage of ink spilled on the topic of emotional availability. Many articles exist to help people figure out if their partner is available or not, but no matter how many “20 ways” lists there are, the fact of the matter remains that it’s not an easy task. Emotional availability is crucial for […]

Would vs Should- gay relationships

18 Dec

There’s a very brief video on Business Insider by Andrea Syrtash, the woman who wrote He’s Just Not Your Type (And That’s A Good Thing). In it, she says that in order to live more authentically, we need to look at ‘want,’ as opposed to what we ‘should.’ This is something we’ve seen before from people […]

Love and plain, old ‘Excess Baggage’…

08 Oct

How often do you switch on the evening news and then actually feel like you either want to walk away from it or switch it off? Ever wondered why that might be? Is it possibly because all you are hearing is negative and depressing. Important and valid information, but somehow weighty and heavy, and you […]

Making the “Five Love Languages” work for long-term gay relationships.

08 Oct

There are lot of books about gay relationships – getting them, improving them, keeping them – and almost all are based around surprisingly basic ideas that we all forget when we’re in the thick of things. For this reason bite-sized bits of information can be more valuable than an entire book. How many examples do […]

Review: Vida8 Alain Llorca Gourmet Lunch

05 Oct

October 3, 2015 – As I hurtled around Monte Carlo’s Fairmont Corner like a Formula 1 Ferrari (but on heels not wheels) to meet our Vida8 guests at the Fairmont Hotel for our transfers to St Paul de Vence, the backdrop of glorious Mediterranean blue sea made me marvel at how, yet again, we had […]

Ready or Not – Commitment to a Long-Term Gay Relationship

08 Sep

Commitment is an interesting thing. You can be ready for it in every way – and if you’re with Vida and actively looking for a long-term gay life partner then you’re ready – intellectually, and still stumble when it comes to being emotionally committed. Despite our dislike of categorising people more than necessary, you can […]

Exclusive Interview with Katy Horwood on Gay Long-term Love, Dating, and the Future of Relationships- Gay or Straight!

03 Aug

We recently spoke to Katy Horwood of the blog All Sweetness and Life. She’s written guest articles for Metro UK and the Huffington Post. Katy was kind enough to hang out with us for a bit and talk about professional gay couples and how they approach relationships. Vida: It’s great to be able to sit […]

Executive Career OR Exclusive Relationship?

20 Jul

CAREER vs RELATIONSHIP If you’ve worked hard to get somewhere with a career then easing off the pedal is not really an option. With personal development reviews, cut backs or expansion, the corporate dynamic is changing daily and it takes concentration to get to the top and to stay there. You can’t afford to lose […]

The Ugly Truth in Gay Long Term Relationships

05 Jun

Despite what the songs and the films would have you believe, no one is perfect. Even the most self-confident gay man has their insecurities and, more importantly, everyone has their flaws. The first few dates you go on are a little bit like a sales pitch you’re both showing your sparkling wit, you tell your most […]

Summertime Match maker advice – sustaining your relationship

04 Jun

Summer lovin can be as intoxicating as five porn star martinis. There’s something about the carefree nature of long days, sunshine, the sound of the sea, the splash of a lake, dining al fresco that can easily go to your head. So how do you let go and let love in and at the same […]

Three Questions to (maybe) rate your relationships by.

28 Apr

A number of Harvard educated mathematicians have come to the conclusion that the success of any relationship can be measured by asking each person three questions. How Harvard educated mathematicians came to be considered experts in the field, I’m not sure, but apparently it’s not a bad yardstick. There is no right or wrong answer, […]

Relationship Rules – a reminder

31 Mar

Compromising Ask yourself this: do you give too much or too little? Being at either end of the spectrum really doesn’t work well in relationships. If you compromise too much you may be giving up who you really are and potentially become unaware that you are allowing toxic resentment to develop gradually. Compromise too little […]

Vida8 event: Tequilas and Mescals, Hoxton Hotel

05 Feb

# Tequilas and Mescals, Hoxton Hotel: January 28th 2015 Now this Vida8 event wasn’t just for the hell-raisers. Last week a gallant band of Vida8 members, including a Research Scientist, a PR director, a Private Equity hot shot and a top management consultant, arrived at the super cool and very buzzy Hoxton Hotel to meet ‘the savage […]

iDate Conference & Awards 2015; Las Vegas

26 Jan

We were in Las Vegas last week for the Annual iDATE 2015 conference. Now we had never been to Vegas, so the scale of the Strip was overwhelming and breathtaking in equal measure.  Vegas is a bright and over the top museum of Hotels. The view from our  hotel Window was onto the New York […]

Lovestruck! 10 Tips For A Healthy Relationship

01 Sep

Psychologist and relationship expert Rachel MacLynn shares her advice on how to get the most out of dating, your love life and truly understanding yourself and your partner. Are you and your partner having endless arguments? Has your relationship hit a ‘love plateau’ or are your expectations simply too high? Relationship guru and psychologist Rachel […]

Vida Reviews: Love in The Time of Algorithms by Dan Slater

22 Aug

Lucy Carlyle explores Love in the Time of Algorithms, as part of Vida Reviews series. This book explores the many pros and cons of on-line dating, looking way back into history at the traditional role of the matchmaker, it reviews the early beginnings of the internet and how ‘entrepreneurial geeks’ used computers in order to […]

‘Space’ in a new relationship

12 Mar

By Martin Turner When you meet someone you’re incredibly attracted to and find yourself falling in love with them, chances are you’re thinking about them when you wake up and when you go to bed. That’s lovely; it probably indicates that there is some depth to what you are feeling, but could it spiral into […]

Mail online: Festive relationship advice

21 Dec

Relationship advice, taken from the Mail Online’s: Have a merry stress fest: How to have a harmonious Christmas and an actual ‘Happy’ New Year THE DO’S AND DON’TS TO SECURE A HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON AROUND YOUR FAMILY By RACHEL MACLYNN PUBLISHED: 22:00 GMT, 21 December 2013 A family Christmas can bring a great deal of stress  […]

Quick tips: Achieve a balanced, healthy, lifestyle

15 Oct

It’s phenomenal how many erudite and undeniably brilliant professionals can so easily lose the plot when it comes to their own life.  We expend a great deal of our grey matter in making big business work with streamlined efficiency but often forget to invest in ourselves. If you’re reading this you may have decided to […]

Advice: Releasing the barriers to a long distance relationship

30 Sep

Love actually Relationship advice on long distance love will always be there: your work colleagues,  friends, and family think they all know better and tell you, you should get out quick!  But when you meet someone who really makes you come alive, your heart beats a little faster, and you find yourself smiling at the […]

Nice guys really DO finish last!!

28 Feb

For a healthy and fulfilling relationship there MUST be equal investment. However we repeatedly see relationships where one person is offering everything to someone who is not reciprocating! Human nature is contradictory, and confusing….but we are here to clear it up for you! If you think that you will gain love from offering all of […]


22 Nov

Every girls dream has come true…and ILAND paradise just off the coast of…Mayfair?! Selling a shopping date out to your boyfriend is a lot easier when you are taking them to a magical place of champagne, chez lounges and the most important ingredient…clothes. Held on the first floor of an elegant Mayfair townhouse on Dover […]

How to remain close in a relationship

06 Nov

How to remain close in a relationship Communicate  – be courteous and reassuring Stay physically close – hold hands, hug, making eye contact shows emotional openness Be patient – and rational and resolve conflicts after a few hours leaving both parties time to calm down Accept changes – try and adapt and work with new […]

Bad Dating Habits to Avoid!

If you've experienced some bad dates, then read on... I give my expert advice on bad dating habits you really need to avoid!

Tips for Dating in Your 40s

If you find the prospect of dating in your 40s daunting, then read on.. I give my two pence worth on overcoming any hurdles you may be feeling and the importance of positivity!

Who pays the bill? Should the man pay the bill?

Some Gentlemen may insist that it is essential dating etiquette that the man picks up the first bill. Some women want to pay their way and some women feel completely confident about saying thank you and good night. Is there a right or wrong answer? Read on to find out...

Date Night Ideas; Dates for the Diary!

Sometimes we can be a little stuck for imaginative dating ideas. Dating doesn’t have to be dull and you can surprise your love with something different. What about those first afternoon or evening dates when you’d like to do something that’s different? Worried that you’ll feel shy about conversation? Here’s some of ours that will literally put a spring in your step.

Good Advice, Bad Advice

It's a wild world of 'good' dating advice out there. Most of it is heavily gendered and aimed at heterosexual couples, but that doesn't mean that queer communities escape unscathed.

Residential real estate search and love? Unexpected parallels!

Alex Newall is the Managing Director and founder of Hanover Private Office - a Mayfair based firm that manages the investment, enhancement and realisation of real estate - and a selection of other asset classes - on behalf of some of the world’s most affluent individuals. He recently met with Rachel to talk about the world of matchmaking, where she explained the parallels between their businesses.

Keep Calm, it’s only Valentine’s Day!

Read all about how to embrace Valentine’s Day, as a single lady!

Scent with Love

This month in particular, we celebrate the beautiful, delicate, scented Rose, also known as 'The Queen of Flowers'. With almost 120 varieties available, roses are a classic favorite, especially when it comes to expressing love and romance.

Are you your ideal gay partner’s ideal gay partner?

01 Feb

Obviously one of the very first things we ask at Vida is for clients to describe their ideal gay partner. We ask about lifestyle - are you an indoors or outdoorsy type of person? Do you enjoy country or city living? Do you want children? How important is extended family to you? Where do you see yourself and your partner in five years, ten years, retirement? - but sometimes there is a disconnect between what someone is looking for, and their own preferences.


30 Jan

Read the low-down on the very jazzy January party that our very own Barbara Brudenell-Bruce hosted at Boisdale.

Investing in Love

Smart people accumulate assets and monitor their financial landscape consistently. Is that you? The big question is: are you prepared to invest in your love life?

Romantic Winter Escapes

January and February are the ideal months to cosy up on a European city getaway or a weekend on the slopes, along with evenings perfecting your fireside après ski skills.

When do you say ‘I Love You’?

You may be completely surprised to learn that it is men who are more likely to say “I love you” before a woman.

Monogamy in the World of Gay Dating, Could It Be Growing?

07 Dec

Is monogamy a dying concept? Or is it a generational factor? Perhaps younger gay men find it easier to come out, and therefore meet someone and start relationships the traditional way, from puberty. Whereas the elder generation may struggle more due to prejudices growing up.

Vida’s top romantic New Year’s Eve Hotspots

New Year’s Eve is brimming with romance. Here are some of our favourite spots to ring in 2017.

Recognition for Vida at UK Dating Awards 2016

05 Dec

Vida received the “Highly Commended” award under the category “Matchmaking Agency of the Year 2016” at the UK Dating Awards.

As with any change, divorce brings opportunity

It’s a fact of life that when you’re dating in your 20’s you feel invincible, attractive and the future seems a long way off. The opportunities for romance in your social universe are just dropping off the trees like ripe fruit. We’ve still got hair, we can go out 5 nights a week and still […]

Listen Now! Indiraa and Jacqueline on Soho Radio, talking all things LGBT!

28 Nov

Hear Jacqueline Burns, Vida's Head of Gay and Lesbian Matchmaking talk about issues with Indiraa around coming out for the LGBT community, with guest Philip Baldwin, gay activist.

How not to kill a first or second date

Ruining a first or second date, is so easily done. However, there are a few top tips that will certainly help you get closer to getting a third and possibly fourth date!

Love, Vida and Matchmaking for Gay and Lesbian singles, discussed on Soho Radio

08 Nov

Head of Gay and Lesbian Matchmaking at Vida, Jacqueline Burns is interviewed on Soho Radio about love in 2016.

Fear of Commitment

Fear of Commitment is a disease that is rampant in the dating world. You’re never going to catch the love train while you have a fear of commitment that is preventing you from a relationship or sabotaging it before it has a chance to happen.

Blog on Gay and Lesbian Matchmaking, and Jacqueline Burns

31 Oct

Click below for more information on Jacqueline Burns, Head of Gay and Lesbian Matchmaking, and The Vida Consultancy.


19 Oct

Someone once said to me, “If people don’t mistake you and your best friend for dating, at least once, you’re doing best friendship wrong.” You know how it is: your best friend is the one who you share all your deepest confidences with. They were there for you through all your best times, and all […]

Is it chemistry or compatibility that’s a winner?

Compatibility is defined as a ‘state in which two things are able to exist or occur together without problems or conflict’. Reality check here, there is no human relationship that will be entirely without problems or conflict, it’s just a fact of life. It’s being able to work through these challenges that really cements a […]

Top 5 gay dating mistakes

06 Oct

When you're looking for long-term gay partnership, it's easy to fall into these tale as old as time traps.

Career in Professional Matchmaking: Learn how to become a real life Cupid!

16 Aug

Let’s face it, juggling a career whilst being an exemplary parent AND having a fulfilling personal life whereby we enjoy our hobbies, volunteer in the community and keep in shape by going to the gym three times a week is darn near impossible, unless your alter ego is that of the bionic woman! Yet women are repeatedly […]

Jacqueline Burns is interviewed in The Evening Standard on ‘How to find true love on the gay dating scene’

11 Aug

Head of Gay and Lesbian Matchmaking, Jacqueline Burns is interviewed in London Evening Standard by the lovely Lizzie Edmonds. Read below to learn more on Jacqueline’s thoughts on the current situation of London’s gay dating scene.   Read all about it!  

Important Considerations for Elite Gay Dating

09 Aug

With much of the online matchmaking world relying on the use of advanced algorithms to bring people together, it might seem almost quaint to rely on an actual person to do the work for you. For professional, attractive, gay, lesbian, or bisexual clients looking for same, it’s important to bear in mind the unique, complicating […]

Is London failing the gay dating scene?

28 Jul

London is failing gay singles according to an industry expert who says that the UK’s capital is not providing gay men the right opportunities to meet long-term partners.

Fathers & Sons – Rachel does some digging (all in the name of love!)

21 Jul

As part of Radio Wolfgang’s thought provoking audio podcast called Fathers & Sons, Rachel profiles a single father alongside his 22 year old son, who gave his perspective on what he thinks his father is looking for in a partner. Her section features in the first 5 minutes – have a listen!  

Online dating & offline matchmaking: The Gap is Closing

21 Jul

The world of online dating is almost unrecognisable compared to 10 years ago, when I first took a detour in my career as a business psychologist, opting to help people with their love lives instead of their work lives. Ten years ago, I had just about heard of the online dating site, and there were but a […]

Gay Matchmaking London

06 Jul

In light of the Orlando massacre, it feels a little frivolous to be talking about love, where to take a date this summer, gay matchmaking London, or how to keep your cool when you really like someone. The 49 Latinx gay and trans club-goers who died and the 50 more who were injured, were out […]

Vida8 – The High End Singles’ Event Which Delivers What it Promises

27 Jun

Having been to numerous singles events before, I can genuinely say I was pleasantly surprised by the evening.

Cosmo & Dolly’s Love Surgery

23 Jun

Our event last week saw Sunday Times It’s a Date columnists Cosmo Landesman & Dolly Alderton discuss all things dating in this hilarious event aptly named: Love Surgery. The audience are guests of upmarket events club trio for single professionals – Rendezvous, Vida8 and Vida Consultancy. Here is a snippet of the much talked about […]

Pride and Bravery

07 Jun

Pride is a celebration of how far the community has come over the years. It’s a political movement that shows people it’s okay to be yourself.

Matchmaker Secrets

02 Jun

Do you have friends who seem to be brilliant at dating? Don’t be too quick to admire if they aren’t in fact turning any of these multitude of dates into anything resembling a relationship. A great Matchmaker can certainly find you any number of potentially great partners, but how can you take that terrific opportunity […]

Let me untangle your love life

02 Jun

I was at a drinks-do once talking to a lovely singleton who was exasperated by the apparent fact that all the good people were taken. Nobody was left (in the world it seemed) to date, let alone to marry. As a psychologist specialising in dating and relationships, I am often struck by how our worldview […]

Exes and Ohs

31 May

Recently, Elle magazine wrote an article about people who stay friends with their exes. Here at Vida we were skeptical about their claims: that people who maintain friendships with exes are sociopaths, narcissist or other unpleasant characters. Thankfully, light has been shed on the subject by Dan Savage, who interviewed the people who actually wrote […]

CSI: The Search for Gay Love

18 May

It’s easier than ever to search for someone online. Your employers probably did it before hiring you. Old school chums do it before reunions to see if they measure up. You look in on your ex to make sure they aren’t having too much fun without you… For those of us with good ‘google-fu’ and […]

How psychology and technology are helping people find love

17 May

Do you remember the good old days when finding a partner required no more effort than putting your glad rags on and heading out with the aim of catching someone’s eye across a crowded room? Cue music and fireworks and you find yourself in the opening scene of your very own love story. These days, chance […]

An interview with London’s most sociable garden designer

09 May

As with tasteful interior design, Richard knows how to landscape design something that is modern and contemporary for the exterior of a home and yet he has a depth of knowledge and sensitivity to appreciate horticultural heritage. His projects include many London gardens, a grade 1 listed house in Norfolk, a 15-acre garden for a […]

Cocktails in the City

09 May

May 4, 2016 – They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and I’m not going to argue with that, but if there’s a sure way to my heart, littered with lovelorn suitors though it is, it might just start with a Martini. Well that’s how I fell for miracle-working mixologist […]

Honesty in gay dating

28 Apr

When it comes to dating, both online and in person, people are prone to a slight lack of honesty. Online dating websites and apps are hotbed of little (and not so little) white lies. We have all heard jokes about how many years you should add to a Tinder profile in order to guess someone’s […]

The Art Lovers’ Party has hit radio waves!

21 Apr

Start at 1.24 and listen to Barbara talk about how offline events for single professionals work and Art Curator, Cosmo Barran talks art and the artists he is representing. Barbara Brudenell-Bruce, Managing Director Vida8 & Rendezvous Barbara represents Vida in Monaco & London, and in 2014 launched Vida8, an invite-only private members networking club for […]


14 Apr

Our very own hostess with the mostess, Barbara Brudenell-Bruce is not only Managing Director of Vida8 but also has another events company, Rendezvous. Last month, Barbara put on a fabulous Rendezvous cooking event at the Avenue Cookery School in Putney. The gorgeous and eccentric Diana Horsford and ex-Christies head of wine, Christopher Burr lead the way and to read what a […]

The Power of Networking

12 Apr

Do you know people who you really consider to be great networkers? They seem to know everyone, and if they don’t they know how to get to someone. Are they just touched with gold, or a bit of a mover and shaker? You could say that, but actually good networkers are people who know the […]

LGBT Activism and Gay Dating

12 Apr

Toronto, one of the gayest cities in the world, was known for its activism. When marriage equality for LGBT reached Canada, the Village became one of the most vibrant, fun places in town. Then the Mayor began talking about rolling back LGBT rights. He was against equality, amongst other things. He snubbed Pride and through his […]

Vida8’s Art Lovers’ Party

07 Apr

Sounds a bit Mad Hatter perhaps, but good, non? I have to admit I pinched it from one of those wonderful Grimaldi Forum (Monaco) summer exhibitions. The poster was of Jeff Koon’s giant red Hanging Heart. Vida8’s very own heart throb Cosmo Barran, proved such a pleasure to work with. Cosmo is the epitome of […]

Fear of Rejection

22 Mar

Have you ever found yourself in the sea in the summer momentarily alone and bobbing with your face at water level, when suddenly the JAWS theme pops into your head? Your heart constricts with fear and you start to swim frantically and irrationally the three feet and three arm strokes to the shallows. Jiminy Cricket […]

Shoreditch Radio Interview with Jacqueline Burns

10 Mar

Thank you Shoreditch Radio for having Jacqueline Burns, Head of Gay and Lesbian Matchmaking, on the show earlier this week. To hear what she had to say on how we work here at Vida, the gay and lesbian division and the future of sexuality, love and matchmaking click here .  

Narrowing down the gay dating pool

08 Mar

It’s important to keep an open mind when you’re considering potential dates. Having a preference for redheads is one thing, refusing to date outside of that particular group means you’re narrowing the search and going to miss out on some amazing potentially fantastic people. However, while over-specificity is a problem for some people, a lack […]

Tinder Does Not Light a Romantic Fire

07 Mar

A professional Matchmaker will source and deliver dating partners that aren’t just a temporary spark Once upon a time pre the app, possibly in Games of Thrones land, tinder was a combustible material used to ignite a fire. Basically anything that begins to glow under a shower of sparks is officially known as tinder. Clever […]

Can you find love through… a spreadsheet?

16 Feb

Are you in need of an epic romance, or are you still flying solo and hoping to fall truly madly deeply in love? Does a love song or a sonnet make your heart soar with expectation and the yearning for cupid’s arrow to hit you right this moment? Perhaps you’re more of a strategist and […]

Wandsworth radio live interview with Jacqueline Burns

15 Feb

Thank you Wandsworth radio for having Jacqueline Burns, Head of Gay and Lesbian Matchmaking, on the show last week. To hear what she had to say on dating in London, Valentine’s Day and the gay and lesbian division of Vida, please check the interview out by clicking here.  

Lesbian First Dates

08 Feb

One of the most excruciating things about being a woman out for drinks with another woman is wondering, “Is this a date?” On the one hand, utilising a matchmaking service takes all the guesswork out of the equation. Congratulations! You are going on a date with someone who might turn out to be your future […]

Valentine’s Day according to Vida: S.W.A.K.

04 Feb

Men and women get caught in the expectation of Valentine’s Day and even with best efforts, they can get it horribly wrong. Guys, how well do you know your Lady? Do you feel pressured by commercialism to deliver? Is a giant arrangement of Interflora flowers just the trick? Is the jewellery you know she loves, […]

Dating Amongst Gay Professionals

01 Feb

According to a Business Insider article about Harvard social psychologist Amy Cuddy, there are two things that people are evaluating when they first meet you: Can I trust this person? Can I respect this person? While the article itself focuses on how this affects you during an interview or while you’re at work, this insight […]

Give romance a chance

21 Jan

All through our lives we are told what to do. Our elders and experts have the authority to tell us to eat our vegetables, do our homework, tidy our rooms and pay our tax. It really is one of the joys of life being an independently self-funded adult to make decisions about what, when, where […]

10 ways to help you get closer to the love of your life in 2016

07 Jan

Are you looking back on 2015 as one of your best years ever ? Or would you rather just draw a line and move on?  Pretty much everywhere you turn you will see and hear about New Year’s resolutions and advice on how to make this next year the most amazing ever. But what about if […]

5 Tips On Dating a Breadwinning Woman

17 Dec

  In a nutshell, historically, men brought home the bacon and the women cooked it. However, much time has passed since the dark ages and thanks to the likes of the suffragettes, women are not only bringing home the bacon, they’re bringing steak home too. It’s true that men still earn more than women, but […]

Gaily Ringing in the Dating Season

10 Dec

One of the things about dating in the winter is that things that seemed easy enough to do in the summer, suddenly look a lot more difficult. We’re here to tell you that this is not the case! Just getting out and meeting people can appear daunting but the reason for this is quite simple. […]

Rendezvous’ wine tasting; the red, the white and the fizz

03 Dec

Rather like some of our Rendezvous members, Brunswick House is classically elegant and understated on the outside, while on the inside it is a very different beast indeed – wild, original, carefree and…ok, the analogy ends here. The place looks deranged. Arriving here on a cool November evening, we glide through the classical portico and step into […]

Vida8’s Blind Spot Party

03 Dec

November 10, 2015 – I seized the bronze-hand door handle of the Blind Spot Bar; it was firm, smooth, shiny and strong with just the right amount of resistance. What can I tell you − everything felt great at the Blind Spot Bar last night, for it was there that we threw Vida8’s biannual Mixa party, […]

Could Luxury Matchmaking Help James Bond Find True Love?

01 Dec

Judging by James Bond’s track record, Tinder may be the more suitable dating resource on the market, but if the spy was to finally consider settling down he may want to look towards a luxury matchmaking agency which aims to establish long-term relationships. So far 007 has gotten intimate with: Derval, Wai Lin, “Arab Beauty”, […]

First Impressions in Gay Dating

17 Nov

It’s never too late to make a good first impression, or so they say. This has been a year for scholarly articles on the science of romance. This month alone, Psychology Today published three articles in their magazine about the first impressions we get and how we apply them to our romantic relationships. The good […]

Vida8 Goes to the Movies!

05 Nov

October 28. 2015 – The time of day that I attempt to write a blog of the previous night’s Vida8 event provides a pretty clear indication of how much fun was had. It’s 5.30 on the afternoon after the after party’s after party. Hey ho… What a night.  And so unexpected. I mean Vida8 going […]

Dating With A Middle Aged Body

05 Nov

When I got married I imagined that my husband would be the last person to see me naked. Except for the girls at the gym, natch.  And the coroner.  And the thought was liberating.  I needn’t anguish over my body; now I could get on with more important things.  Although I became increasingly fit in […]

Vida – Recognised Professional Matchmaking

04 Nov

The team at the Vida Consultancy are completely focused on delivering a professional and intelligent approach to matchmaking. It’s why we are championing and supporting proper training and recognition to ensure our clients know their love life and relationship opportunities are in good hands. October saw iDate, the world’s largest dating industry conference take place in […]

Happy Halloween for gay professionals

02 Nov

Although Halloween isn’t as popular a holiday in the United Kingdom, compared to the USA, any excuse for a party is good and they’re a great way to meet new people. There’s usually one person who throws a great costumed bash and these events tend to draw a decent crowd. If you don’t know that […]


28 Oct

When it comes to business and relationships do you value honesty? We would all likely automatically say yes, but in reality is it possible to be honest and succeed in business? There are plenty of stories and rumours about people succeeding in business through dishonesty, but how does that sit with your ethics and morality? […]

Soho Radio Live Interview with Jacqueline Burns

15 Oct

Check out the Interview here. Thank you Soho Radio for having Jacqueline Burns, Head of Gay and Lesbian Matchmaking, on the show last week. To hear her opinion on gay long-term dating, looking for love in London, Vida’s processes and how to make a relationship last long-term check it out! Scroll to 1:21:11  

Review: Vida’s 6th Meet the Introducers Event

01 Oct

September 29th, Chelsea, London – Vida’s Matchmakers meet to review the Vida MTI (Meet the Introducers) event. What happened the morning after the night before….. If you were walking through Mayfair on Thursday morning you might have spotted a group of animated ladies sitting around a window table at the Mayfair Hotel. Who wouldn’t want to […]

The Career Woman, Vs. the Dating Woman

17 Sep

  The successful career woman can look very enticing from the outside. Confidence is incredibly sexy. When you combine it with style you have what appears to be the winning combination. A woman who has the focus to educate herself and achieve the career she always wanted knows what she wants. She’s a board room stand […]

Radio 5 Live Interviews Jacqueline Burns

11 Sep

  Check out the  Interview here >     We got  some Vida air time this morning with Nicky Campbell and Rachel Burden on Radio 5 Live. Talking about likes, dislikes in your perfect partner. Jacqueline Burns our resident Matchmaking and head of Gay Matchmaking at Vida talks all things compatible … check it out,  1 hr 27 […]

Wardrobe First Date Dilemmas

02 Sep

Expert tips from Dating Stylist Caroline Williams    Going on your first date with someone is nerve-racking enough, the what if’s, the how’s, the where’s – then whether you are fashion savvy or not the – what and what not to wear. Sometimes it can all get a bit too much but these simple steps for […]

Love Story – Vida review

11 Jul

Another in our series  – the latest Vida review. We take an in-depth peek at Marc Levy’s latest novel ‘Elle et Lui’. Review by Alex Vitillo. Work, fitness, friends, cultural events, theatre, fashion, my life seems always too busy to spare time for a book, but I never miss a date (so to speak) with Marc’s […]

Money Talks- Gay Long Term Love

23 Jun

One of the leading causes of squabbles amongst couples is money. In the early days it’s simple enough. To avoid the awkward shuffle for the bill we often advise that the person who suggests the date, pays for the date. Unfortunately, this only works at the beginning. Once you’re at that stage where asking your […]


10 Jun

Anjuna, Eze-Sur-Mer, France Saturday June 6, 2015 – Basking in the glorious sunshine as I greeted our Vida8 group outside the brand new and glamorous Monaco Yacht Club, an international visitor commented – “Barbara I can see how you’ve got the perfect work/lifestyle balance living between Monaco and London – what’s not to love about this […]

What we have here, is a failure to communicate

26 May

When it comes to coping with stressful situations in any relationship, there tend to be two kinds of reactions. The first type of person deals with stress and conflict by withdrawing. They regroup, they deal with their stressors in an introspective sort of way, and when they’re ready to face the world again, they re-emerge. […]

‘Invitation Only’ – VIDA’s Matchmaking Event

20 May

As featured in LUX Worldwide Magazine. You can find the full post here. What: Vida Consultancy Event: Meet The Introducers Where: Cadogan Contemporary Gallery, London When: 12th May 2015 We can all imagine the horrifying situations that ‘speed dating’ might bring about, but ‘speed dating’ is a phrase that shouldn’t even be mentioned in the […]

Not so quiet in the Library!

14 May

While Vida’s specialty is one-on-one introductions, we have to say, we also throw a pretty impressive get-together. This month we invited our gay members to Library, a private members’ club, for drinks and nibbles and it was a smashing success. If we do say so ourselves. We had a great turnout; not only did Vida […]

Dating after Divorce

11 May

Dating again after divorce can be an extremely daunting prospect when you’re feeling disillusioned and alone. It’s something you probably never imagined you would find yourself considering again and the very thought of it can be frightening. If the last time you went on a date was many years ago you will have many unanswered […]

5 Steps to Introducing Your New Love

27 Apr

Are you a serial dater? Do you have an urgent need to introduce your most recent conquest to your friends right away, almost as if to say “look everyone I have a boyfriend/girlfriend, I am not a loser….see…..see!” Ok first point, apply breaks gently and slow down. One step at a time otherwise you could […]

Vida: Cupid’s Library Interview Matchmaker Rachel MacLynn

13 Apr

Below is the extract from a recent Cupid’s Library article, interviewing our MD Rachel MacLynn. By Patricio, April 7th 2015 Matchmaking dates back to as early as 1600 and single people’s dating and relationship needs since then haven’t changed much hundreds of years later. In the library of Cupid, we asked fellow professional cupids about […]

European Escape: Dating in Barcelona

08 Apr

There are a handful of spectacular seaside cities in the world, and Barcelona is right up there with the best of them.

Alphabet Soup

25 Mar

The world is not divided into sheeps and goats.  Not all things are black nor all things white.  It is a fundamental of taxonomy that nature rarely deals with discrete categories.  Only the human mind invents categories and tries to force facts into separated pigeon-holes.  The living world is a continuum in each and every […]


23 Mar

There’s nothing better than a little bit of black and white movie nostalgic romance. But how do you effectively rustle up a bit of the past for date night in a world that has gone digital? If you want to impress your date with something, stylish with a lots of class, cabaret is the way to go. […]

You had me at Hello

14 Mar

Everyone has a different sense of personal space. When you greet your friends and acquaintances Hello, you probably know, without thinking, how you’re going to do it; if you’re going to hug, or kiss, or even do a secret handshake. When you meet other business professionals, the process is clear; you shake hands. There’s been […]

Stockholm Dating ideas

12 Mar

If you’ve been watching gripping TV series The Bridge, The Killing or perhaps loved Girl with A Dragon Tattoo, then you’ll possibly be loving everything Scandi even if you’re not an ABBA fan. Stockholm, Sweden is home to one of our lovely Matchmakers Matilda who will be the first to tell you that Stockholm is […]

Vida8 event: Richard Adams Private View, Cadogan Contemporary

04 Mar

Guest Blog: Richard Adams Private View – Cadogan Contemporary Tuesday 3rd March 2015 By Nico Kos Earle        The gallery opening – we all know the drill: go to work dressed in some sort of day to night outfit (that is neither here nor there because you did not really see what you were choosing in the […]

My Ideal Man

03 Mar

“I want a man who is about 6”2, and has the body of a Men’s Health Fitness model, a brilliant sense of humour, rich, maybe has an accent. Oh he has to love theatre, even better if he can sing and dance, but my ideal man also needs to be very manly and be able to […]


26 Feb

Photograph by © Lindsay Have you ever been in love? Or is it so long since we really fell in love we can barely remember what it feels like? You will feel it again, it’s coming, and it’s just around the corner. It’s that next Vida introduction, its that chance encounter at a networking event (some […]

What is Love? #Grazia10 Ten Talks

26 Feb

Grazia Magazine is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with an exhibition and a series of talks at the Getty gallery in central London. The free #Grazia10 exhibition runs from 23rd February – 14th March and is open to the public Monday ­-Friday (10am-5.30pm), Saturday (12-5.30pm).       One of the talks addressed the question ‘What is love anyway’ […]

The Not-So-Perfect, Perfect Someone

24 Feb

Valentine’s Day has come and gone leaving a trail of sparkles, left over roses and chocolates, and singletons all the more aware of their single-ness behind it. It’s like Halloween’s less-crazy cousin designed to make everyone take a second look at their relationship status. Even if you don’t like or care about Valentine’s day, being […]

Vida8 Mixa event: Asian art & sake

19 Feb

Vida8 Mixa at Northcote Gallery with Asian theme: Tuesday 17th February 2015 Vida8’s latest Mixa event this week was enormous fun and a great success. There were more than forty of us at the wonderful Northcote Gallery in Chelsea, with the girls only just outnumbering the boys. The point of the Mixa nights is to meet […]

Date ideas: Zürich

17 Feb

There is something you can count on in Switzerland; its supreme efficiency and excellent time keeping, and this is especially important if you want to maximise a weekend away in Europe.

Dating Advice: Money Talks

11 Feb

They say money talks, but does it really when it comes to love? Take some time to consider my dating advice if you want to avoid common pitfalls in strong relationships. Money can definitely be a pressure point when it comes to romance. When you start to see a new person there may be a […]

Sunday afternoon date ideas

03 Feb

Come on baby, light my fire. Mid-winter there is nothing more wonderful than snuggling up in front of a real open fire hearing the crackle and pop and feeling the glow of warmth. One of the best and most reasonably priced afternoon tea’s in London, and one of our top date ideas, can be found at the Dean […]

Gay Professional: Five things to get dating confident in 2015

30 Jan

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde Hobbies. You’re a charming, good-looking, gay professional. Now get a hobby. When I tell men they need a hobby they usually are thinking one of two things: I do not want to make model airplanes, or, I have hobbies. Model airplanes are an option, sure, […]

Gay Dating – Ignoring rules

28 Jan

“Then shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three.  Five is right out.”   – Monty Python: Quest for the Holy […]

Event: Meet The Introducers – Belgraves

20 Jan

On January 13th 2015 we celebrated our fourth ‘Meet the Introducers’ event, where we invited members, old and new, to come along and meet the Vida Matchmaking team at the Belgraves Hotel, London. These events present the perfect opportunity combined with the perfectly relaxed ambiance to really get to know one another, which is crucial when it comes […]

Let’s Get Physical – Dating

05 Jan

Right, let’s throw ourselves into 2015 with a great leap into the physical dating unknown! Let’s get physical doesn’t always have to mean the horizontal mamba. Let’s burn off those holiday calories and have muchos playful fun with our partner whilst we’re at it. It you want to put a bit of fun, snap and sizzle […]

Head of Gay Matchmaking

We are excited to announce that Jacqueline Burns, one of Vida’s senior matchmaking consultants, is now our Head of Gay Matchmaking at Vida. She will provide the same exclusive and personal service to our expanding base of gay clients as she continues to do with her heterosexual clients. Vida seeks to match high-calibre singles with […]

Vida Review: a look at 2014

31 Dec

No …not that unfortunate incident at the hairdressers, but a sound bite of some things in 2014 that unconsciously caught our attention this year. This is an alternative review of 2014, let’s call it simply a Vida Review. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s “conscious uncoupling” was reported in the Guardian newspaper as “deluded tosh”, it’s […]

ATTRACTION: Mind over body

22 Dec

Let’s face it, male or female, most of us hate the mirrors and fluorescent lighting that adorn most shop changing rooms. So I’m posing some questions today:  what is ‘attraction’, what is ‘sexy’, and is it purely physical? Get a group of men and women in a room and you’ll probably hear a lot of […]

Romantic Weekend Getaway

12 Dec

You’re giddy with excitement and everything is going brilliantly, and then there’s the pressure and anticipation that builds around where to go on that first all-important romantic weekend getaway. We’ll assume you’ve already had a couple of sleep overs at this point so your fears about loos and number 2’s may or may not be off the […]

iDate finalists 2015

01 Dec

At the end of January Leila and I will be leaving the icy grip of mid-winter UK weather and flying to Vegas for the industry equivalent of the Oscars – the iDate Awards & Conference! Not only are we both speaking at the conference, but I’m incredibly proud and excited to announce that Vida has […]

The Guardian – Vida Consultancy interview

10 Nov

Rachel MacLynn was interviewed by The Guardian newspaper this weekend!  Spreading the word of Vida – Exclusive Matchmaking: Love. Life. People.     Small business in the spotlight… The Vida Consultancy By Kitty Dann, Guardian Professional, Saturday 8 November 2014 08.30 GMT Rachel MacLynn, founder of a professional matchmaking service, tells us how she got started in […]

Matchmaking Institute’s visit to London

01 Nov

In October the Vida team was thrilled to be part of the Matchmaking Institute’s first ever visit to London. The Matchmaking Institute offers training and resources for new and experienced matchmakers all over the world. The 3-day course  was both for individuals looking to become matchmakers as well as for established matchmakers looking to learn how to grow their business […]

Fun and One – Dating blog for Vida Consultancy

30 Oct

Desperately Seeking Susan? It’s easy to fear that your relationship number’s up. When on earth is there any time to actually have fun? Our lives get clogged-up with that four-lettered word – “work” – and as we know too well – all work and no play makes Jill (or Jack) a dull girl/boy. There’s nothing […]

Dream Job: Exclusive Matchmaker

27 Oct

DAY ONE AT THE VIDA CONSULTANCY It has already been 3 years since I last came to London, and today, shortly after I arrived, the charming drive from Notting Hill to Mayfair made me wonder why I waited so long to be back in town. Well, I believe that apparently random things usually happen for […]

There’s a chill in the air

09 Oct

With September behind us we are well and truly on our way into the autumn, one of my favourite times of the year and when matchmaking really heats up. What can be better than the smell of fallen leaves, a blaze of red, orange and yellow through the trees, and spectacular Technicolor sunsets? It’s the perfect […]

Matchmaking in Chicago

03 Oct

In this iconic City at the heart of America, with its sweeping skyline of impressively high architecture, where you can browse works of art in some of the fabulous galleries, savor Michelin-starred cuisine or take a stroll along the beautiful banks of the river, working with Vida to find your life partner makes dating an […]

The First Weekend

18 Sep

September is the perfect month to get planning a long weekend away with your partner. The long summer nights are drawing to an end and the smell of autumn is in the air. We all know that we will need a little something exciting to look forward to in order to pull us through those chilly […]

Matchmaking in Monaco

11 Sep

Squeezed into just 200 hectares it might be the world’s second-smallest country (the Vatican is smaller), but what it lacks in size it makes up for in attitude. Glitzy, glam and oozing decadence, Monaco is truly enticing. Vida has been matchmaking here for some time. We have an exceptionally glamourous matchmaker based here who boasts […]

Are We A Couple?

20 Aug

5 Signs She Thinks You’re A Couple – by Rachel MacLynn for Askmen Letting the world know that you are “a couple” can be one giant step for a man. But before you take that step, there are a few surefire signs to look out for in order to be 100% certain you’re as invested as you think. […]

Learning To Trust Love Again – Advice for Female First from Rachel MacLynn

19 Aug

Relationship Expert and Professional Matchmaker, Rachel MacLynn, offers advice on how to restore the faith in love after an affair.   An affair is a brutal end to any relationship and the scars left behind can stay etched on someone’s heart forever. The ability to trust love again is one of the biggest challenges that victims of an affair […]

What To Wear On A First Date – 8 Ways To Make A Good Impression

29 Jul

“Do you have blue eyes? Wear a dark or light blue shirt. Do you have green eyes? Wear a white or light or mossy green shirt” Whether you pride yourself on being on top of the latest trends, or you’re admittedly a non-fashionista who just likes some nice kit now and then, the threads front […]

Matchmaking in Stockholm

28 Jul

From medieval architecture to haute cuisine and cocktails, jumbled vintage shops to upmarket stores, this city has style hard-wired into its DNA. Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, is one of the most beautiful major cities in the world, a mirage of terracotta and saffron coloured buildings shimmering between blue water and skies throughout the summer, or covered with […]

Matchmaking Institute is coming to London!

15 Jul

The Matchmaking Institute, which offers training and resources for new and experienced matchmakers all over the world, is coming to London. The 3-day course is both for individuals looking to become a matchmaker as well as for established matchmakers looking to learn how to grow their business and help more people find love. The training […]

Exclusive Dating in London – Al Fresco!

11 Jul

When you’re just starting dating, a good restaurant or bar choice can make a huge contribution to your enjoyment of the occasion and set the tone for the future. With the summer in full swing, there are few things better to create a romantic atmosphere on a warm balmy evening than eating or drinking al […]

Vida Reviews: Why Him? Why Her?

05 Jun

Jacqueline Burns takes a look at Helen Fisher’s book in our Vida Reviews series. These are questions a single person, looking for love, can ask themselves at any given time. Who will I fall in love with, what will they be like, when will it happen, and why will this person work and not someone […]

Female First May 2014 Dinner date tips for picky eaters!

21 May

Whether it’s an allergy or lifestyle choice, special dietary requirements can make dating a little tricky. Whether you’re dating a fussy eater or you’re the one with some intolerances, it’s worth ensuring you avoid the common pitfalls of having different needs so that food doesn’t take over your relationship. Rachel MacLynn, relationship expert and Founder of Matchmaking Consultancy […] May 2014 – How to survive a wedding when you’re single

19 May

DON’T BE ASHAMED OF BEING SINGLE – Rachel says being single is nothing to be ashamed about: “A lot of people there will be viewing you as the exciting singleton.After years of marriage and childcare you’ll be amazed how alluring the idea of the ‘young and free’ single life is. Enjoy the excitement and see yourself through […]

New York – Matchmaking Institute Conference, featuring Rachel MacLynn as guest speaker

16 May

By Rachel MacLynn It’s always exciting to visit New York, but all the more so when you are invited to speak at an industry event.  I was welcomed at an intimate pre-conference dinner by the warm and wonderful Rachel Greenwald, best-selling author of “Find a Husband After 35 – Using What I Learned at Harvard Business […]

New York – Matchmaking Institute Conference, feat. Rachel MacLynn as guest speaker

16 May

It’s always exciting to visit New York, but all the more so when you are invited to speak at the Matchmaking Institute.  I was welcomed at an intimate pre-conference dinner by the warm and wonderful Rachel Greenwald, best-selling author of “Find a Husband After 35 – Using What I Learned at Harvard Business School”. The line-up […]

Q&A with Rachel MacLynn for Quintessentially Insider

15 May

RACHEL MACLYNN, FOUNDER OF EXCLUSIVE MATCHMAKING AGENCY THE VIDA CONSULTANCY 15th May 2014 The Vida Consultancy is a bespoke, exclusive matchmaking agency, designed for men and women looking to meet someone exceptional. Quintessentially Insider sits down with the Vida’s founder, Rachel MacLynn to discover more about her unique approach to matchmaking, which seeks to combine […]

First Date Etiquette Tips From An Exclusive Matchmaking Agency – as featured in Askmen this month

08 May

Relationship expert Rachel MacLynn writes exclusively for Askmen with some advice on first date etiquette. In an age of equality, understanding etiquette is a mine field of potential faux pas. Chances are, you’re probably not getting it quite right. For example, do you think twice about remaining seated on a crowded tube or bus while allowing […]

Matchmaking in Israel

22 Apr

At the intersection of Europe, Africa and Asia,Israel has been a meeting place of empires, cultures and religions since history began. There seems to be an almost magnetic appeal to Israel and it truly is a wonderful place where anything is possible. So diverse is the landscape and heritage that on a leisurely weekend you […]

Exclusive Event in Hamburg

17 Apr

  By Maite Plimmer Being in the Matchmaking business, I am always excited at the prospect of attending an exclusive event full of interesting, international and single individuals. In this case, my dear friend Roy M. Martens organized the exclusive event and on his home turf of Hamburg. ‘s founder Roy-M. Martens called and 88 […]

Matchmaking in Singapore

26 Mar

It may be considered a small island, yet its full of many different individuals and cultures, all enjoying the fantastic experiences and opportunity Singapore has to offer. Whether you live in Singapore or visit regularly and are looking for a matchmaking experience to top no other, we have matchmakers on hand throughout Singapore, constantly on […]

Prime Resi Journal – This Business is Personal: What buying agents can learn from dating

17 Mar

Earlier this month Rachel provided her expert opinion to Prime Resi on matchmaking misconceptions and how the psychology of dating can cross over to other industries. With deeply personal – and often unrealistic – search criteria, finding a client a new home is very much like finding them love, says matchmaking guru Rachel MacLynn […]

Online vs. High End Matchmaking

17 Mar

By Jacqueline Burns Online dating is rapidly becoming one of the more common methods to meet your perfect partner, nowadays 20% of heterosexual couples and 70% of homosexual couples meet online. Why is it that online dating seems to be becoming increasingly popular? At the same time, do the traditional forms of meeting someone still […]

Matchmaking Brussels

28 Feb

Whether you live in Brussels or visit regularly and are looking for a matchmaking experience that is world class, Vida’s presence in this City means that we are able to expertly guide you through the matchmaking process.We are ready to introduce you to some of the Cities most exceptional, successful and attractive people, most of […]

Vida In The City

24 Feb

By Maite Plimmer VIDA’S MATCHMAKING MISCHIEF IN NEW YORK CITY Touch Down Nothing is harder that hailing a cab in Times Square at sunset, or so we thought before meeting the Manhattanites , who assured us there is something even more elusive….”Commitment”. First night We came with an open mind. The VIDA team hit the New York […]

The Mayfair Magazine: exclusive matchmakers interviewed

14 Feb

              Can’t buy me love? Extracts from February edition of The Mayfair Magazine With the most romantic day of the year looming over us, Elle Blakeman meets two of Mayfair’s most exclusive matchmakers to see how they can help London’s most eligible singles? Apparently The Supremes were wrong; you can […]

Its a date, not a meeting

29 Jan

By Martin Turner Do you often approach a new date as you would a business meeting ? If you’re successful and looking for love, you’re likely to also be goal oriented and an objective achiever. In the workplace or with your own business you have gone from strength to strength outperforming others and setting the […]

New Year 2014 Resolutions

06 Jan

As featured in By Rachel MacLynn What would you say if I told you that the answer to all of your New Year’s Resolution problems was not to go the gym! No, this January the most important goal you should aim to achieve begins in your mind. Yes the perfect body is a sure […]

Matchmaking in Hong Kong

14 Dec

Matchmaking in Hong Kong; a vibrant city of singles, where fun meets hard work, and people find it tricky to get the time to actually meet a long term partner. When leading such a fast paced lifestyle many people based in Hong Kong do not allow themselves the time they need to search for someone […]

Snowfall….licenced to thrill! Vida’s winter dating tips

12 Dec

By Martin Turner A GALAXY OF STARS Gstaad has mountains of glamour and twinkles with a stellar reputation for the galaxy of stars that descend discreetly upon this village every winter. Its pedigree is firmly entrenched in old Hollywood with residents that have included Elizabeth Taylor, Julie Andrews and Roger Moore who added early lustre […]

First date: “have I said too much?”

03 Dec

By Martin Turner The question all men and women must ask themselves is “have I said too much”. On a first date, a second date, and maybe even a third, is it really time to start being an emotional slut? Do we reveal too much about ourselves too soon? Not that I’m suggesting that you […]

Matchmaking in Zurich

28 Nov

Zurich is a city filled with ambitious, international, and exciting single people but it is not always immediately apparent which of those are genuinely ready for commitment. That is why we commit to providing you with a genuine, honest and fulfilling matchmaking experience in Zurich. At Vida we can ask your potential matches those difficult […]

Bachelor or matchmaking made in heaven?

22 Nov

By Julia Atlasova Matchmaking made in heaven or are you left running for the hills from the eternal bachelor?  Its no secret, that attracting a man is only half of the deal on the way to the true love and happy ever after. You’ve got to master your communication skills to be able to encourage […]

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match

14 Nov

By Martin Turner The iconic musical Fiddler on the Roof continues on its UK tour with ex Starsky and Hutch actor Paul Michael Glaser in the lead role as Tevye. 43 years ago Paul Michael Glaser asked my Sister who played the youngest daughter original film version to dance. From that wonderful story comes the […]


07 Nov

Is your love stock up or down? In the date market are you a hot commodity? Let’s face it all the love investors are look for the right date and the possible return of love. Of course the online dating world is for novices just like at home amateur traders. If you really want good […]

Matchmaking in San Francisco

29 Oct

Do you find yourself searching, unsuccessfully, for love in San Francisco? Want to finally meet the one, your dream partner and live your life to its absolute fullest, yet finding it impossible to get the time to completely focus on this pursue? Vida can help in this process. We have matchmakers throughout California, the US […]

Dear Mr ‘Life Partner’

25 Oct

  By Julia Atlasova When looking for a life partner we often make the greatest mistake of all time; we begin a ‘man’-hunt and explicitly scrutinise every potential candidate for marriage suitability, hoping that he will respond to our desires and deliver in the only expected way. Unfortunately, not every date can flower into a […]

Exclusive Matchmaking – Vida Challenges Internet Dating (d8ing)

16 Oct

Let’s face book it, in the cyber age we’re all busy right? As a successful urban professional I imagine you are spending a large chunk of your working day glued to a computer between meetings.  Are you then rushing home to spend another 2 hours online filtering messages from the cast of the bar scene […]

The perfect partner: 3 magic qualities

26 Sep

By Julia Atlasova Our world is based on and moved by thoughts, positive energy and outlook to life, which every person and every thing generates, therefore wishing for something or somebody being in your life, you’ve got to be particularly clear and very precise. If you have been single for a while or if you […]

A Woman’s Guide to Securing a Life Partner: in 6 simple steps

19 Sep

If you are looking for your life partner, and not having much success; if you feel you’re meeting more duds then studs or if your online dating profile is attracting people that look more like your Great Aunt Mildred, than George Clooney – you could be getting a bit disheartened. At this point you may […]

An English affair: exclusive matchmaking at its very best

02 Sep

  By Martin Turner There is nothing more stunning than an endless, superlative British summer, when all the ingredients are right for romance. Now we are not giving up just yet on summer, there is a heatwave on the way, and if you live in London that means there is still plethora of exclusive matchmaking […]

Seasonal dating ideas: summer solstice, winter warmers

21 Aug

By Jacqueline Burns We are over half way through the year. Many of us have been taking the opportunity to jet across the world this summer, some preferring the beautiful white houses and turquoise waters in Mykonos, and the clubs on the Balearic island of Ibiza; others simply enjoying the peaceful life of Southern France. […]

New York Matchmaking

15 Aug

So much diversity brings this city alive all day and all through the night.

Advice from a Professional Matchmaker – keeping the Summer Lovin’ alive…

12 Aug

By Jacqueline Burns As a professional matchmaker I often get asked the same types of questions. How, especially in the early stages of a relationship, do we make sure we are on the same page/ stay in tune with our partners? Once the honeymoon period is over, or after the first few dates- it is […]

Dating After Divorce: 5 Quick Tips to Get You Back on Track

06 Aug

By: Kim Sarrasin After divorce, life can be somewhat chaotic. You suddenly realize everything is not how it used to be. Your finances might have taken a hit, your “during the marriage friends” are divided and your looks and health may have declined while you were nestled in the security of a long-term relationship. If […]


31 Jul

By Martin Turner As we continue to enjoy the tennis season (the US open is around the corner) here is our Vida sporting anecdote on the game of exclusive matchmaking. When it comes to exclusive matchmaking do you really want it to be a game?  Is it about winning? When we go on the first […]

Matchmaking in Berlin

30 Jul

Our vast network of single people and Vida’s enviable reputation means you are in safe hands exploring the world of matchmaking in Berlin. What do you find in a city filled with culture, music and art? The answer is cosmopolitan, intelligent, attractive and fun single people from many different backgrounds. With a population of 3.4m […]

Matchmaking in Paris

11 Jul

UNE VIE ROMANTIQUE Paris, the joie de vivre, a vibrant city of culture with some of the classiest, and most elegant single professionals in the world. However how do single, eligible Parisian men and women meet a partner who is similar; someone who is also a high achiever in all aspects of their lives? Well, […]

Marriage Market or Exclusive Matchmaking? East vs West

09 Jul

Exclusive matchmaking in Europe and the US generally follows the same trends. It’s the cosmopolitan dating solution for the elite. Westerners, who, as a group, form their own distinct international community, are so spread out and so busy, it’s difficult to find ‘the one’. Members of the international clique want to meet someone who has […]

Rachel MacLynn as Grazia Expert Psychologist

20 Jun

        Grazia Magazine, UK The Expert’s View Occupational Psychologist Rachel MacLynn says, ‘While its a natural instinct to form a positive impression of people who are better-looking, society develops a set of “norms” about how we are expected to behave in certain situations. In the corporate world its usually only acceptable to […]

Love goes to the movies…

08 Jun

In the movie Love Story c1970, apparently love means never having to say you’re sorry. That is according to the character Oliver played by Ryan O’Neal, and a line that made it into the top 100 movie quotes of all time. In a playful nod to this famous scene, in the 1972 movie “What’s Up […]

Matchmaking in Barcelona

06 Jun

Walk along the beautiful beaches in Barcelona, and feel the sand under your toes. Mingle in a city of art, culture y la vitalidad. In Barcelona, there are single people in every nook and cranny, and it is our job as matchmakers, to find them long term love. Our trained consultants, are consistently searching for […]

The Sunday Times Magazine – Vida Press

10 Mar

The men who pay professional matchmakers Featuring Rachel MacLynn Sally Williams and Fiona Wilson Last updated at 4:30PM, March 9 2013 From seduction boot camps to dating coaches – why single males are paying a fortune to find true romance One day last August, Duncan Cheatle walked into a London café to meet the woman […]


05 Mar

Dating in New York is a very different kettle of fish to the dating scene (or lack thereof) in London! However despite the vibrancy of the dating culture in New York, one only has to listen Carrie Bradshaw’s complaints in the Sex and the City to realise that finding commitment in New York can be […]


27 Feb

The joy of sharing a history with another person is irreplaceable, whether it is keeping in touch with that childhood friend who you used to run around the garden naked with as toddlers, or even being able to discuss the joys of watching the Magic Roundabout with a fellow English friend…sharing a social framework is […]


15 Feb

If you are looking for a new fun way to meet your future partner, look no further. This February on the 28th, The Wheel of Date is spinning to offer YOU the chance to meet your match in one of the most unique dating ideas.  The London Eye has 32 pods with 12 single people […]

Matchmaking in London

03 Feb

Seeking a life partner through matchmaking in London? London is one of the most international, cultured, and forward thinking places in the world. Vida’s head office is located in Mayfair, as a large proportion of our network is based here. Not only do we have a vast network of single people, but our high-end London […]

Exclusive International Matchmaking

12 Dec

Vida is the most exclusive international matchmaking company in the world. We find life partners for the world’s most exceptional people. Our unrivalled and exceptional service is delivered by a team of highly professional and committed experts. Our ethical standards and complete confidentiality are key to ensuring your privacy.  We are not another dating agency, […]


05 Dec

72% of Brits believe it is possible to fall in love with someone simply by laying eyes on them.  However London clearly is the least romantic city in the country, as only 59% of Londoners acknowledged that love at first sight is possible. Whereas 3/4 of the Wales believe that it is! Perhaps if we […]

It must be love, love, love …or is it?

28 Nov

Most people have the joy of falling in love at least once in their life. This contributes not only to our happiness, but also to our identity development and personality integration.   As the early stages of lust, and physical attraction, turn to a desire for a close bond involving your mind and heart, this […]

No raindrops falling on this rooftop!

22 Nov

Grab your date and head over to….well we cant tell you cause it’s a secret – BUT we do know it’s London’s winter rooftop bar FORZA WINTER, and it’s the best thing since FORZA SUMMER. Hidden somewhere in the depths of East London lies a pop-up winter rooftop bar…location told on booking. With rugs covering […]

I don’t want a lot for Christmas…

09 Nov

Having already mentioned in a previous post how bringing joy to a loved one can bring happiness to you… we at VIDA are here to tell you that Christmas, if used correctly, can have the same effect! We naturally want to look after others, even caring for those we have never met above ourselves. This […]

Frozen in time

02 Nov

With women’s careers blooming and the mean age of marriage now being 32 for men and 30 for women; childbirth is being delayed later into women’s thirties. Lots of women are in the mindset of career first and family later, which would be fine…if it weren’t for that ticking clock. No one wants to go […]

Borough Market

31 Oct

Happy Halloween! Its that time of the year when London is hustling and bustling and the chill is starting to whistle through the air. With only eight Mondays (sad that we counted) left until Christmas winter is a coming and autumn is drawing to a close. How to celebrate the falling leaves and return of […]

More on attraction- from a psychological perspective

30 Oct

Find out your personality type by using the Myers Briggs test and test your partner. Or if single why not see who you could be compatible with? Studies have shown those of similar Extroversion/Introversion are in fact more compatible. Similarly those that are more similar in Sensing or Intuition may have better long-term compability. Overall […]

Do opposites attract

29 Oct

The old theory is that opposites attract; sweet and sour, emotional and logical, yin and yang etc etc. However we are now here to suggest that this may not be true. According to the BALANCE THEORY – we prefer consistency in our desires thoughts and feelings. Therefore sharing similar characteristics and mind-sets with a loved […]

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