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Author: Jacqueline

Good Advice, Bad Advice

It's a wild world of 'good' dating advice out there. Most of it is heavily gendered and aimed at heterosexual couples, but that doesn't mean that queer communities escape unscathed.

Are you your ideal gay partner’s ideal gay partner?

01 Feb

Obviously one of the very first things we ask at Vida is for clients to describe their ideal gay partner. We ask about lifestyle - are you an indoors or outdoorsy type of person? Do you enjoy country or city living? Do you want children? How important is extended family to you? Where do you see yourself and your partner in five years, ten years, retirement? - but sometimes there is a disconnect between what someone is looking for, and their own preferences.

Monogamy in the World of Gay Dating, Could It Be Growing?

07 Dec

Is monogamy a dying concept? Or is it a generational factor? Perhaps younger gay men find it easier to come out, and therefore meet someone and start relationships the traditional way, from puberty. Whereas the elder generation may struggle more due to prejudices growing up.

Listen Now! Indiraa and Jacqueline on Soho Radio, talking all things LGBT!

28 Nov

Hear Jacqueline Burns, Vida's Head of Gay and Lesbian Matchmaking talk about issues with Indiraa around coming out for the LGBT community, with guest Philip Baldwin, gay activist.

Love, Vida and Matchmaking for Gay and Lesbian singles, discussed on Soho Radio

08 Nov

Head of Gay and Lesbian Matchmaking at Vida, Jacqueline Burns is interviewed on Soho Radio about love in 2016.

Blog on Gay and Lesbian Matchmaking, and Jacqueline Burns

31 Oct

Click below for more information on Jacqueline Burns, Head of Gay and Lesbian Matchmaking, and The Vida Consultancy.


19 Oct

Someone once said to me, “If people don’t mistake you and your best friend for dating, at least once, you’re doing best friendship wrong.” You know how it is: your best friend is the one who you share all your deepest confidences with. They were there for you through all your best times, and all […]

Top 5 gay dating mistakes

06 Oct

When you're looking for long-term gay partnership, it's easy to fall into these tale as old as time traps.

Jacqueline Burns is interviewed in The Evening Standard on ‘How to find true love on the gay dating scene’

11 Aug

Head of Gay and Lesbian Matchmaking, Jacqueline Burns is interviewed in London Evening Standard by the lovely Lizzie Edmonds. Read below to learn more on Jacqueline’s thoughts on the current situation of London’s gay dating scene.   Read all about it!  

Important Considerations for Elite Gay Dating

09 Aug

With much of the online matchmaking world relying on the use of advanced algorithms to bring people together, it might seem almost quaint to rely on an actual person to do the work for you. For professional, attractive, gay, lesbian, or bisexual clients looking for same, it’s important to bear in mind the unique, complicating […]

Is London failing the gay dating scene?

28 Jul

London is failing gay singles according to an industry expert who says that the UK’s capital is not providing gay men the right opportunities to meet long-term partners.

Gay Matchmaking London

06 Jul

In light of the Orlando massacre, it feels a little frivolous to be talking about love, where to take a date this summer, gay matchmaking London, or how to keep your cool when you really like someone. The 49 Latinx gay and trans club-goers who died and the 50 more who were injured, were out […]

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