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Combining psychological principles with professional consultation

When Rachel MacLynn founded Vida in 2011, her vision was to create an introduction agency that applied psychological principals and business expertise to matchmaking. Using her psychology background, matchmaking experience and extensive research, she has developed a comprehensive compatibility profiling assessment tool that her team of matchmakers have been thoroughly trained on. Always striving to stay informed on relevant research within the industry, Vida continues to evolve into a truly world-class introduction agency, exclusively for exceptional individuals.

Rachel MacLynn is widely renowned as one of the world’s foremost voices on dating and matchmaking and has been featured extensively in the press. At Vida, our approach is personal, professional and discreet. Our network of exceptional single men and women consists only of those individuals who have been personally selected by us, with the help of our consultants from across the globe.

Rachel Vida MacLynn, Founder

Over the past ten years, I have met thousands of exceptional single men and women. Each person brings with them their own unique story of how their various achievements have contributed to the success they enjoy today. Many of these same people have also brought stories of how being successful can make finding a partner more difficult, when a busy lifestyle is coupled with understandably high standards.

My dream for Vida is to influence the lives of the most inspiring singletons in the world. We achieve this through a seamless process that guides people directly towards compatible partners. I am honoured to help people in what is ultimately the most important endeavour they ever undertake: finding their life partner.

I look forward to welcoming you.


Our Principles


Combining psychological principles with professional consultation, we deliver matchmaking with the ultimate professional and ethical standards.


We offer the best quality service for the world’s most exceptional people. Our success is maintained at a high level by being selective about who we accept as members, then setting up introductions to hand-selected matches, discreetly.


By believing in our own capabilities as matchmakers, and taking a genuine interest in the wellbeing of our members, we have become renowned internationally for being the best.

Our team

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“I am currently enjoying every minute of getting to know him and feeling in love again…”

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