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Why Do Unhappy Couples Stay Together?

This is an intriguing and yet deeply sensitive subject to consider. As clichéd as it may be, the spark is real. And should it flicker and fade, even the strongest of couples will find their relationship put to the test.

Vida Interview Ellidore

This month Rachel MacLynn interviewed Amber Hamilton from Vida’s partner, Ellidore Lifestyle Management and Concierge to find out what’s it been like being a concierge during a global pandemic.

Delivering Romance to your Door

How can you safely inject some lovely romantic gestures into your alfresco dates? Here we have some of our favourite deliveries on both sides of the pond so that you can surprise your date and add some sparkle to your meal.

Love in a Lockdown

Is there such a thing as finding love during a lockdown? Is now even the time to be considering it?

Nine years of Vida: Reflections from the Big Cheese.

If you told me 15 years ago that I would be running my own international matchmaking agency, I would have never have believed you. Nine years on, I’d like to share my top nine reasons why I am so immensely proud of Vida.

Latest Ideas for an Outdoor Date!

With summer on our doorstep and sunshine in the sky, it's the perfect setting for an outdoor date! Check out our recommendations for London and New York for enjoying fresh air romance in natural settings.

How to Avoid Toxic Arguments in Lockdown

Relationships can be trying at the best of times, add a pandemic with lockdown measures, and we have a situation that can make or break a relationship. So how to keep the relationship healthy?

Dating in your thirties: Crucial things that you need to know!

How do you approach the love game in your thirties? Have the rules changed, or do you need a crash course to survive? Here are some essential things, that you need to know while looking for love at this stage of life.

The Three Phases of Relationships: Understanding Psychology to Heal from the Past

We’ve all been there. After leaving a relationship, no matter how amicably, the next one  all too rapidly goes down that same, doomed path. Historic concerns riddle you with anxiety and you wonder if you’ll be happy in a relationship again.

Virtual Wellness Dating

Virtual dating in 2020 means we are lucky that we can see each other on a screen, but it’s important to put some spark into dating and engage imagination. You’ll be surprised how energising and uplifting trying something new and different can put some va va voom into the zoom room.

Feel the Best Version of Yourself, Even in Lockdown

When we do things on a daily basis that enhance our health and wellbeing, the positive effects will gather momentum and become the basis of preventative medicine for us. Now is a good time for us to look at how self care can help and support you through lockdown.

Dating Post-Apocalyptic Style in a House Share – What Could Possibly Go Wrong!

Long gone are the days when the sharing economy was just for millennials, now it is for all ages. I’ve realised how many members of our dating network live in a house share in rented or owned accommodation, either full time or during the week.

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