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The search for love as an international gay singleton

For a gay man living a transient, jet-set lifestyle, creating – and maintaining – that close bond with another man can be real tricky, but certainly not impossible.

The Top 10 Best Cocktail Bars in London

We are no strangers to exploring the best cocktail bars in London. Our matchmakers have uncovered the finest socialising spaces in London, (even the best secret cocktail bars in London).

Transatlantic Dating: How Much Does Dating Vary Between the US and the UK?

06 Jun

There are a plethora of differences, big and small, between dating customs either side of the Atlantic. It might pay to be aware of some of the potential cross-cultural roadblocks to come.

Secluded Love: A Romantic Beach Getaway

If you really want to get away to somewhere secluded and romantic, it does take a bit of effort but it’s worth it in the end. The best beaches are awaiting your well-informed towel.

Is Technology the Object of your Attention?

Is being in love with your smart phone smart? Will you find true love and romance on that tiny screen? It does happen, but let’s face it, we all know it’s a love lottery and few are the jackpot winners. Maybe it’s time to switch off and reinvent the art of conversation without a device coming between you and paying real attention to a real person. 

Successful in Life – Unsuccessful in Love

You’re a high flyer. You’ve got the world at your feet. You dazzle everyone you meet. But behind closed doors, are you as happy as you feel you should be, with a life that, at least on the surface, is going so amazingly well?

Overcoming Relationship Issues: Advice from a Matchmaker

23 May

Relationships are perhaps the most beautiful thing we can ever experience, and understanding how to address and overcome relationship issues is the key to a happy life.

Summer Night Delights: The Best Places to View London at Night With a Date

London is blessed with fantastic locations to sit and relax underneath the stars. However, London's sheer size can present a dilemma when it comes to choosing a romantic place to take a date.

4 Harmful Myths that Could Ruin Your Relationship

13 May

There are some common dating and relationship myths that are becoming increasingly widespread. They can be harmful – and we are here to squash them.

Listen up – “do’s and don’ts” of online dating

09 May

Listen to what our very own NYC COO Gina, had to say on the "do's and don'ts" of online dating.

Gay relationships: are you ready for the long-term?

If you make it difficult for your potential man to read whether or not you’re truly into him, you risk losing him to someone who’s got that balance between playing it cool and making his interest clear down to a tee.

Mind the Gap – The Age Gap

Men and women tend not to want to date someone older; could you ever be open to reconsidering your age boundaries? Is our mindset possibly getting in the way of finding love? The age gap prejudice is definitely something to re-examine.

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