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If you’re a successful professional, it’s very likely that you’ve heard of bespoke matchmaking but decided to gone online when looking for a partner in life. What’s the point of having success in your life if you don’t have someone to share it with? At some point we all want to find love, someone to share our life experiences. Are you at the stage in life where you’d really like a committed relationship and looking for a partner in life?


Can we even remember life before the internet? Our friendship and business communities are all connected by technology so it’s no wonder that almost everyone has taken their quest in the life partner search online at some point. In many instances it seemed like economic sense to try out this kind of free matchmaking. Did you like it? How did it make you feel? Were you disappointed or disillusioned?


No doubt you’ve heard about the ugly stories, pun entirely intended, that began to emerge about people misrepresenting themselves online. Did you look at a profile and find yourself asking “is that really you? Are you just good at marketing or spinning a good story with your ten year old picture and ludicrously amazing life”? Lots of people pretending to be someone they are not even became a much watched MTV show Catfish. There’s something a little odd about meeting complete strangers, even dating sites carry warnings about this. Psychology Today wrote an interesting piece about this and the main problems associated with online dating here.  But, how does online dating make YOU feel?


When you ask yourself the question “who will be my life partner?” is it that guy you saw online parachuting, or that girl on Tinder photo bombing on the Great Wall of China? Most people struggle writing their own profile and others are really witty, but how do you sort through it all and narrow down the search and really find love? Could Bespoke Matchmaking be for you?

Online dating facts vs Bespoke Matchmaking

Let’s think about some of the facts around online dating

  • – One of the biggest complaints online daters have is people misrepresenting themselves.
  • – A lack of suitable matches that you can really target as partner in life.
  • – You can’t really tell if their social and professional infrastructure is similar to yours.
  • – There is no vetting system about who can join the dating site, it’s completely random.
  • – There are so many people online you can spend hours trawling through profiles.
  • – You often can’t really tell if it’s a website for dating professionals
  • – Is your potential partner in life not online? Are you looking in the wrong place? Of those who have yet to try online dating many are reluctant because 50% describe themselves as private people, 48% worried about their information security, and 46% worried about scams.
  • – 19% of online daters have lied about their sexual history, 17.6% have lied about their dating 12% have lied about their finances, and 8% have lied about their age.

Let’s not forget the apps, after all many people have speeded up looking for a life partner by swiping left or right. Perhaps it’s generational to operate entirely in cyber space, but just as with friendships on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, what relationships are there that have depth and the potential for converting to something substantial? Julia Spira, online dating expert discusses how singles are becoming addicted to online dating here, but does but does it really work?

Before technology dating happened by way of introduction, social connections, and actually meeting in person. Now there’s a novel concept, meeting in person? Oh how those of you reading this and looking for a future life partner, would love to be going on a real date with a real person and getting out of the world of online dating.

Have you invested time and effort in making an online connection with some you thought looked and sounded fantastic through your computer screen? Maybe you even spoke on the phone before meeting in person? You went on the date full of optimism and excitement only to meet the real life version of your dream and found no spark, no real connection, and someone who didn’t seem to resemble everything you had envisioned in your head.

It speak volumes as to why the world of matchmaking services is becoming fashionable among the world’s most successful people. More and more people are seeking out the professional matchmaker just as they would hire a professional for other very important areas of their life.

If you can invest in elite gym memberships, a therapist, facials, detox retreats, a personal trainer, why not invest in your love life and engage an elite matchmaker? Perhaps you’re sceptical, but before you dismiss the idea, take a moment to check out the incredible advantages that you might not have considered about bespoke matchmaking.

Remove online dating obstacles with bespoke matchmaking

 At Vida Consultancy one of the world’s most respected international matchmaking agencies you can immediately remove the online dating obstacles:

– No one joins without being vetted

– Our network and clients are an exclusive match making community

– Your privacy is paramount and is completely protected

– We do the search for you instead of you wasting hours online or swiping on an app

We don’t introduce you to people without real potential for the date to work

CEO and Founder of Vida Consultancy Rachel MacLynn shares her 5 secrets of bespoke matchmaking for the cyber age:


1. Unlike some dating services Vida know that matchmaking is not random, love follows specific pathways. You’re much more likely to fall in love with someone who has a similar background, upbringing, and ambitions to you. Our professional matchmakers take the time to ask you all the important questions to ensure we introduce you to potential life partners that are the right fit.

2. We encourage our clients to not hide behind online dating, but to initiate meeting people in person as soon as possible. Real love happens face to face, not through a computer or smart phone screen.

3. Some may say that you should just relax and be yourself, and to some extent it’s important to be your authentic self. But we find that most successful professional people are often aspiring to be better than they were yesterday. That’s what professional matchmaking is all about. Don’t settle for ordinary, choose Vida Consultancy and find someone who sees things and operates like you do.

4. Don’t take no for an answer. Unlike some matchmakers we don’t send you on as many random dates as possible in the hope of a match. Love is a science it’s rarely about luck. We don’t ever give up on our clients, we make sure they have the greatest chance of finding some who will be your life partner. It’s what bespoke matchmaking is all about.

5. The idea of engaging an elite matchmaker might seem scary, after all it may seem like the first step in committing to your dream. Most of our clients are incredibly successful in every other area of their life, but fail to commit to their own personal emotional and intimate romantic needs. Our professional matchmakers are highly trained to take away the worry, make you feel safe, and restore your confidence in finding love.

Experience bespoke matchmaking for yourself

As more intelligent people like you become disenchanted with the way in which the internet has clumsily tried to connect humans (read Rachel’s article on this topic here) when it comes to love person to person with eye contact is where love really happens.

For this reason elite matchmaking and professional help in looking for a partner in life is definitely the way forward. It’s about investing in yourself and in your future life partner.

Professional matchmaking services is what will immediately change your dating landscape. No more waiting to get lucky in the online romance lottery. Perhaps you’ve invested so much in your professional life that you forgot about how to find love.

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Is bespoke matchmaking for you?


You might be asking yourself, am I right for Vida Consultancy? Are you an intelligent, educated, well-travelled, successful person? Is your family a friends network a reflection of the kind of person you want to meet? Do you invest in other areas of personal development but forgot about your heart?


We operate one of the most exclusive offline networks of single men and women in the world. We protect your privacy and take online dating and bring it into the more secure and personalised environment. We test everyone to make sure they’re suitable for our service and our existing clientele.


What bespoke matchmaking needs to know about you


Here are some of the questions we might decide to ask to make sure new applicants are suitable for bespoke matchmaking:


“What are you looking for in a relationship?”

“For you, what are the deal breakers in any relationship you enter into?”

“Do you have any specific character traits you absolutely must have?”


When we ask these questions we’re looking for concise and detailed answers. It’s intensive but it’s worth it.


Vida Consultancy as one of the world’s leading elite matchmakers has already seen multiple marriages and even the birth of children. We’re invested in you and your search for a future life partner, and we celebrate every match as a team. Your success is our success. We’re focused on making sure you find the man or woman of your dreams.


Don’t wait to start what could be one of the happiest chapters of your life so far. All that’s stopping you from finding love or a partner is you. Contact the expert matchmaking team  here at Vida Consultancy today for a no-obligation consultation and begin your first steps on the road to true love.

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