7 Things You Should Not Do On A Date

19 Jun

There are many things you should not do on a date. From looking at your phone to not offering to split the bill - we have it covered on things you should not do on a date especially if you want to see them again!

not do on a date

1.Ditch your phone 

 Despite it being obvious on paper that constantly glancing at, or even just fiddling with, your phone is a sure-fire way to signal a considerable level of uninterest in your date, many of us are nevertheless prone to checking a text after forgetting to turn it to silent, such is the technological era in which we live. Looking at your phone during a date breaks both the mood and that all-important eye contact – and the artificial glow of blue light on your face in a dimly-lit bar could be surprisingly unflattering. So, unless you’re checking the map for the whereabouts of the jazz bar to which you shall retire, keep your phone firmly pocketed as this is definitely something you should not do on a date. 

 2.Avoid unsexy food 

 Whether you’re a connoisseur of all that is culinary or not, eating on a date is about more than simply engorging yourself on the most flavoursome dish the menu has to offer. We are taught from a young age to not talk whilst we’re eating, and it’s hard to unlearn these entrenched rules – especially in the nerve-wracking context of a date. Unless you are an animated Disney pooch, spaghetti is a difficult one to pull off. It takes only the accidental flick of an untwirled loop of spaghetto to send a wayward drop of sauce somewhere in the region around your mouth, ready to surreptitiously smear at the slightest touch. Broccoli may make a healthy side, but that iron intake won’t do you much good when your date flinches at the green stem stuck between your incisors. And if you’re hoping for that coveted end-of-night kiss, the less said about garlic the better – you don’t want to make your date literally cry come the pivotal moment of romance. When it comes to deciding on your meal, consider the masticatory implications – don’t bite off more than you can chew. 

 3.Keep it light 

 Consider how much you want to open up. Whilst your great-aunt’s plight with the builders during the fitting of her conservatory might be playing on your mind somewhat, a ferocious diatribe on the topic within the first five minutes may cause your date to suddenly remember they left the gas on and the goldfish unfed. Don’t scare your date off with subjects of conversation that are potentially awkward, uncomfortable or downright inflammatory before you’ve got to know them and their tastes. Furthermore, don’t expect from your date what you’re not willing to divulge yourself, and remember that it can be difficult to articulate deeper-rooted stories, opinions and aspirations to a stranger. Don’t rush – you have so much time to get to know each other. 

4. Ditch the sunglasses 

 No-one is questioning how hot you look in your brand new Ray-Bans. In the summer, sunglasses are both practical and stylish – but on a summertime date, you have to prioritise your connection with the other person over a slight squint. People can forget that eye contact – especially up close – is the easiest, sincerest, sexiest way of conveying (and perceiving) romantic interest. Never disregard its importance. If you are feeling confident enough, you might even request that your date remove their sunglasses, too – an easy way to slip in a compliment about wanting to see their beautiful eyes. 

5. No dating talk 

Avoid talk about the other people who constitute your back catalogue of exes – as well as those whom you might be seeing concurrently. Speaking about a person in whom you have had – or even still have – a romantic interest completely removes the focus from the person in whom you are supposed to be having a certain level of romantic interest right this very moment. This can give the egregious impression that you are there simply to pass the time with someone whose individuality becomes mired in a sea of other anonymous dates you’re currently rotating in your diary. 

6.Consider the location 

The environment in which you have a date is absolutely crucial, and can sometimes make or break the occasion. There are aspects of potential date locations that less forward-thinking daters might neglect considering during planning. Are you planning a date somewhere crowded or noisy, where the conversation is not going to be able to flow naturally? If you’re going to the cinema, fair enough, but consider meeting for a drink beforehand to lay some groundwork; otherwise, you’ve just enough time for a swift salutation before the lights dim and you’re socially prohibited from speaking for the next two hours. 

 7. Consider before you go Dutch 

 Feminism aside, many studies have shown that women (as well as men) still expect the man to pick up the bill, especially on a first date. A useful rule of thumb is that, regardless of your sex, if you are the one choosing the venue, make sure you choose a place in which you are happy to pay for both people. If you are fortunate enough to be treated to both dinner and drinks, ensure to at least offer to pay your share. Even if someone intends to pay the full bill, it can come across remarkably rudely if you do not at least offer to chip in. 


by Rachel Vida MacLynn

Founder & CEO

Rachel Vida MacLynn is reputed as being a world-leading matchmaking and dating expert. Registered as a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, Rachel advocates a professional matchmaking approach based on psychological principles and professional consultation.More by this author

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