7 Years, 7 Stories Of Success

22 Jun

We have seen a string of success stories over the last 7 years. Here are 7 of them..

7 Success Stories

2012: Simon and Samantha 

 Simon, a 42-year-old director of an architect form from West London, was divorced. Like many of Vida’s clients, he was not about to sit back and let life happen – he wanted to marry again. He had a healthy, active lifestyle and work-life balance; he was likeable, well-travelled, philanthropic; he knew he was a catch, if only he could find her. And find her he did – or rather, Vida did. Samantha was a vivacious, outgoing, worldly American-British woman in her early 40s, who had run marathons and conquered mountain summits. She was Simon’s fifth introduction and the chemistry was palpable; in his own words, meeting her was like ‘winning the Lottery’. They have now been happily married for four years. 

 2013: Karen and Alex 

 35-year-old Karen joined Vida after hearing about us through a friend. A successful banker, she knew she had been attracted to the wrong kind of men previously, and desired the opinion of experts on how to break the cycle. Early in their professional relationship, Rachel sensed her potential compatibility with another member, Alex: they shared similar values and personality traits and were at similar stages of life. Rachel was proved right: Karen and Alex have been married for two years and have a son. He was her fourth introduction. 

 2014: Ross and Gemma 

 Ross worked in finance; Gemma was a management consultant. Both were in their late 30s. They were so obviously a perfect match that it was almost incredible fate had not brought them together previously. They were both very into adventure travel, both self-certified geeks and both extremely fun and outgoing. They both sought a cerebral connection, someone with whom they could be intellectually stimulated and have a great laugh. Ross and Gemma were brought together by Vida and are now engaged to be married. 

 2015: Mark and Maria 

 Based in Hong Kong, Mark was a successful banker in his early 40s, handsome, ambitious – and a bit of a self-confessed party boy! An eternal bachelor, he had reached a point where he wanted nothing more than to settle down and have a family. His siblings were all married and had families of their own. Mark knew where his priorities now lay. He wanted to settle back in the UK. His matchmaker, Jo, instantly knew his perfect match; she was, in Jo’s words, ‘the female version of him’. We introduced him to Maria, Polish, 36, outgoing, with a highly successful career as a model but with a burgeoning career in photography, too. Both were passionate and gregarious, with strong family values, and yearned for a family. Maria was Mark’s first introduction. They have been married for over a year. 

 2016: Johann and Iris 

 Another eternal bachelor, Johann, a Norwegian entrepreneur in his 40s, had also experienced a shifting in the focus of his life. After several introductions, he realised he gravitated towards women of Scandinavian and Eastern-European background, a preference for which the Vida matchmakers were more than able to accommodate. They reminded him of the strong women there for him in his upbringing, which is why his matchmaker considered Iris the perfect match for him. Iris had her own consultancy business based in Sweden. Beautiful and vivacious, she was just as comfortable dressing for a high-society event in Monaco as she was hiking the mountains come the weekend. This suited Johann’s outdoorsy values down to the ground. Iris was Johann’s ninth introduction. Despite sparks not flying on their first date, their matchmaker persevere and, as the relationship grew, so did the attraction. Only a few months later, they were madly in love. They have now relocated to London; are having a baby in a few months; and are engaged to be married. 

 2017: Eli and Odette 

 Eli was a confident, 39-year-old Ivy-League-educated gentleman based between NYC, South America and Israel. He was hoping to meet someone of a similarly cosmopolitan lifestyle and joie de vivre. He particularly valued family, health and religion. Eli joined Vida due to the hectic nature of his work and travel schedule. His matchmaker met fifteen women on his behalf and fed back her thoughts on each of them. She had a hunch that Odette, also Ivy-League-educated, would make for an interesting match; she was his second introduction. The two of them experienced an immediate connection: Eli liked Odette’s international upbringing across continental Europe and Israel. Odette, a warm, upbeat woman, was looking to meet someone driven by happiness, not money. They have now been together for almost a year. 

 2018: David and Nicole 

 David was a 61-year-old owner of multiple businesses. He was passionate about giving back and found mentoring other entrepreneurs immensely rewarding. A divorcee with grownup children, he was looking to meet a lady of fierce independence and strong spirit, someone authentic, with genuine interests that drove her to fulfil her potential in life. David was spiritual, self-aware and compassionate, all traits important to him in a partner. He also loved travel and adventure – it would be a bonus if his match also had a flexible schedule. Step forward, Nicole. Nicole was 43 and worked in security services. To call her adventurousness would be an injustice: a dedicated runner and cyclist, she loved museums; discovering new restaurants; and, of course, travelling the world to experience diverse cultures. Nicole was David’s sixth introduction. ‘She’s sexy, a great conversationalist, an amazing woman – I can’t wait to see her again’, said David. Of David, Nicole remarked, ‘He was vibrant, funny, interesting… just as our matchmaker described him.’ 

by Rachel Vida MacLynn

Founder & CEO

Rachel Vida MacLynn is reputed as being a world-leading matchmaking and dating expert. Registered as a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, Rachel advocates a professional matchmaking approach based on psychological principles and professional consultation.More by this author

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