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Author: James

A Woman’s Guide to Securing a Life Partner: in 6 simple steps

If you are looking for your life partner, and not having much success; if you feel you’re meeting more duds then studs or if your online dating profile is attracting people that look more like your Great Aunt Mildred, than George Clooney – you could be getting a bit disheartened. At this point you may […]

An English affair: exclusive matchmaking at its very best

  By Martin Turner There is nothing more stunning than an endless, superlative British summer, when all the ingredients are right for romance. Now we are not giving up just yet on summer, there is a heatwave on the way, and if you live in London that means there is still plethora of exclusive matchmaking […]

Rachel MacLynn as Grazia Expert Psychologist

        Grazia Magazine, UK The Expert’s View Occupational Psychologist Rachel MacLynn says, ‘While its a natural instinct to form a positive impression of people who are better-looking, society develops a set of “norms” about how we are expected to behave in certain situations. In the corporate world its usually only acceptable to […]

Borough Market

Happy Halloween! Its that time of the year when London is hustling and bustling and the chill is starting to whistle through the air. With only eight Mondays (sad that we counted) left until Christmas winter is a coming and autumn is drawing to a close. How to celebrate the falling leaves and return of […]

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