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Author: Lynsey Wilson

Red Flags and Green Flags: How Many Does Your Relationship Have?

A very warm welcome to the less known concept of the 'green flag' in relationships, a promising sign of good things to come. 'Green flags' indicate the likelihood of compatibility.

Breadcrumbing: Why Is That First Date Always Just Out of Reach?

Breadcrumbing is when you lead someone on romantically by dropping small morsels of interest - an occasional message or a DM on social media, but with no intention to commit. Read on for some tips on how to navigate this if you have been on the receiving end of breadcrumbing.

The Dark Triad: Navigating a Relationship Plagued with Lies

The dark triad refers to three negative personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy. If you suspect your partner falls into this category, how best to navigate it?

6 Psychological Studies Every Lover Should Know

How does psychology impact relationships? What is the inner workings of the mind when informing us of compatibility and attraction.

Turbo Relationships: How to Make Sure your Lockdown Love Lasts a Lifetime

A dating related outcome that has arisen as a result of the global pandemic, is the increase in 'turbo relationships', which are very fast-paced relationships. But are they sustainable now restrictions have largely lifted?

Is Jealousy Always a Negative Emotion?

We all know the feeling of romantic jealousy, but is it always a negative thing? And can this strong emotions actually lead to relationship and personal growth?

Positives of 2020; from a Matchmaking Perspective Part 2

Happy New Year from the matchmakers at Vida! We want to share more of our learnings from 2020 and another success story.

Positives of 2020: From a Matchmaking Perspective Part 1

Vida has been able to offer support and guidance to our clients on their journey from dating, all the way to getting them into a successful relationship. Here are a couple of success stories I am delighted to share with you.

Is Technology the Object of your Attention?

Is being in love with your smart phone smart? Will you find true love and romance on that tiny screen? It does happen, but let’s face it, we all know it’s a love lottery and few are the jackpot winners. Maybe it’s time to switch off and reinvent the art of conversation without a device coming between you and paying real attention to a real person. 

Characteristics of a Happy Couple

As matchmakers, a question we are often asked, is ‘what are the characteristics that make a happy couple’, ‘how will I know if he/she is compatible with me long-term?’

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