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Author: Madeleine Mason

Keeping Momentum in Virtual Dating

You have delved into the unknown territory of virtual dates and they seem to be going well, you have kept a decent connection going for a few weeks but you can’t meet, that’s when it gets really tricky.

How to Avoid Toxic Arguments in Lockdown

Relationships can be trying at the best of times, add a pandemic with lockdown measures, and we have a situation that can make or break a relationship. So how to keep the relationship healthy?

Distance Dating

Self-isolation and social distancing doesn’t stop the need for romantic connection. How to do it best? Set up a killer profile, be creative, be romantic, be safe and embrace your situation and make the most of it.

Do you Cringe at Displaying Emotion?

What if sharing how you feel about someone actually enhances your chances of a relationship forming? If you think anything emotional is cringe-worthy, I would like to invite you to consider sharing the odd feeling and seeing what happens.

Is Date Coaching for Me?

We all have our own unique coping mechanisms to deal with the various pressures, but sometimes they can actually weaken over time. Our resilience reduces and we find ourselves struggling to cope. This can also extend to our dating lives. But how can you tell if you could do with some date coaching?

Fundamental Attribution Error: Could This Psychological Phenomenon Be Holding Your Love Life Back?

He tried to be a little too funny, a little too outrageous, and accidentally went over the line. But can’t it happen to the best of us? You tell yourself 'No, I would never make that mistake"

What is Micro-Cheating? And How to Avoid It.

Micro-cheating relates to behaviours which are considered inappropriate to the fidelity of your romantic partnership. They are those small actions that by themselves aren’t quite enough to make you end the relationship, but big enough to make you feel hurt or angry and unloved. They ultimately contribute to the erosion of your relationship and that loving feeling.

Social media: the new online dating

Since the advent of online dating, the way we date has changed beyond all recognition.

Mind the Gap – The Age Gap

Men and women tend not to want to date someone older; could you ever be open to reconsidering your age boundaries? Is our mindset possibly getting in the way of finding love? The age gap prejudice is definitely something to re-examine.

Happy National Singles’ Day

So February highlighted Valentines' Day and you probably noticed more than ever that you don’t have a significant other to snuggle up to or do ‘date night’ with. Well enter March. Spring... and National Singles Day!

New Dating Lingo – Part 2!

Just as you are getting familiar ‘ghosting’ , ‘benching’, ‘breadcrumbing’ and ‘cuffing season’, can you believe there are more terms that have been coined that are related to poor dating behaviour?

When Love Languages Don’t Align

Do you find yourself tripping up in the effort to express love? As a professional psychologist, I delve into how to move forward in a relationship when your love languages do not align.

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