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Blog: Matchmaker’s Comment

It’s the New Year, time to reboot your dating life…

When did you last take stock and evaluate your dating life? There is no time like a New Year to do this; here are my tips to help you along the way to dating success.

8 Tips for Broaching Awkward Conversations With Your Date

Are you in the early stages of dating exclusively? Do you have something you need to share with them, but you’re dreading it? No relationship can work without residing in a place of truth.

Why It’s Smart to Focus On Your Partner’s Negative Traits

When searching for a romantic partner, it's natural to look at their positive traits, however, research suggests that looking at our partners’ faults is smart and productive.

Rebuilding Trust When Your Relationship Breaks Down

When you violate someone’s trust in you, they will struggle to believe in your intentions moving forwards. In a romantic relationship, distrust harms the connection that’s been so meticulously constructed over the years between partners, sometimes decimated in a moment’s madness.

Red Flags and Green Flags: How Many Does Your Relationship Have?

A very warm welcome to the less known concept of the 'green flag' in relationships, a promising sign of good things to come. 'Green flags' indicate the likelihood of compatibility.

Breadcrumbing: Why Is That First Date Always Just Out of Reach?

Breadcrumbing is when you lead someone on romantically by dropping small morsels of interest - an occasional message or a DM on social media, but with no intention to commit. Read on for some tips on how to navigate this if you have been on the receiving end of breadcrumbing.

9 Communication Behaviours That Risk Breaking Your Relationship

The pandemic has taken its toll on even the strongest, most resilient relationships. I explore nine harmful communication habits to look out for in your relationship—whether they come from your partner or you yourself.

What Happens to Your Relationship When Your Financial Success Dictates Your Self-Worth?

According to new research, if your self-conception is grounded primarily in how much money you have to your name, you’re more likely to have a less satisfying relationship when you meet that someone special.

The Dark Triad: Navigating a Relationship Plagued with Lies

The dark triad refers to three negative personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy. If you suspect your partner falls into this category, how best to navigate it?

The Future of Dating: The Technology Changing Romance

Technology is ever changing your lifestyle and habits, but what effect does technology have on the future of dating? How will dating change with greater technological advancements and brighter creativity?

6 Psychological Studies Every Lover Should Know

How does psychology impact relationships? What is the inner workings of the mind when informing us of compatibility and attraction.

Is Jealousy Always a Negative Emotion?

We all know the feeling of romantic jealousy, but is it always a negative thing? And can this strong emotions actually lead to relationship and personal growth?

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