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Blog: Matchmaker’s Comment

The Dark Triad: Navigating a Relationship Plagued with Lies

The dark triad refers to three negative personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy. If you suspect your partner falls into this category, how best to navigate it?

The Future of Dating: The Technology Changing Romance

Technology is ever changing your lifestyle and habits, but what effect does technology have on the future of dating? How will dating change with greater technological advancements and brighter creativity?

6 Psychological Studies Every Lover Should Know

How does psychology impact relationships? What is the inner workings of the mind when informing us of compatibility and attraction.

Is Jealousy Always a Negative Emotion?

We all know the feeling of romantic jealousy, but is it always a negative thing? And can this strong emotions actually lead to relationship and personal growth?

10 Years of Magical Matchmaking, Memories and Milestones

Vida's 10th anniversary has arrived and am delighted to share with you my top ten magical moments and milestones.

The Self-Controlled Lover: The Importance of Self-Discipline in a Relationship

Self-control is the prerequisite for all other successes in life. But how important is self-control when you’re single and looking to settle down?

Romance Across the Party Line

Can two people with differing political views make a relationship work? Always a tricky one - but it can be done.

Overcoming the Challenges of Finding a Long-Term Partner as a High-Achieving Woman

You’re internationally minded and a high-achiever. You have both a high EQ and IQ, and a growth mindset. You thrive on career progression and are good at what you do. Finding a long-term partner might not be one of your goals in which case my advice below won’t apply. However, if you consider yourself to be a high-achiever and are serious about finding a long-term compatible partner, read on...

The Importance of a Positive Dating Mindset in a Pandemic

Maintaining a positive mindset whilst dating, especially during a pandemic, is so important. I share some tips and ideas to help with this.

How your Attachment Style Influences the Success of your Romantic Relationships

Understanding your attachment style can help you to manage difficulties in your relationships and recognise what you really need for a truly successful partnership.  

Moved in with your Partner over Lockdown? Here’s What You Need to Know

While a growing number of us are choosing to cohabit, do we actually realise the legal implications of taking such a step? I recently met Zahra Pabani, family law partner at Irwin Mitchell and asked for her advice on cohabiting.

10 Tips on How to Have a Great Video Date

For years now, we have been setting up video dates for our clients who are geographically separated, and with great success. Video dates can provide as many opportunities as a traditional date to meet that special someone.

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