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30 Mar

Rebecca Edmunds, Director of a luxury interior design house, shares her best tips for setting the mood and finding the best backdrop for your date.

Interior design

I am sure we are all too aware of the importance of first impressions when getting to know someone. Preparing for a date, considering how we present ourselves and what our carefully curated outfit or backdrop design conveys can be a daunting prospect.

Until recently, deciding on the perfect venue was very much part of that planning process, however COVID has fundamentally changed the way we have dated over the last year. Where we would once have met over dinner or a walk in the park, remote dating has meant that first impression now extends to our homes. We are now giving our dates a glimpse into our lives and our corner of the world they would not have had under normal circumstances.

Whilst computer-generated backgrounds have been a game-changer for busy professionals looking to hide a less than perfectly tidy room, they lack a human element. Forging connections remotely is challenging, and it is important that we bring something of our personalities to video calls.

Consider your backdrop

Our homes are our sanctuary, whether a contemporary and minimalist design or classic and cosy, they are an extension of our personal style. They reflect what is important to us and what we love most. Many of our interior design schemes incorporate sentimental pieces that our clients have collected over the years and tell a story of their lives. These favoured pieces of furniture, artworks or object d’art make great talking points. Plan the location of your virtual date to best display your style.

Setting the mood

Creating an intimate environment will help replicate that sense of romance you experience during a date. Lighting is key, the trick is to use a combination of lighting that is flattering for you but also sets the mood. Illuminating your face with an LED light such as a selfie ring, will allow you to switch off harsh overhead lighting and use softer accent lights, such as table lamps, instead.

The art of tableau

Our interiors have become our new avatars. Your chosen background communicates so much and is an opportunity to curate a perfectly balanced space that speaks to your individuality and sense of style.

Whilst it sounds obvious, channelling your inner Marie Kondo and decluttering is a must. Ensure your chosen space is not over-crowded or distracting.

As a rule, vignettes work best when you combine a small group of objects that compliment each other whilst providing contrast. Choosing an anchor that becomes the focal point of your tableau is a great starting point and creates visual interest. A well placed plant or vase of flowers makes a great accent softening the space, adding texture and height.

Most importantly, your environment should be comfortable and authentic.

“The best rooms also have something to say about the people that live in them” – David Hicks

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Rebecca Edmunds is Director at RK Signature Interiors, a luxury residential interior design house based in Surrey. Rebecca spent 17 years in creative agencies, leading multi-disciplinary teams responsible for interpreting and executing against the client brief. This has shaped her commitment to gaining a deep understanding of each client’s vision and aspirations for their homes which underpins the ethos of RK Signature Interiors.More by this author