Do Men Really Need a Matchmaker?

08 Aug

Men, is finding a life or romantic partner worth paying for? To some, the concept of spending money on something so unpredictable is a risky move… Is love something that money can’t buy, or is it worth a try anyway? Read on to find out what we think..

Is finding a life or romantic partner in life worth paying for? Some men scoff at the very idea of shelling out a fee to a professional matchmaker to help sort out their personal dating life. I’m a bloke, I know how to attract the ladies. Let’s take a good look at the results and see! Maybe then you will be honestly say that if you’re serious about finding a partner that you are truly satisfied with the romantic landscape of your life?   

Successful people lead very busy lives, so investing nights and weekends going to bars, pubs, clubs and dinner parties in a hopeful quest doesn’t always yield results. Speaking of results, men by and large are solution oriented and like definitive goals and action plans. If you want a real life partner either in a romantic sense or with the long term view, then you need to devise a proper action plan if you’re going to yield results.  

Business people think nothing of engaging an executive recruitment consultant to arrange job dating in an effort to find you exactly the right match. They filter through the CV’s and interview people to save you the time and effort of connecting with real potential. Before that happens they get to know you and your company to determine the culture, the personalities, as well as the technical skills set. In the workplace it’s often a case of speed dating and then you move in together.  

If the idea of a matchmaker is new territory and making you feel a little uncomfortable, it’s because it’s a new and seemingly unconventional idea. By the way, it’s completely private and confidential so you don’t have to share with anyone what you are doing unless you really want to. You’ll be surprised by the intelligence of the conversation in the getting to know you process. This is an investment in you and the personal attention is to ensure that your physical, social and emotional needs are as closely met as possible.  

If you tally up your credit card receipts on the night’s out on the town, and the dinner parties you’ve ubered to and from with a couple of decent bottles of red in hand, you might be surprised at your annual expenditure. So if you’re serious about the idea of a lovely lady on your arm that might stick around, then invest in yourself and get a professional matchmaker on the case pronto. They are as results and solution oriented as you are. No messing around, straight to the point, and let’s get these dates happening as soon as possible.  

You won’t be rushed into anything, and yes you’ll look at images, but the wondrous thing about matchmaking is that your romantic wing man or woman will be coaching you, encouraging you to experiment, and helping you to discover qualities about yourself and women you may not have considered. There’s something incredibly fulfilling about getting smart about things. If the first introduction doesn’t work, it’s straight on to other suitable and compatible options.  

Do dating and business go hand-in-hand?

We all like a new business opportunity, it’s what networking is all about. How are your business networking skills vs your romantic networking skills? Funny how some men command the boardroom, but then crash and burn at the bar. Your matchmaker is creating the networking opportunities and has the inside track on the art of the romantic deal.  

Some men are brilliant socially and are well liked by lots of women, but maybe you’d like to meet a woman who is interested in a lot more than your wallet or lifestyle. Life is to be shared and enjoyed. If you’re without a plus one, and want a no pressure, no obligation route to viable introductions, then make a call and get your life objectives on track. Matchmaking is not old fashioned, and without you knowing it, some of the most successful businessmen in the world have found happiness through professional advice.  

It’s really all about your point of view, and have you actually thought it through?  

Despite its high price tag, there may be a practical side to Selective Search and high end matchmakers like it. “Going on random date after random date can be very lonely, can be exhausting,” said Adler. “If you look at your credit card bill at the end of the year, and you’re still empty-handed or you’re spending three or four years with the wrong person, that adds up.” 

It’s easy for some to scoff at the idea of shelling out $25,000 to have a stranger help you find a romantic partner. Nevertheless, some of Adler’s clients insist they would have paid more for the results enjoyed.

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by Rachel Vida MacLynn

Founder & CEO

Rachel Vida MacLynn is reputed as being a world-leading matchmaking and dating expert. Registered as a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, Rachel advocates a professional matchmaking approach based on psychological principles and professional consultation.More by this author

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