Anything’s Possible!

05 Nov

Imagine you had an extremely well-connected friend who also agreed to be available to you year-round to make incredible things happen. Whether you are planning a proposal in Iceland, or are looking for the perfect table in a romantic restaurant, there is no limit to what could happen when you have Ellidore as your exclusive private concierge.

Think what it would be like to eliminate the hassle of organising things when you’re busy with your career, social life and your search for that special someone to share wonderful experiences with. We love Ellidore as our private concierge because they make these ideas a complete and achievable reality.

Ellidore and Vida are the perfect partnership; while our expert team at Vida are working on the psychology and specifics of introducing you to attractive, eligible and successful people, Ellidore are poised to create unforgettable experiences for your first dates and beyond. Where we are also beautifully matched, is that similarly to Vida, at Ellidore you work privately and discreetly with a specially assigned account manager where they form a relationship with you and before you know it, they become instinctive about your needs. Like us, they believe in the value of human relationships.

The first date can be critical in terms of ensuring you’re in the right environment to allow the magic to happen. Ellidore can make the right recommendations and secure the right bookings to take the stress away from those first meetings. They are invested in you, and want to be there arranging date 33 as well as the perfect proposal setting! They understand how important romance is, and are so well connected you can be sure you’ll have doors opened to you and your love wherever you go.

As you get to know your partner and their passions in life, Ellidore will help you surprise them with plans to do something wonderful like Wimbledon Finals, front row seats at Paris Fashion Week, or visit a film set to appear as extras. You can impress and express your love while Ellidore do the leg work for you to make it happen. A flight to the inner atmosphere or a journey to the bottom of the ocean? Ellidore invite you to expand your imagination and they will make it happen.

There is no limit to what could happen when you have Ellidore as your exclusive private concierge. An engagement in Iceland? Sounds straightforward but not when Ellidore have taken care of all the meticulous details with flair and insider knowledge. For example, Ellidore flew a proposal couple out by helicopter from Reykjavik to Deplar Farm, an incredibly remote hotel in the Fljot Valley that sits on the mountainous Troll Peninsula in Northern Iceland. On the first evening the couple experienced a night drive in super jeeps to experience the Northern Lights. 

In the following days, they had a guided snowmobile trip to the waterfalls, taking in the beautiful view of the glaciers. Here, at the waterfall they had a champagne tea behind the waterfall, in total isolation. During this, he proposed in this most idyllic of settings and following this they spent the afternoon whale watching and were fortunate enough to observe the Northern Lights again dance across the sky on the way back to the marina.

Imagine you are in London and your schedule is insane with work, but you really want to put some effort into seeing your new love this coming weekend. One call to your Ellidore Account Manager and they will sort out dinner, theatre, cabaret, comedy, an exclusive club entry, or the perfect table in a quiet romantic spot to decompress and catch up. Ran out of time to find the perfect gift? Done! Need to organise a jungle themed Blue Planet dinner party but zero time? Done! I simply had to ask Amber more details and this is what she had to say:

In 5 days we transformed a studio into a jungle by covering the whole thing in flowers, plants, bamboos complete with an amazing chef to create a bespoke jungle menu for the guests to enjoy after they took part in an immersive jungle themed Blue Planet experience . It was really incredible and the fact it was last minute just added to the fun for both the team and the member!

Like Vida, Ellidore want to support you on the journey right through to “I do”. The relationship Ellidore build with their clients means, that over time they really know and understand what you love. As a result, Ellidore are also the perfect partner to help you plan the most special day of your lives. At this point, you will have built and experienced the trust of the Ellidore relationship, that they have never let you down and always exceeded your expectations. So, who else would you entrust with your wedding day? The expert in-house event team at Ellidore will continue to create magic in your lives with the most beautiful, flawlessly managed, and unforgettable wedding experience.

Start your Ellidore experience now by becoming a member of our exclusive private concierge service. Please contact Lifestyle Manager, Amber Hamilton on email: or WhatsApp: 07979 535078 with any questions or for more information on the service.

by Rachel Vida MacLynn

Founder & CEO

Rachel Vida MacLynn is reputed as being a world-leading matchmaking and dating expert. Registered as a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, Rachel advocates a professional matchmaking approach based on psychological principles and professional consultation.More by this author

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