Exclusive Matchmaking – Vida Challenges Internet Dating (d8ing)

16 Oct

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Let’s face book it, in the cyber age we’re all busy right? As a successful urban professional I imagine you are spending a large chunk of your working day glued to a computer between meetings.  Are you then rushing home to spend another 2 hours online filtering messages from the cast of the bar scene from Star Wars who are all vying for your attention? Is it really possible to get out from in front of a computer screen, iPad, and mobile and find love in real time with real people? If a message like “UB 25-30yo GL hlthy GSH with BMW…LOL…BFN CUL8TR” requires translation then exclusive matchmaking is just what the cyber doctor ordered. Personally I find a real sentence complete with grammar and wit a total turn on. If your prospective date can’t even construct a sentence imagine what a stimulating time you’ll have on the first date. OMG IMSB (I am so bored….) I can barely imagine can you?

Do you always play with your phone during dates or are you just happy to see me?

The online obsessed person is likely to bring the obligatory cyber tools on the date and love texting other people instead of focusing on you. While we’re on the subject, put the iPhone away don’t let it’s toxic needy attention infest your opportunity for love. Unless your nearest and dearest is dying of consumption, leave that vibrating, nagging gadget off the table. Internet profiles with no picture? No responses that leave you paranoid, anxious and ignored? How about online descriptions like VGL which are supposed to mean very good looking but actually mean vacuous, glib and lardy? How about the personal profile that has gaspingly exciting headlines like “likes to travel” or “spend time with friends”? Or mind boggling headlines that should be edited to read “Jabba the Hutt seeks Pizza the Hutt”? At this point I am probably slipping into a coma and reaching for my third glass of medicinal Chablis.

Well he ain’t no Bradley Cooper

Even more thrilling is that following days of online negotiations a date actually happens, only you arrive to meet someone who bears no resemblance at all to the person you had eagerly anticipated.  So much for exclusive internet matchmaking. Bradley Cooper has been replaced by a vertically challenged man with a comb over, and Angelina Jolie has been magically replaced with Fanny Craddick in her final series.  Enough already, it’s time to get on your mobile, stop texting and call the team at VIDA for some exclusive matchmaking that involves intelligence, humour, leading to a date with a person who is smart, attractive, funny and brilliant. The opportunity for love is just a phone call away and not in a cyber-galaxy far far away. May the force be with you!

By Martin Turner

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Martin Turner has had a 25 year global career in events which resulted in the book Travel Secrets in 2010 and a new career in journalism and lecturing. A recent graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Art, he has won his way into the heart of the VIDA team while zooming about the planet on new assignments and escapades.


by Rachel Vida MacLynn

Founder & CEO

Rachel Vida MacLynn is reputed as being a world-leading matchmaking and dating expert. Registered as a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, Rachel advocates a professional matchmaking approach based on psychological principles and professional consultation.More by this author

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