Wardrobe First Date Dilemmas

02 Sep

Expert tips from Dating Stylist Caroline Williams

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Going on your first date with someone is nerve-racking enough, the what if’s, the how’s, the where’s – then whether you are fashion savvy or not the – what and what not to wear. Sometimes it can all get a bit too much but these simple steps for both men and women will help eliminate the complete non know-how into complete clothing confidence.

  • You are your own personal branding. This is by no reason a means to scare but like we say ‘you are what you eat’; at De Vallenger we say ‘you are what you wear’. Statistically humans will judge you within 3 seconds of meeting you. As there is little we can get out vocally in that time, it is primarily done on appearance. Make sure you are well presented at all times, before and throughout the date.
  • Colour is our speciality. Humans are 100% susceptible to colour, whether we like it or not. Although it is of course important to wear colours that suit you, the psychology behind them is even more so. For example – Blue is the colour that shows stability, grounding and togetherness, also financially able. Statistically if you wear blue on a first interview you are likely to be asked for a second interview, more so than any other colour, as it retains in the memory. This applies to dating. Wear blue – get a second date. Let us just hope the date is good! Red however can scream passion, lust, anger, love or sex. It is really what you are hoping to get out of the date but make the colours speak for you!

Dress for you and not too out of your comfort zone.

  • Be true to yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. You want the other person to not have a completely warped concept of who you actually are. Love the ‘you’ and the right people will love that ‘you’ back.
  • Dress comfortably – well semi. This is a fine line, never be underdressed but also be practical. Do not wear a 50 hook and eye corset, that you can not sit or eat in. Or new shoes that could give you blisters. You will be more focussed on the pain then the enjoyment of the date.
  • Use accessories. To make an outfit different, try to wear 3 different types of accessories. It is amazing the lift it will give to the overall appearance.
  • Have clean, neat and polished shoes. Always.  And it goes without saying – clean hair, skin and nails. Make sure you are looking fresh.
  • If in doubt wear black. This is something I so rarely say, as colour is so wonderful to embrace. However if you are very nervous about it, stick to black. It always looks slick, and looks great teamed with colourful accessories.
  • Wear a smile.

A smile speaks 1000 words.

By Caroline Williams

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With the befitting title of London’s Dating Stylist Caroline Williams has a meticulous eye for both fashion and colour.  With over 15 years experience within the fashion industry, Caroline offers a variety of fashion based workshops, directed at the luxury market through her company ‘De Vallenger Design‘ and has worked with the UK’s leading dating specialists. Born in Auckland, New Zealand Caroline now resides in London. 


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Rachel Vida MacLynn is reputed as being a world-leading matchmaking and dating expert. Registered as a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, Rachel advocates a professional matchmaking approach based on psychological principles and professional consultation.More by this author

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