The Importance of Good Pictures when Dating

03 Apr

If you’re going to tackle your dating life face on, then it’s important to do the same in pictures. When you’ve got expert matchmakers on your side, you’ve definitely improved your chances substantially, but all of us want to have an idea visually of who we might be meeting. It’s essential to have great pictures of yourself to ensure you are literally seen in the best light.

If you are struggling to get a positive response from your dating profile, it may be your photos that are holding you back. Follow these three rules for a more successful response.

  1. Don’t cover your face

Your potential dates want to see as much of you as possible, so don’t use a photo of yourself hiding behind a hat or sunglasses. Whether you are online dating or using a personal matchmaker, you will get a slower response from matches if they feel like they can’t see the whole of your face. When they have to ask for more photographs so they can properly see you, what you have inadvertently done is create an obstacle at the start. Ladies that wear makeup, try and keep it natural. Men are much more responsive to a natural look rather than dark smoky eyes and bright lips.

  1. Show your natural smile

Research has shown that a photo with a real, genuine smile attracts people more because it shows true happiness. When I am matching clients I find that I get a far more positive response from photographs of people smiling as opposed to pouting or serious corporate shots. So, when choosing a picture for your dating profile, try finding one of you laughing naturally, rather than from your last corporate photoshoot at work.

  1. Avoid group shots

Group shots is a red flag for dating profiles. Firstly, your potential date has to work out which one is you, and no one likes a guessing game and another obstacle! Once they have found you, the photo can often be unclear, especially if it has been taken in bad lighting or from too far away. Save group shots for your social media and keep your dating pictures to just you.

In summary, your dating life and finding a potential partner is about you, so let you shine through. Some photos might seem flattering to you but might not show off your personality. Ask the opinion of someone close who will tell you honestly if they think a picture you’re thinking of is a winner. Maybe the amateur collection of pictures you have just don’t seem right, then it’s time to get some professional help with a professional photographer who can really make you shine and capture some natural and engaging shots that will really get you attention.


by Emma Searle

Emma Searle - Matchmaker

With a degree in psychology, Emma has a keen interest in understanding people, and applying her skills to help them through their matchmaking journey. Based in the London office, Emma’s specialities are gay matchmaking and international matchmaking. Emma has worked in the matchmaking industry since 2014, and is passionate about bringing people together and helping them to ignite that initial spark. She has no trouble putting her clients at ease, with her warm and personable approach.More by this author

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