Dating: Makeup Essentials

03 Jul

“Makeup can be a wonderful tool to really make the most of your natural beauty but it’s so important to get the look right for the occasion. After working for many years with celebrities and high profile businesswomen, my make-up advice is always simple – enhance your natural beauty so it radiates the essence of who you really are” – Mary Jane Frost

Dating Makeup Essentials: When going on a date its really important to feel comfortable, confident and glowing.  If you’ve come out of a long-term relationship or divorce and you’re looking for a much needed confidence boost, seeing a makeup artist can do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem.

It’s really easy to fall into the trap of doing your make-up the same old way because its quick and easy and you know how it will turn out.  Over the years however, our skin changes, our eyes need more enhancement and it’s important to make lips and complexion look young and vibrant.  This is where professional advice can really help you to choose the right colours, textures and shades for your skin and make-up regime.  I have worked with women to advise on the best looks to bring out their inner beauty and have had numerous comments about how amazing they felt and the compliments they received.  But when you look great, you feel great so it really is important to get it right.


Getting the basics right is the first port of call to achieving a beautiful look so the first step is always the skin. You will only ever get a good make-up finish if your skin is loved by you underneath.

If you’re going on a lunch date, natural and simple is always the right tone with beautiful eyes and a great natural lip tint or balm and always do your make-up in the light you will be seen in – that’s really important!  To get a really natural look start with a foundation base, something like a barely there light coverage to give you a natural sheen to your skin.  During the day, I always recommend using lighter based foundations like tinted moisturisers, as these are more youthful and fresher to the eye when in daylight.  Using a spray to set your makeup is crucial and adds a dewy look to the skin keeping the overall look of your skin nice and natural.


Eyes are the windows to the soul, so make sure that when you’re trying to catch someone’s attention your eyes look beautiful in natural tones that enhance your eye shape and skin tone. Keep everything soft and natural, as you do not want to worry about eye shadow smearing or smudging during your date!

Soft beiges, browns and taupe eyeshades are perfect for enhancing your natural eye shape soft shimmers work well especially in the evening. Lashings of lashes will always help! Using an eyelash curler will accentuate your natural lashes. Two to three coats of mascara, brushing in-between will really make the most of your lashes!


Eyebrows really help to frame the face so unless you are lucky enough to be blessed with the perfect natural brow, go somewhere really good to get them shaped professionally! Resist the temptation to fill them in too much!  Beautifully shaped eyebrows flatter the curve of your eye and frame your face, so it is really important to get them right.


Soft and well-hydrated lips will always be lovely! Again, when going on a date its really important to keep lips looking natural, hydrated and of course kissable! Applying a balm with or without colour can help you achieve this. There are some gorgeous soft rose pinks out there at the moment and if you want a little sheen try Terry Rose lip balm, you cannot fail with any tints like these.


Enhancing cheek colour should be natural and soft, only going 2 shades up from your current skin tone. Rose pinks, Beiges or Corals, be careful not to go too strong! Using a bronzer helps to add a healthy glow to the skin and adds dimension. I recommend using a huge fluffy brush and

swirl into your favourite bronzer and softly swipe on the areas of your face where the sun would normally hit, One of my favourite bronzers at the moment is the Chanel tan de solei or the Tom ford bronzer both lovely!  This of course gives you that sun-kissed looked that makes you look healthy and vibrant.


Enjoy your date! – do the prep to make yourself feel amazing and that will ensure you can relax and enjoy the date.  I have done make-up for brides, celebrities and models all of whom have to feel amazing for their special day, film premier or photo shoot and the one sure way to make them feel beautiful and confident is to give them a look that truly promotes their inner beauty.

The above advice is purely to boost your beauty and of course your confidence, so that when you do go on a date to meet someone special, you feel truly amazing.


  1. It’s always best to do you makeup by a window where there is daylight to give you a realistic picture of what you have done and what others will see.
  1. Don’t make the mistake of putting make-up on in a bathroom or dressing room with fake lighting and humid atmosphere. The humidity will encourage you to go heavier on your makeup and the lighting won’t give you a true indication of how you will appear in daylight.
  1. Go for a natural look in the daytime with a little more eye colour in the evening but no harsh lines or colours – keep it soft and fresh with a tinted lip balm.


If my blog resonates with you, get in touch by contacting me here to book a consultation – you never know, a session with me could transform your dating confidence and help you on your way in finding love.


by Mary Jane Frost

Having realised her passion for creativity and design from an early age, Mary Jane began her career as a make-up artist 25 years ago. She has been the creator of some of the world's most iconic faces, including  Princess Diana, Kylie Minogue, Salma Hayek, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham. Over the years, she has worked with leading international photographers and her work can be seen regularly in worldwide fashion publications such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and GQ.More by this author