Positives of 2020; from a Matchmaking Perspective Part 2

05 Jan

Happy New Year from the matchmakers at Vida! We want to share more of our learnings from 2020 and another success story.

Photo of young couple on New Year's Eve 2020

And just like that, it is 2021 – Happy New Year! I certainly feel recharged, rested and raring to go and create many more success stories this year! You may have read Part 1 of my blog where I shared some of our learnings as matchmakers in the very strange year that was 2020, as well as some success stories. I can’t resist sharing one more special one that I was so delighted with:

Client J (38) joined Vida in Spring 2019. He is an international, successful and intelligent gentleman living in Switzerland. He was looking for a woman beautiful both inside and out; someone family orientated, creative, caring, with a positive disposition but he didn’t believe this person existed. Through his profiling and regular contact, we got to know him in great depth, and developed a clear understanding of what his ideal match could look like. Together, we identified one lady that seemed to be a great match. Keen to get to know each other, they had their first date over video call and immediately connected. With busy schedules and borders closed, their ability to travel to each other wasn’t a possibility initially, so they got creative with their video calls by watching movies together in unison, trying online cookery classes and also sent each other postal letters.  As soon as they were both available, J went to Belgium to meet A in person, they have been crazy about each other ever since.  Not only did we help J to find the woman of his dreams in 2020, he noted he was the happiest he has ever been and that his journey with Vida helped him to become a more confident and a happier person.

We had to adapt throughout 2020; we had to consider how we could still introduce matches through lockdowns and with international restrictions. Singletons are becoming more aware of what they are looking for and want someone who aligns with them on their core values and visions for the future. As such, there has been a lot more awareness of matchmaking services, which has in turn led to an upsurge of new members at Vida. We had to get creative to maintain connections with our members, between couples and within our team. We identified innovative ways to network online (i.e. conducting webinars, having a stronger digital presence across all of our platforms)  growing our membership to meet the needs of our clients.

Interestingly, research undertaken by The University of Texas in 2020 demonstrated that the pandemic and the situational changes that had occurred made little change to happiness ratings in a relationship, other than heightening emotions that were already present pre-Covid.  Therefore, those who were happy and secure prior to the pandemic remain this way and moreover tend to place blame of any tensions on the new situations we find ourselves in.  Whereas those who had difficulties in their relationship prior to Covid, found that these difficulties became heightened and they tended to blame their partner for the current situation.  Therefore, highlighting the importance of a compatible match with shared values and visions.  For those who have experienced stress in their relationship, it does not mean that the relationship should end or has failed, rather it has simply brought issues to the surface and demonstrates the need to communicate, face the elephant in the room and navigate through it, whether together or apart.

At The Vida Consultancy, our mission is at the core of human connection. We work with our clients to search for long-term partnerships; combining psychological principles with our professional, personalised consultation assessing different areas of their life to enable us to match primarily on their values.  It is a very personal and bespoke service and as we move into 2021, with many uncertainties still ahead, one thing is for sure, we are ready and well prepared to continue our Cupid work. Get in touch and let us help you find your special someone to share life with.

by Lynsey Wilson

Director of Client Services

Lynsey was born and raised in Scotland, graduating from The University of Aberdeen with an MA in Psychology in 2009. For just over a decade, Lynsey worked in social research within either an academic or non profit context. Throughout her career, her main drive and passion has been working with people and gaining an understanding of what drives them. This, along with her friendly and open nature, makes Lynsey a natural Matchmaker. Lynsey is based in the London office and primarily works with both London and European based clients.More by this author

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