Romance Across the Party Line

29 Mar

Can two people with differing political views make a relationship work? Always a tricky one - but it can be done.

Politics and romance: Couple walking togetherness in London

Politics and romance discussed: How should a singleton approach the increasingly volatile dating scene in 2021? Is political persuasion no more than an interest, in much the same vein as a hobby, a pursuit just engaged with in one’s spare time? Or is it actually deeply reflective of who they are as a person and one’s innermost values? And if so, what would that mean if, despite political ties, the two of you were desperately, inescapably in love?

Unless political division played an unusually traumatic role in a past relationship, it’s worth remembering to trust your instinctive attraction to a person. You’re a smart, savvy, sophisticated singleton, and you know what you want—and need. If you find this politically divergent hottie across the table not only physically desirable but also intellectually and emotionally engaging, it may well be worth giving them a shot. You never know: You might just discover gaps in your own knowledge of the world, your own spectrum of morality. This person with a very different background and worldview from yours may broaden your horizon—if you don’t just write them off 10 minutes into your first date.

When it comes to politics and romance, here at The Vida Consultancy, we don’t recommend discussing politics until a few dates in—but at the same time, we recognise that our country’s dating landscape is shifting at pace. And with political turmoil dominating every news cycle every day, it can be difficult to shy away from the big topics, especially when the conversation runs a little dry. Moreover, if you’ve been seeing each other a while now and your political views are important to you, then it’s best not to avoid this topic indefinitely. This would only prevent you from understanding your partner, and might create a rift where none needed to exist.

If you’re still unconvinced, think of it like this: You are not a carbon copy of those with whom you share political opinions—so why assume that of the person sitting opposite? If you’re extremely attracted to them but wary of their politics, consider whether you’ve really taken the time to examine their rationale. You may find you have far more common ground politically than you’d imagined, perhaps differing on only one or two specific issues. Oftentimes you’ll share a vision for the world and an overarching goal for life, but just have chosen different paths to reach that same destination.

Tackling tricky subjects can serve to strengthen your relationship, and reinforce the bond between you and your new love interest. If you’re both still crazy about each other even after uncovering your divergent political stripes, there’s every reason to think that you can work things out. Approach their opinions with humility and an open mind, and you’ll foster a deeper, more intimate connection—and even develop in one another a greater capacity to face life’s many other challenges.

And remember, of course—there is more to life than politics. There’s art, culture, career, family, travel—and love. So if they reflect your core values in areas other than politics and are respectful of your views, then maybe hear them out—and focus less on what they do at the ballot box.

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The Vida Consultancy is an exclusive, multi-award-winning matchmaking consultancy, catering to exceptional singles across the political spectrum. Even during these unusually divisive times, we’re helping countless singletons find romance, because we know that love can, and does, transcend political divides—sometimes precisely because of them. Get in touch today, and find your perfect partner to navigate this crazy world with.

by Rachel Vida MacLynn

Founder & CEO

Rachel Vida MacLynn is reputed as being a world-leading matchmaking and dating expert. Registered as a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, Rachel advocates a professional matchmaking approach based on psychological principles and professional consultation.More by this author

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