Are you Successful in Your Career but Unsuccessful in Love? Read on

18 Jan

You’re smart and intelligent, you’ve got a degree, maybe even masters or an MBA and your career is going brilliantly. People love you at work, you’re engaging, clever, and you’ve been promoted quickly. You get plenty of attention, and when you’ve had the time you even tried dating. Perhaps you even went long term with a relationship with someone you met at university or at work, but somehow you’re still not in that committed relationship you’d like to have.

Does that sound familiar? Or do you have close friends who fit this profile? Successful in life but unsuccessful in love. In the world of executive matchmaking the team at Vida Consultancy meet attractive successful professionals all the time who need a little help. So what do our professional matchmakers say the people they meet are saying are the key stumbling blocks for finding a future life partner?

  1. Approaching their dating life like their professional objectives
  2. Expecting immediate results like the way they work
  3. Career focused so time poor
  4. A fixed idea on who their ideal partner should be
  5. Travelling a lot so not sure anything permanent would work
  6. Don’t want to meet someone who isn’t as financially successful as they are
  7. Exhausted social media, dating apps and friend networks
  8. Not meeting anyone who seems to want to commit to something serious

Interestingly the team of professional matchmakers at Vida Consultancy focus in on the psychology of relationships and see all of these obstacles as valid but all with solutions. You’ve invested in your education and career, how about investing in your love life? Don’t be embarrassed, successful people see therapists, hire personal trainers, get their flats feng shui’d, go on yoga retreats. Investing in a professional matchmaker is definitely being solution oriented with a result in mind.

You’ll meet confidentially and one on one with your professional matchmaker to talk about what kind of person you’d like to meet. The idea is to curate your dating life so you meet people with real potential as a life partner. You’ll get off social media, dating apps and into meeting people who also want to meet you and are serious about finding a life partner. Introductions to like-minded people who like results, know who and what they want in life, want to make room in their professional lives for a relationship, and are as successful as you are.

If you’re travelling and open to international dating then that’s definitely an option. As Rachel MacLynn the CEO and Founder of Vida Consultancy says “we anticipate that as many as three-quarters of our clients will be looking for a transatlantic or trans-European relationship by 2020. Many view cities on the other side of the pond or elsewhere in Europe as having a more romantic and cosmopolitan approach”.

If you’re successful in business then you’ll be familiar with what is known as the “deal breaker”. When it comes to relationships, you may have criteria that you consider to be a deal breaker when it comes to getting involved in a relationship beyond casual dating. Maybe some of these are valid, and maybe some of them are just perspective. Your professional matchmaker at Vida Consultancy through private and confidential profiling, will help to establish what is valid and what might need a different perspective. Successful people know that learning and growing comes from being challenged by people they respect.

The road to being successful in love may begin with a decision to face your life landscape honestly and make an assessment about whether you feel it’s worth investing in yourself. If you don’t want to be at the lovely singles table at your next wedding, or embarking on a romantic weekend for one, or rallying your single friends for vacations it might be time to stop and think. What is the point of success in life if you don’t have someone to share it with? If that cold hard fact is privately making your eyes well or your throat constrict, then put the Kleenex aside and make a decision just like you would at work. You know how to reach your goals and likely you’ve had amazing people around you to make that happen. Now it’s time to get serious with an elite matchmaker who can change your dating life sooner than you think.

Whatever your situation or desire, the idea is that successful people in life can be successful in love, it may just need some professional help. Don’t wait to start what could be one of the happiest chapters of your life so far. All that’s stopping you from finding love or a partner is you. Contact the expert matchmaking team at Vida Consultancy today for a no-obligation consultation and begin your first steps on the road to true love.  To arrange your complimentary consultation please contact our membership team. 


by Rachel Vida MacLynn

Founder & CEO

Rachel Vida MacLynn is reputed as being a world-leading matchmaking and dating expert. Registered as a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, Rachel advocates a professional matchmaking approach based on psychological principles and professional consultation.More by this author

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