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Romance on the Greek Islands

02 Aug

Eschewing the madding crowd of August, those in the know, appreciate how special September is in the Greek Islands, not to mention the prices. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme an extended weekend or a week to stretch the summer, it’s got love written all over it.

7 Most Romantic City Breaks

21 Jun

Romantic city breaks are always unforgettable but if you are looking for something a little more different, our experts have you covered.

Early Sunshine Escapes

06 Mar

April is a bargain month for making an early escape to the sun before the prices begin to sky rocket. The sea hasn’t quite warmed up yet, but soaking up the rays by the pool and shedding your winter coat is pure joy. If you want to bag a bargain and be guaranteed of some warm sunshine, these are my recommendations for a romantic getaway. Get a jump start on summer and your tan with the one you love.

Giving from the heart

Giving gifts improves relationships, but it’s important to remember that a true gift is given without obligation to the recipient. Gifts are wonderful when they are given unconditionally, with love and from the heart. The important thing is that the receiver feels the love primarily because the giver is focusing their attention and care on them. Is the festive season joyful, or do you feel pressure about finding the perfect gifts?

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