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A Guide to the NYC Gay Scene

24 Sep

Dating in New York City can be hard, and sometimes more so if you’re gay man. NYC is a forward-thinking, cosmopolitan place, and on the whole the city refutes heteronormativity and thoroughly embraces its LGBT community, but it can still be tough out there.

ATTRACTION: Mind over body

Let’s face it, male or female, most of us hate the mirrors and fluorescent lighting that adorn most shop changing rooms. So I’m posing some questions today:  what is ‘attraction’, what is ‘sexy’, and is it purely physical? Get a group of men and women in a room and you’ll probably hear a lot of […]

Matchmaking in Singapore

It may be considered a small island, yet its full of many different individuals and cultures, all enjoying the fantastic experiences and opportunity Singapore has to offer. Whether you live in Singapore or visit regularly and are looking for a matchmaking experience to top no other, we have matchmakers on hand throughout Singapore, constantly on […]

Online vs. High End Matchmaking

  Online dating is rapidly becoming one of the more common methods to meet your perfect partner, nowadays 20% of heterosexual couples and 70% of homosexual couples meet online. Why is it that online dating seems to be becoming increasingly popular? At the same time, do the traditional forms of meeting someone still work effectively […]

Bachelor or matchmaking made in heaven?

By Julia Atlasova Matchmaking made in heaven or are you left running for the hills from the eternal bachelor?  Its no secret, that attracting a man is only half of the deal on the way to the true love and happy ever after. You’ve got to master your communication skills to be able to encourage […]

A Woman’s Guide to Securing a Life Partner: in 6 simple steps

If you are looking for your life partner, and not having much success; if you feel you’re meeting more duds then studs or if your online dating profile is attracting people that look more like your Great Aunt Mildred, than George Clooney – you could be getting a bit disheartened. At this point you may […]

Seasonal dating ideas: summer solstice, winter warmers

We are over half way through the year. Many of us have been taking the opportunity to jet across the world this summer, some preferring the beautiful white houses and turquoise waters in Mykonos, and the clubs on the Balearic island of Ibiza; others simply enjoying the peaceful life of Southern France. When basking under […]

Advice from a Professional Matchmaker – keeping the Summer Lovin’ alive…

  As a professional matchmaker I often get asked the same types of questions. How, especially in the early stages of a relationship, do we make sure we are on the same page/ stay in tune with our partners? Once the honeymoon period is over, or after the first few dates- it is crucial to […]

Nice guys really DO finish last!!

For a healthy and fulfilling relationship there MUST be equal investment. However we repeatedly see relationships where one person is offering everything to someone who is not reciprocating! Human nature is contradictory, and confusing….but we are here to clear it up for you! If you think that you will gain love from offering all of […]

I don’t want a lot for Christmas…

Having already mentioned in a previous post how bringing joy to a loved one can bring happiness to you… we at VIDA are here to tell you that Christmas, if used correctly, can have the same effect! We naturally want to look after others, even caring for those we have never met above ourselves. This […]

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