The Best Rooftop Bars in London: 2019 Edition

06 Mar

It doesn't get much more romantic than taking a date to one of London's top rooftop bars or terraces, right? So, whether you're looking for somewhere quaint and quiet, or a rooftop bustling with energy and vibrance, our selection is bound to cater for all needs.

The Rooftop

The Best Rooftop Bars in London: Matchmaker’s Guide

Being an international matchmaking agency, we’re always looking for new and exciting places for our dates to explore and enjoy.

It doesn’t get much more romantic than taking a date to one of London’s top rooftop bars or terraces, right? So, whether you’re looking for somewhere quaint and quiet, or a rooftop bustling with energy and vibrance, our selection is bound to cater for all needs.

Take a look below at some of our favourite rooftop bars in London.

The RooftopThe Rooftop

Located on top of The Trafalgar St James hotel, this secret rooftop garden is known for its premium cocktails and stunning views.

Where is it? St James’s
Ideal for: Date night, socialising

Frank’s Cafe

You won’t find a more popular rooftop bar than Frank’s Cafe. Lying atop a multi-storey car park, Frank’s Cafe is the perfect urban escape. It has a warm and inviting atmosphere, great for a quick drink after work or a late evening date.

Where is it? Peckham
Ideal for: After work drinks, date night, first date

Jin Bo LawJin Bo Law Bar London

Jin Bo Law sits in the heart of Aldgate, opposite the historic St Boltoph clock tower, Jin Bow Low is a stunning setting, both inside and out. The roof terrace boasts exceptional views over Aldgate, and inside, the design is eccentric and fun, with Asian-inspired decor dotted around. Their cocktail menu is definitely worth exploring as well.

Where is it? Aldgate
Ideal for: After work drinks, date night, afternoon snacking and socialising

Eight Moorgate

Eight Moorgate is a members-only club situated in the centre of Moorgate. If you aren’t already a member, taking a sneak peek into their rooftop bar is bound to get you signing up. Alongside their charming and sophisticated interior, Eight Moorgate stock an impressive wine collection, perfect for summer evening overlooking the city.

Where is it? Aldgate
Ideal for: Private functions, parties, client meetings, drinking and eating

Big ChillBig Chill rooftop bar London

If you’re looking for a space to wine and dine alfresco style, Big Chill should be floating at the top of your list. The Big Chill acoomodates for every need, whether it’s a relaxing drink after work, an evening date night or hosting a social event. Their roof terrace is also stunning, projecting views across Islington and the bustling city lie below.

Where is it? Islington
Ideal for: After work drinks, evening dates, socialising

Roof East

Pitched in busy Stratford, Roof East marks itself as one of the busier London roof terraces. With a fresh roster of urban street food stands and quirky pop-up bars, Roof East excels at capturing London’s diverse culture with their ever-changing food and drink options. If you’re looking for a fun and lively rooftop bar in London, Roof East is built to entertain.

Where is it? Stratford
Ideal for: Food and drink, socialising, parties, after work drinks

Coq D’Argent

As their name suggests, Coq D’Argent focuses on providing the citizens of London with French-inspired food and drink. Couple this will a truly stunning where you can marvel at many of London’s iconic skyscrapers. The terrace emanates tranquility, perfect for those looking to escape the busier London cityscape below.

Where is it? Bank
Ideal for: Fine dining, private parties, evening dates

Radio RooftopRadio Rooftop London

You’d be forgiven if you had trouble finding this rooftop bar, considering it sits quietly above the ME hotel on The Strand. With an impressive cocktail bar and exceptional high rise views glossing over Iconic skyscrapers including The Shard, London Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral, Radio Rooftop marks itself as one of the most stylish and suave rooftop bars in London.

Where is it? Covent Garden
Ideal for: Overnight stays, date night, chatting and drinking

The Fellow

Without a doubt one of London’s best winter rooftop bars, The Fellow does a fine job keeping us warm while overlooking the city below. It’s not just for winter, however. The Fellow offers a great escape from London’s city life and offers a chance to catch some summer rays upon their cosy roof terrace. The Fellow is perfect for almost any social occasion and is definitely one to add to your rooftop list.

Where is it? Kings Cross
Ideal for: Chatting and drinking, after work drinks, socialising

The WindmillThe Windmill Rooftop Bar Mayfair

While not strictly classed as one of London’s rooftop bars, The Windmill’s roof terrace makes our list due to its fun and vibrant setting. While the pub nestles downstairs, you’re able to take your drinks and food above to enjoy the quiet serenity of Mayfair. For those looking for a quirky and quaint setting, The Windmill is a great option.

Where is it? Mayfair
Ideal for: After work drinks, quick bite to eat, chatting and drinking

The Driver

One of the top spots for parties and events, The Driver is one of the most popular gastro-pubs in London. It’s minimalist design and open space make it perfect for socialising and hosting events.

Where is it? Kings Cross
Ideal for: Hosting events, private parties

Queen of Hoxton

Probably the most popular rooftop bar in Shoreditch, Queen of Hoxton is always lively, fun and energetic. In the summer, this rooftop bar is everyone’s go-to, so whether you’re on a date or enjoying a summer afternoon with friends, Queen of Hoxton can cater to both.

Where is it? Shoreditch
Ideal for: Social gatherings, drinking dancing, after work drinks

601 Queens Road601 Queens Road Rooftop Bar London

Known previously as The Terrace, 601 Queens Road took over ownership a few years ago, but the scintillating views remained. 601’s interior design is smart and understated. The matte black and midnight blue furnishings are timeless and don’t detract from the main attraction: the view below. Step out onto the terrace for a few drinks in the summer sun and watch the city life bustle below.

Where is it? Wimbledon
Ideal for: After work drinks, eating and drinking, date nights

Capeesh Sky Bar

Anything with ‘sky bar’ attached always invites intrigue, and Capeesh definitely delivers on this front. Not only does Capeesh delight with views over central London, but their canapes are equally impressive. This is one of out top locations to take a date.

Where is it? Canary Wharf
Ideal for: After work drinks, date night


In the same vein as The Windmill, NT’s isn’t strictly classified as a rooftop bar. However, just because there isn’t a bar upstairs doesn’t mean it’s not primed for sun-lounging and gazing across London’s skyline. NT’s is bristling with greenery and submerged shrubbery, making it a pleasant escape from the concrete jungle below.

Where is it? Dalston
Ideal for: Eating and drinking, socialising, drinks after work

The CastleThe Castle Bar

With an open-top roof terrace and ample spacing, The Castle in Angel provides a top spot for sun time socialising. Finding a space on warmer days might prove a struggle but if you’re lucky enough to find a spot, you won’t want to move. The Castle is definitely one of the hottest roof terraces in North London and their wine and ale selection is also impressive.

Where is it? Angel
Ideal for: Group socialising, after work drinks

Bourne & Hollingsworth Garden Room

Signature cocktails, a brasserie-style menu and a skyline view over Leicester Squares pushes Bourne & Hollingsworth towards the top of our rooftop bars in London. B&H provides a perfectly intimate setting for first dates and evening dining.

Where is it? Leicester Square
Ideal for: Date nights, drinking and eating

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