The Importance of a Positive Dating Mindset in a Pandemic

18 Mar

Maintaining a positive mindset whilst dating, especially during a pandemic, is so important. I share some tips and ideas to help with this.

Young woman sitting at the window sill during a positive virtual date.

Maintaining a positive mindset whilst dating, especially during a pandemic, is so important. I share some tips and ideas to help with this.

First dates can be daunting at the best of times, throw in a global pandemic, a zoom call from your living room and your colourist being closed for the last 3 months then you have a whole new host of issues, but what you don’t want is these obstacles to set the mood for your date. Sure you’d rather be sitting in Zuma than on Zoom but don’t let that hinder your enjoyment of what could ultimately be an evening well spent, connecting and getting to know someone.

We all know the general rules about not discussing religion or politics on a first date, but where does that leave you in the current climate and can you mention the C word or moreover, how can you avoid it! Covid, Coronavirus whatever you call it, has been the main focus of our lives and conversations for the best part of a year and let’s face it, it’s almost impossible to have a discussion without it arising.

What you want to steer clear of, is making Covid chat the main focus of your date.

The last 12 months have been tough for most. Everybody has faced different challenges and while you shouldn’t gloss over what has been happening, try to focus on the positive experiences that you may have had during lockdown, whether that has been spending more time in nature or having perfected your Sourdough or completing some Netflix series. All of these are conversation starters and there is common ground to be had in discussing shows you have enjoyed, as well as what types of food you like and the restaurants you are looking forward to visiting.

We all love to travel and while the furthest you may have gone recently is from the bedroom to the living room and maybe a lap of the park, don’t let that stop you from talking about holidays gone by and where you plan to go in the future; let’s face it we all have some awesome travel stories and who doesn’t love hearing about summers in Antibes or trekking in Peru. Talking about past adventures and things that spark joy in your life are more likely to create a relaxed and cheerful mood and who doesn’t want that on a first date.

The purpose of a first date is getting to know someone and finding if you connect.

Ultimately when looking for a life partner, it’s important that your core values align, this doesn’t mean you should delve into all the heavy topics on a first encounter, if you do choose to have a second or third date, you can always get into the deeper topics then. Keep the conversation light, ask lots of questions and listen and take a genuine interest in their responses and share positive stories and experiences about yourself and your life.

And finally relax.

If you’re working from home, it can seem like there is no cut off point from when the working day starts and ends so make sure if you have a planned date, your work emails are off, and that your date has your full attention. Take some time out beforehand to get ready, maybe have a bubble bath, play some music or practice a little mindfulness to clear away the stresses of the day. Go into your date with positive thoughts and the knowledge that this could be the beginning of something beautiful!


At Vida, we have had some genuinely heart-warming lockdown success stories that you can read about here. Do get in touch for a chat, as we may be the right agency to help you on your way to finding love.

by Karen Mfuk


Karen is a matchmaker in Vida's London office. Hailing from West London and with a wealth of experience in high-end luxury hospitality, Karen has spent the last 20 years in client-facing roles for some of London’s most exclusive members’ clubs. Working closely with clients from around the globe has given Karen invaluable insights into a multitude of cultures, as well as a great understanding of the needs of those with incredibly demanding lifestyles. Karen is bright and charming, with a calm, engaging demeanour, and she is passionate about helping clients find their perfect partner and supporting them on their journey.More by this author

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