Turbo Relationships: How to Make Sure your Lockdown Love Lasts a Lifetime

16 Aug

A dating related outcome that has arisen as a result of the global pandemic, is the increase in 'turbo relationships', which are very fast-paced relationships. But are they sustainable now restrictions have largely lifted?

turbo relationship

Throughout the global pandemic, coronavirus has caused the ‘world of dating’ to dramatically change and many people have developed ‘Turbo Relationships’ as a result. These relationships are known to be very fast-paced, where the relationship reaches advanced levels of commitment in a very short period of time. For example, many couples may have made the leap to get engaged within a few months or to move in together other after a few dates! All of these leaps and bounds have been triggered by the restrictions and uncertainty that has been in place over the past 18 months or so.  

With the increase in turbo relationships, there have also been an increase in opinions on whether turbo relationships are sustainable and have been subject to some criticism, with some believing lockdown love will not last when everything gets back to normal.

So here we are, to help give some insight into how you can get your lockdown love to last a lifetime!  

Firstly, the most important aspect that contributes to a healthy, long- lasting relationship is communication.

Many turbo relationships will need to learn to adjust to the change in pace once everything starts to get back to normal. With friends and family in the picture, commuting to the office, restaurants, cinemas, theatres back up and running… many couples will feel like they might be losing their significant other to these things and people. The most important thing to do if you find yourself struggling with the change of pace and the level of attention from your partner, is to talk about it. Turbo couples need to communicate about their expectations, boundaries and goals for their relationship – if they can do this, then feelings of misunderstanding and abandonment will be mitigated.

Secondly, many turbo couples will have been used to spending all their time with each other, but with lockdowns over, it is important you make time for others.

With restrictions largely lifted, couples should ideally spend some time apart and appreciate time again with friends and family. Turbo relationships need to learn how to process and manage the feelings of missing each other. Experts state that it is important to have your own time too, as it helps you to feel nourished as an individual, which leads to you being a happier and more wholesome partner.  Another expert, Lucy Beresford, states that it is important partners realise living in a mutual bubble will not last forever, and by letting other people in, you can create a different energy and dynamic in your relationship for the better.  

Thirdly, with restrictions largely lifted, you have to opportunity to go back to the dating stage.

One common criticism about turbo relationships is that they can have a lack of excitement. Relationship experts commonly advise relationships to move slowly so there are exciting goals and stages to look forward to. In turbo relationships, many of these stages are completed within a short period of time, which brings the possibility of nothing new to look forward to. As a result, the relationship may come to a halt, with limited progression. However, with the reopening of most things, one tip to help your relationship stay exciting, is to date again! Experts advise to go back to the dating stage to rediscover each other, create a sense of mystery and experience those magical butterflies. Many new couples during lockdown have not experienced traditional dates, such as going to the cinema or to a restaurant together. Therefore, turbo relationships can prolong the exciting honeymoon stage by going on actual dates.

In reality, every relationship, whether it is a turbo relationship or not, requires effort. The speed of relationships doesn’t determine its longevity and it is impossible to predict whether any relationship will last. Turbo relationships may face a new set of challenges once lockdowns ease, triggering discussions such as the level of commitment, pace of relationship, expectations and boundaries, however every challenge can lead to a more open, honest and stronger relationship.  

If you would like to know more about how to make sure that your lockdown love lasts beyond lockdown, please feel free to contact us. Our experts and coaches can provide sessions to give you the best insight into how to achieve your relationship goals. 

by Lynsey Wilson

Director of Client Services

Lynsey was born and raised in Scotland, graduating from The University of Aberdeen with an MA in Psychology in 2009. For just over a decade, Lynsey worked in social research within either an academic or non profit context. Throughout her career, her main drive and passion has been working with people and gaining an understanding of what drives them. This, along with her friendly and open nature, makes Lynsey a natural Matchmaker. Lynsey is based in the London office and primarily works with both London and European based clients.More by this author

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