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01 Jul

This month Rachel MacLynn interviewed Amber Hamilton from Vida’s partner, Ellidore Lifestyle Management and Concierge to find out what’s it been like being a concierge during a global pandemic.


Amber Hamilton has been an Account Director at Ellidore for the last 6 years and has helped hundreds of clients with their requests in that time. Despite COVID-19, Ellidore have still been operating in full spring, so I wanted to find out how they continue to help their members and some of ours too.

What has been the most requested Ellidore service during this pandemic?

During this time Ellidore have been on hand with members to create as many fun and amazing virtual at home activities as we can, from top trainers doing workouts, amazing chefs teaching their tricks, our personal shoppers on hand to do styling and wardrobe cleanses from home. It’s been all about how to fill the days with the things we previously all loved. It’s been different but really amazing to see so many members love it!

What can members still do with Ellidore this year?

We are on hand to continue to hopefully make members lives easy and fun even during these times and there is still plenty to do! A lot of people are getting ready for hopefully a calmer 2021, planning their dream holidays with our travel team or even getting ready for the sporting events to reopen next year which is fantastic as it gives everyone something to look forward to! Whilst still at home, it is a great time to be in touch with our personal shopping team, having a wardrobe cleanse and getting those essential pieces together – we have even had members working with our interior designers– to finally sort out those things in their house that they have perhaps wanted to do for months and never had time to do!

UK or abroad for travel?

We have found Ellidore members slowly able to head on their travels once more, we have our travel team at hand to make it as smooth and easy as possible whilst sticking to the rules. However, staying in the UK has seemed to be a huge attraction this year and with the weather we have been having, many clients are still booking beautiful houses by the British seaside or out in the countryside to have some calm. We can make sure these houses are fully stocked with food, games, and anything else you may need which is a fantastic alternative for those who don’t wish to travel abroad. The most important thing is our ability to control these biospheres and make sure all staff are regularly tested, the houses are regularly cleaned and our clients can travel safely.

What are good dates for the new normal?

In this new way of life, Ellidore are still full of ideas on new ways to make dates fun and special. Whether you want a beautiful outdoor picnic, a staycation out of the city, or we can even help arrange a date doing one of your favourite things at home, whether it is virtual cocktail making, a drawing class with a brilliant artist, a cooking lesson making your favourite foods – the list is endless!

If you are used to going to restaurants or bars for dates what could you do now?

As bars and restaurants start to slowly open up, Ellidore can of course help to advise the best and safest way to return to them as well as of course looking into private dining options should that be of interest. Alternatively a lot of our members have had chefs come to their homes and we can create a restaurant style meal in the comfort of your room to give you that same feeling and even more personalized!

Can Ellidore help with Corona Testing etc?

Absolutely, if you are at all worried about getting back to life for yourself or family members we also have our medical concierge on hand who can provide you with the Corona testing kits and any other medical advice you may need. Please do of course get in touch at any time should this be of use.

We can’t wait for everything to start getting back to normal and the Ellidore Lifestyle Managers are always around for Zoom chats, a phone call or even a walk in the park with a coffee! If you’d like to know more contact Amber on

by Rachel Vida MacLynn

Founder & CEO

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