Vida8’s Blind Spot Party

03 Dec

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November 10, 2015 – I seized the bronze-hand door handle of the Blind Spot Bar; it was firm, smooth, shiny and strong with just the right amount of resistance. What can I tell you − everything felt great at the Blind Spot Bar last night, for it was there that we threw Vida8’s biannual Mixa party, where I got to rock my hair-flick-fabulous match-mistress job satisfaction to the full-on-flirtatious full. Vida8’s Mixa parties always rock, but last night it ultrarocked!

For those unfamiliar with the format, the idea of a Mixa party is to invite our Private members, Vida8 members and gloriously glamorous single friends to come along with an eligible friend who they don’t want to date. This produces a perfectly gender-balanced mix of singularly fine specimens, all with great taste and all in great shape − physically, mentally and professionally. But what makes the parties really rock is not just the fact that everyone is successful and getting it on with their mirrors, but that everybody is really fun and really NICE. Yeah, nice. That means sweet-natured, genuine and charming; and the art of charm is making those around you feel fabulous. We value looks and success, but if you ain’t nice, you’re not Vida.

So with 90 excited Vida8 guests generating more effervescence than a Methuselah of Bollinger, the party was buzzing from the get-go. I got to speak to so many wonderful people from a barrister to a surgeon to a management consultant to a fashion entrepreneur that I was sparking off the kinetic energy and waltzing around the room flirting and connecting. It wasn’t just me, everyone had a ball.

Fancy Turin Chocolatier Carlo let us sample his chocolates which were to die for delicious. The Blind Spot Bar was a beautiful back-drop for our glamorous guests. Lots of numbers got exchanged, lots of people paired off and headed into the night together. A complete success, if you were there you rock. All our team who were there Rachel, Annika, May, Lou, Alice – you rock. As the song goes: “Some people like to rock, some people like to roll, but moving and a grooving’s gonna satisfy my soul. Let’s have a party!” Well we sure did, and we will do again in the Spring. Be sure not to miss it − unless we match you up in the meantime 😉 x

By Barbara Brudenell-Bruce, Managing Director Vida8

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Barbara represents Vida in Monaco & London, and in 2014 launched Vida8, an invite-only private members networking club for the world’s most exceptional people. She pairs her incredible list of contacts with an intuitive sense of compatibility and environment, channeling the elusive magic ingredient that brings people together.


by Barbara Brudenell-Bruce


Barbara’s career has been defined by a series of successful, iconic start-ups within telecoms, entertainment and fashion; among them, the creation of a London club that defined a whole generation: Fabric. After its sale in 2003, she launched Spoylt on both sides of the Atlantic with a New York and London state of mind. It combined both a delectable collection of lingerie with an enviable list of A-list celebrity clientele. Her network boasts an impressive black book of entrepreneurs, celebrities and aristocrats. Barbara leads Investor Relations for a London-based consultancy, raising capital for entrepreneurs. Alongside financial matchmaking, she owns and runs Rendezvous – social events for +40s. Barbara’s innate sense of what it takes to fit people together, alongside an intuitive sense of compatibility, makes her a social anchor for all who know her.More by this author