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Client stories

From London

Laura signed up for coaching services when she was in her mid 30’s and struggling to meet a partner. She found that those she fancied would end up ghosting her or taking her for a ride, and she wasn’t interested in those who fancied her.  She was worried that her biological clock was ticking, that her age scared potential partners off and she was concerned that she came across as needy and desperate, so had stopped dating despite really wanting to have a relationship and start a family. When I first met Laura she was feeling very frustrated and stuck.

We spent the first couple of sessions reflecting over her past experiences, looking for patterns and areas where she might be sabotaging her search for a partner. We uncovered some unhelpful thinking styles and addressed these. We spent a couple of sessions honing in on what her values are and what sort of person she should be looking out for. Then we created a strategy for how to overcome her barriers and self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours, when dating. Her preferred method to meet people was online dating, so we revamped her profile, which gave her better quality matches and she was able to date again. She saw me a few times during the time she was dating to help her through some triggers and we ended our coaching relationship when she and her new partner had decided to date exclusively.

– Madeleine

I could never get beyond the first date. The people I was introduced to said I was really nice, but they didn’t see me more than a friend. My matchmaker suggested I see Madeleine for coaching. I am so glad I did! It turns out I was afraid to hurt my dates feelings if I wasn’t into them, so I was holding myself back on the dates in case they liked me. Once I had this highlighted, and worked on how to let someone down gently, I was able to be myself again and get past first dates!


I didn’t know where to start after my wife and I divorced. I felt really lost after 25 years of marriage.  I had never even tried online dating and didn’t know what to do. What do you say on dates? How do I know if someone is interested in me? Thankfully the coaching helped me through this and I felt more confident re-entering the dating world.


I just had one coaching session and it changed my life. I was going on a third date, but didn’t think he was interested. When this thinking was flipped around I saw that I could be the one to show interest and I did something different for the first time ever. I am happy to say, a year later we are expecting our first baby.

Abby, 29, London

Your Dating Blueprint was really helpful in terms of thinking ahead to my next year of dating. I feel much more positive and empowered about my dating journey.  It’s just really helpful to have clear actionable instructions to follow!  I hadn’t realised how much my last relationship had impacted me and I feel that I have my confidence back now.

Lara, 38, NYC

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