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Do you have quiet moments of loneliness sometimes which you keep to yourself wondering “I don’t know how to find love?” Are you observing lovely friends marrying, or posting on social media from some romantic location and wondering you will ever find love? You absolutely can find love, there is
a solution, and it can happen much sooner than you think.

Somehow it would seem like it might be easier to find love these days, especially with online dating sights and apps that appear to make it more accessible. In 2017 there are now in excess of 7500 online dating sites globally, with 53 million men and women on alone. Personal appearance rate as 50% of the reason why someone shows any interest in someone else online. But stop and think about that, is it just an image of someone that is really going to help you find love? Aren’t real and genuine relationships based on the fundamental need for trust? How can you find love if more than 50% of people lie on their dating profiles?

Is online and app dating the way to find love?

Maybe you have already spent hours and days of your life trawling through online dating sites staring at photos, sometimes being drawn into the description, hoping to find love, and never really been able to find anyone that could be your life partner. It’s really a gamble that occasionally pays
off, but requires a great deal of effort to achieve a result.

The advent of the dating app has sped up the cyber search to find love, but mostly it’s about a one night stand, and let’s face it, primarily based primarily on instant physical attraction. Did you know that 60% of female Tinder users really want to find a serious relationship, a life partner, not just a one night stand or a fling? Are you going to spend more days, months or possibly years wondering how to find love by swiping?

Is there really a solution to that allusive desire that is a natural human instinct? How to find love, and build a life story around it is what we want to know. One thing you might want to seriously think about as a start is to ditch all dating apps altogether if you want to find love. As Pamela Knudsen found out it really required a concerted effort to make genuine human contact. As she found out “It seemed that the online matchmaker’s “scientifically proven formula” for finding the perfect match completely failed in my case”. You can read her story here.

Ditch online and app dating to find love

So if you eschew online and app dating to find love, what is the solution? Are you going to rely solely on the workplace, your friends network, or hope you’ll be meet someone in a bar, at a dinner party or event? Have you ever considered the merits of elite matchmaking? Are matchmaking services
really the way to go? Does the idea of employing a professional matchmaker make you feel slightly inadequate or embarrassed? Could a professional dating agency actually be the solution and how to find love?

How to find love is a subject that perplexes the most successful people. How many amazing single friends do you have who share your quest to find a life partner? Perhaps you enjoy your single life, but the idea of a marriage partner is something that’s alluding you. Are you thinking that successful dating is a science and you just can’t get the formula right? How many women seeking men or men seeking women do you know who are still looking but not able to find love?

Professional Matchmaking is how to find love

If you are a successful professional you will have probably spent money on an expensive gym and personal training to improve your fitness. As many trainers will tell you the primary motive of most clients is to look good naked. Have you spent money on a therapist to try and determine why you are not able to find love? What’s hindering you or holding you back? Successful people are quite happy to invest money in lots of things they consider important to their lives, but what about investing in finding a partner for life?

Employing an elite matchmaker somewhere qualified and reputable in professional matchmaking services is a definite positive step in the right direction. Consider for a moment the exceptional benefits of talking to people like the eminently qualified and award winning team at Vida Consultancy.

  • – All the matchmakers are professionally trained
  • – The professional matchmaking service is highly confidential and private
  • – Your matchmaker is focused on helping you learn how to find love
  • – Time is dedicated to profiling you and the kind of person you want to meet
  • – Your time is precious and valuable, so your professional matchmaker does all the searching for you
  • – As you seek to find love, you will be introduced to people with real potential as a life partner

Working with an elite matchmaker takes you out of the endless search in cyber space and straight into meeting dates that really work in person. If you speak to a wedding planner like George Watts, better known as “The Wedding Fairy”, he urges men and women to stop relying on dating apps and get face-to- face if you really expect to find love. As someone who spends their career organizing the most important day of most people’s lives, check out his 10 golden rules here.

George says to get someone else to play cupid, to which Leila Benton Jones one of Vida Consultancy’s Senior Matchmakers whole heartedly agrees. Leila and her partner Jamie are seasoned wedding planners at their stunning country home of Irnham Hall . Leila will tell you many of her professional clients wax lyrical about the benefits of a professional matchmaker in the quest to find love. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, and people like Leila get so much joy in seeing people finally find love.

Is there a science involved in how to find love?

Not so much a science, but more a knowledge and understanding of how to introduce the right kind of people to have a greater chance of being able to find love. Your professional matchmaker will talk to you about what the deal breakers are for you personally that would prevent you from considering someone as a life partner. Physical attraction and spark are absolutely essential, but you need something more than a spark in your quest to find love if you want the flame to continue to burn brightly in the long term.

Some of the things you will want to consider and talk about in your discussion with your professional matchmaker are:

– Is their education and life back ground similar to yours?

– Do you want to meet someone who is as professionally successful as you are?

– How important is family to them?

– Have they been married before and are any children involved?

– Are they really serious about their search to find love?

– Attractive absolutely, but is compatibility as important, will I meet my best friend?

Interestingly psychologist Arthur Aron posed the question; “I suspect, given a few commonalities, you could fall in love with anyone. If so, how do you choose that right someone?”

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What do the Vida team have to say about how to find love?

Sometimes men have the idea that employing a professional matchmaker may somehow emasculate them and concede to the idea that they cannot find love on their own. It’s an interesting subject to consider when in life they would for instance see the value of engaging a professional to do a superb job of a home renovation rather than wasting time and effort themselves. Busy successful people can privately and confidentially engage elite matchmaking with no one ever knowing.

Rachel MacLynn the CEO and Founder of Vida Consultancy talks about this very subject of whether men really need a matchmaker. Engaging dedicated professional matchmaking services allows successful men and women to concentrate on their careers and let someone else do the leg work in finding and introducing them to potential life partners who meet the criteria and profile they have discussed confidentially. Why spend so much time online, on apps, sitting in a bar, or hoping for an introduction when you can seize control of your dating life now with a professional matchmaker and
fast track your way to find love.

To find love you need to take action now

First there is your discovery that there is an alternative to on-line dating. The reality is that now it is not only acceptable to engage professional matchmaking services it’s actually a growing trend. Before the advent of the internet, meeting a marriage partner happened through personal introduction and networking. If you lived in a small town or village your options were limited. If you lived in a big city, the options were wider, but sorting through those options a little harder. Do your friends and family really know and understand what you want in a partner? Do they take the time to really assess what your heart’s desire really is? Do they really have the professional matchmaking expertise and time to help you find love?

Don’t wait any longer to find love, it’s out there waiting to happen right now, you just need a brilliant professional matchmaker to help you connect with the right people. The only thing between you and realizing your dream is making contact with the expert matchmaking team at Vida Consultancy. Get in touch with them now for a no obligation consultation and before you know it you will be on the journey to find love faster than you think.

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