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Introduction Agency Dubai


Have you ever wondered if there is a really good Introduction Agency in Dubai for professional attractive singles? When it comes to tax free job opportunities in a glamorous metropolis, it doesn’t come much better than dynamic Dubai so there is lots of potential for romance. But how can you really meet a potential life partner or marriage partner?

But what about if you’re single and serious about a search for a life partner? Is it really possible to find love in Dubai? How you go about dealing with that brand new culture, as well as the unique dating scene on offer?

Well it’s definitely a giant pool of opportunity for the executive dating scene. But the question is how to navigate a place that’s teaming with successful expats all brimming with potential as a future life partner. If you’re new to this destination then you may want to understand what some of the challenges are when it comes to looking for a partner in life. Learn to navigate these and you’ll nail the local way of interacting in the dating scene, an Introduction Agency in Dubai could really help. See what founder of Vida, Rachel has to say here.

Introduction Agency in Dubai
Local dating challenges



Expat jobs in Dubai are often demanding and like New York, it’s a city where working long hours is the norm. So that can be significantly challenging in finding time to date.

Finding like-minded people

You’re busy working and then when you do have social time and hit the Marina for drinks or dinner with work colleagues, how to you navigate the crowd to find the people you can really connect to?

Professionals in transit

Many professionals in Dubai are in transit, or have an expected time frame on their stay. There is a certain instability and uncertainty that goes along with this that makes people restless and not always willing to commit seriously to a relationship.

So much choice

Dubai is a singles paradise in terms of the sheer number of people available to date. But how can you find love in a dating haystack that is so huge? It really can be a curse rather than a blessing when you’re looking for a life partner.

I’m shy

Many people who are really successful in their careers lack confidence when it comes to their love life. Some feel a little more socially emboldened if they have a glass of wine or a cocktail in hand. Fortunately while in much of the Middle East alcohol is forbidden, in Dubai it’s readily available in all the chic spots you’re likely to be on a date.

The Solution – Use an Introduction Agency in Dubai


What you really need is an Introduction Agency in Dubai. Challenges are something to overcome, and these may all sound straight forward, but as you read this you may also begin to think, this is too hard, maybe I should just go on line or use a dating app. That’s definitely an option, but you still need to observe the local customs once you meet in public. As a successful international person, do you really want to spend an inordinate amount of time online or swiping an app if you’re really serious about looking for a life partner?


You’ve taken the giant step of a new and successful life in Dubai and now you’d really like to find someone serious to form a more substantial relationship. Are you searching for a life partner to enjoy your lifestyle with you? Are you really goal oriented and searching for a marriage partner?


The solution is at hand in what will turn out to be your best friend in Dubai when it comes to elite dating. The Introduction Agency in Dubai is Vida Consultancy is one of the world’s leading and most respected international matchmaking agencies. We are a highly specialised executive matchmaking agency who can help you overcome the hurdles of the life partner search in Dubai.


Perhaps the very idea of engaging a professional matchmaker is something you have not considered before. No doubt as a successful person in Dubai, people call upon you for your expertise and network in providing them with business solutions. Likewise the expert team of professional matchmakers at Vida Consultancy are poised to completely change the landscape of your dating life and help you find love sooner than you think.

What exactly is it that Vida Consultancy the Introduction Agency in Dubai offering that’s going to make a difference?



There is nothing random or haphazard about the science of how we work. Research has proven that who we fall in love with is often pre-determined by factors such as background, upbringing, career choices, and life experiences. Additionally there are your aspirations and goals to consider, after all you are a successful person so you will likely have definite views about this.


A detailed discussion and probing questions to understand you, your back ground and your future expectations with one of our highly trained expert professional matchmakers will help establish your profile. The best relationships start with honesty and this helps ensure we find you a life partner who has the attributes you’re looking for.


Unlike the public domain of online and app dating, elite matchmaking is all about complete and total confidentiality. You could go about your normal life with no one knowing anything about your life partner search with the help of a professional matchmaker.


Our professional matchmakers do all the work to find just the right men and women for you to meet. This works perfectly for the busy executive who is looking for a partner in life, allowing you to concentrate on your career and your love life simultaneously. Absolutely no time wasting when you have Vida Consultancy’s elite matchmaking on your side.

Select Clientele

As the Introduction Agency Dubai, Vida Consultancy is very discerning and doesn’t just accept anyone. The idea behind this is again to ensure that you meet like-minded people with a similar lifestyle and values. In general our clients are attractive, healthy, well educated, international travellers, and professionally successful. We are an elite dating consultancy and we maintain a high-quality of erudite clients to make the right introductions that truly answer the question; who will be my life partner?

We know who you’ll be dating

Our clients are serious about looking for a marriage partner, or looking for a life partner to enjoy their success and lifestyle. This is not a random hook-up dating service. You won’t have to experience the uncertainty and time consuming annoyance of online or app dating, you’ll be meeting real people with real potential. With many professionals in Dubai on a “time frame”, we make sure you meet people who are serious and committed about their life partner search.

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Why work with an Introduction Agency in Dubai?


 Perhaps now the idea of engaging a professional matchmaker is sounding more appealing. Some things for you to consider now that you are getting serious about looking for a life partner. See what Rachel MacLynn Vida Consultancy’s Founder and CEO has to say about investing in your love life here.

1. Establish Your Expectations

Are you just looking for a relationship to see how things progress or are you looking for something much more committed, like someone to start a family with?

Vida Consultancy’s highly trained professional matchmakers will ask you what you’re looking for when you come to us. This is a time for private and confidential honesty to establish expectations and to make sure that we introduce you to people who have similar aspirations.

2. Beware of Any Cultural Differences

Elite dating abroad usually means that men and women prefer to stick to their own nationalities and ethnicities. There are plenty of exceptions to this rule, though. We have seen people from entirely different backgrounds come together and fall in love with each other.

But if you do decide to date someone from outside of your background or nationality you should take the time to be aware of any cultural differences. For example, if you find yourself dating a conservative Muslim you may find that they adhere to the rule of no sex before marriage.

Decide if you’re willing to accommodate such cultural differences.

3. Are You Being Over Exotic?

This is a real problem for people who date abroad, and it’s just as much of a problem in Dubai. When we go abroad we’re automatically fascinated by anything we see as different. This could be the food, the buildings, the customs, and, yes, even members of the opposite sex.

Someone who’s enthralled by these differences may mistake being over exotic for love. It can last for weeks or it can last for months. You could be attracted to a different culture, a different type of hair, or just a difference in skin colour. We’re aware of this happening, which is why we avoid characterising our clients based on physical attributes.

Our clients are able to fall in love with personalities, goals, views, and ambitions. We try not to take the emphasis on judging people purely by what they look like.

4. Be Realistic About the Long-Term

Most of our clients eventually leave Dubai to go elsewhere. That doesn’t have to mean the relationship ends, but you should be prepared to work at it when one or both of you leave. We believe in creating long-term romance and life partners. Our professional matchmakers will discuss this openly with you and any potential date we’re going to introduce you to so that you don’t walk into something with no future. Our clients are serious about the quest to find love.

5. But Don’t Be Scared

There are certainly things you need to be aware of. However, those things shouldn’t put you off from dating abroad. Our approach is bespoke matchmaking in that each client is entirely individual and we tailor make their dating opportunities to suit.  We help you and give advice so that you avoid dating mistakes and increase the potential for finding that special person. Check out the dating mistakes even smart women are making in Dubai here.

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