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Finding life partners for exceptional people in Berlin

Dating Agency/ Matchmaker Service for Berlin

Dating Service for Berlin

What do you find in a city filled with culture, music and art? The answer is cosmopolitan, intelligent, attractive and fun single people from many different backgrounds. With a population of 3.4m Germany’s capital city holds a lot of matchmaking potential. And where there are cosmopolitan single people, there is Vida. Struggling to find a partner in Berlin or have you been thinking of recruiting a professional to ease the dating pain for you? Vida is full of dating tips to give you that success factor you’ve always been looking for.

Our Matchmaking Methods

Our personal international matchmaking agency has matchmakers scouting the most sophisticated, and relationship ready that Berlin has to offer. Each matchmaker has been trained by Chartered Business Psychologist, and the MD of Vida, Rachel MacLynn to network in only the most exclusive group of singles, and the matchmaking services in Berlin are second to none. Time spent with the matchmaker is crucial, and we get to know all of our members extremely well in the initial stages to vet and ensure that everyone is of the highest calibre.

Join our exclusive network

Private membership

  • Psychology-based matchmaking
  • Proactive search by your personally assigned matchmaker
  • Access to over 10,000 Open Members
  • Exclusive headhunting of matches in your city or internationally
  • Guaranteed introductions
  • Over 80% of Private Members start a relationship within 12 months

Open membership

  • Strictly invite only
  • Passive profile registration
  • Psychology-based profiling with a matchmaker
  • Opportunity to be matched with a Private Member
  • No guarantees of being matched




About us

Berlin is a cultural city of entrepreneurs and ambitious, vibrant singles. We use our skilled scouts to tap into the right pools of people to add to our already vast network and introduce to you! With a good job market and so much diversity on hand, the options are soaring. But a lot of people do not find the culture is in tuned in to singles looking for themselves. Those NY moments of meeting someone on a park bench, only to end up in a relationship, are very infrequent in Berlin. Therefore as matchmakers we take it upon ourselves to join social groups, associations and members clubs in order to meet this top level of single people. And whether you are new to Berlin or a seasoned local, the same rules apply – dating can be fun, and a great way to meet new people and find out what else is happening in Berlin. So give Vida a try!

Vida is an exclusive, very personal introduction agency. For a confidential approach to matchmaking in Berlin, please send an enquiry or email to Vida.

Rachel MacLynn is renowned as a world-leading matchmaking and dating expert and is widely featured in the press. Our approach is personal, professional and discreet. Our network of exceptional single men and women has been personally selected by us with the help of our consultants from across the globe.

Our vast network of single people and Vida’s enviable reputation means you are in safe hands exploring the world of matchmaking.

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“My client can’t believe he’s able to feel such strong emotions for someone again..”

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