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Finding life partners for exceptional people in Paris

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Dating for Paris Singles

Paris is a vibrant city of culture with some of the classiest, and most elegant single professionals in the world. How do single, eligible men and women meet a partner who is similar; someone who is also a high achiever in all aspects of their lives? Well, to all of you with this joie de vivre, you need not fear, there is someone out there for you and we can help you find them. If what you are looking for is a long-term commitment in Europe, and you are an exceptional individual, male or female, we may be able to help.

Our Matchmaking Methods

Our exclusive and personalised matchmaking agency has successfully selected and matched many of the top single cosmopolitan individuals living in Paris. It is our job to cater to you, so that without having to endure endless swiping you can still be focussed on meeting someone exceptional to share your life with.

We go about making one on one personal introductions to find you the long-term partner of your dreams. Our team of matchmakers are relationship experts and psychologists, with extensive international experience, which perfectly suits our Paris clientele.

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Private membership

  • Psychology-based matchmaking
  • Proactive search by your personally assigned matchmaker
  • Access to over 10,000 Open Members
  • Exclusive headhunting of matches in your city or internationally
  • Guaranteed introductions
  • Over 80% of Private Members start a relationship within 12 months

Open membership

  • Strictly invite only
  • Passive profile registration
  • Psychology-based profiling with a matchmaker
  • Opportunity to be matched with a Private Member
  • No guarantees of being matched




About us

With Vida, a very personal introduction agency, you can continue living a life of luxury, style and independence, go on pursuing your career and hobbies in Paris, and indulging in the city’s culture and arts. We have worked with several international cosmopolitan individuals in Paris, all looking to meet an incredible, successful partner. If you’re look for an exclusive, confidential and personal approach to finding your perfect partner in Paris, get in touch today!

Rachel MacLynn is renowned as a world-leading matchmaking and dating expert and is widely featured in the press. Our approach is personal, professional and discreet. Our network of exceptional single men and women has been personally selected by us with the help of our consultants from across the globe.

Our vast network of single people and Vida’s enviable reputation means you are in safe hands exploring the world of matchmaking.

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“My client can’t believe he’s able to feel such strong emotions for someone again..”

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