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Finding life partners for exceptional people in Spain

Leading Dating Agency/ Matchmaker Service for Spain

Dating in Spain

Vida has worked successfully with international cosmopolitan individuals in Barcelona and Madrid for many years. Our trained consultants, are consistently searching for attractive, fun, intelligent single people around to play cupid for. We then cherry pick those seeking long-term commitment, their life partner, the ultimate match and introduce them to our members.

Our Matchmaking Methods

As one of the world’s leading exclusive matchmaking agency, we have access to desirable singles across Europe.  If you’re based in Spain and interested to explore the world of matchmaking let us know.

We take the time out of your search for your perfect partner, and do it for you by becoming your eyes and ears! This has led Vida to a 85% success rate in our matches worldwide.

Join our exclusive network

Private membership

  • Psychology-based matchmaking
  • Proactive search by your personally assigned matchmaker
  • Access to over 10,000 Open Members
  • Exclusive headhunting of matches in your city or internationally
  • Guaranteed introductions
  • Over 80% of Private Members start a relationship within 12 months

Open membership

  • Strictly invite only
  • Passive profile registration
  • Psychology-based profiling with a matchmaker
  • Opportunity to be matched with a Private Member
  • No guarantees of being matched




About us

Spain is filled with ambitious, international, and exciting single people looking for their life partner. That is why we commit to providing you with a genuine, honest and fulfilling matchmaking experience. At Vida we will profile your potential matches, whether in Spain or somewhere else across the globe, to make sure you are compatible and have shared goals before you go on your first date.

Vida is an exclusive, personal introduction agency. For a confidential approach to matchmaking in Spain, please send an enquiry or email to Vida.

Rachel MacLynn is renowned as a world-leading matchmaking and dating expert and is widely featured in the press. Our approach is professional and discreet. Our network of exceptional single men and women has been personally selected by us with the help of our consultants from across the globe.

Our vast network of single people and Vida’s enviable reputation means you are in safe hands.

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“My client can’t believe he’s able to feel such strong emotions for someone again..”

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