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Journeying through life looking for a partner for marriage, it can feel like a lonely and perplexing situation. Many enjoy the freedom of a solo life, but ultimately there’s something about humans and the need for companionship that leaves many of us wondering if we might find love at all. How can you know you are choosing the right person when searching for a life partner?


In many respects the landscape of dating and marriage is a vastly different one in comparison to 20, 30 or 40 years ago. Careers, intelligent changes to the male and female role stereotypes, and technology have advanced everything, but also made choices much more complex than ever before. Why is searching for a life partner or searching for a marriage partner so difficult these days? Surely finding an elite date isn’t that hard?

The key obstacles that make looking for a partner for marriage so challenging



People enjoy their personal freedom and space, so the idea of tying themselves down to one individual is a big ask. Generally most people would rather focus on their careers and having fun. With sex readily available via dating apps, who needs a relationship? And was that really a date?


The Need is Gone

The need to follow the pattern of marriage and kids as an ingrained societal ideal is no longer expected. As the pressure to conform lifts, the idea of having to following this life course is for many no longer an integral part of being an adult.


A Fear of Commitment

Life now is all about choice, lots of them, almost to the point of being overwhelmed for choice. For many this translates to a fear commitment which often stems from past experiences and their own relationship with their parents.

Clinical psychologist Dr Abigael San believes that many develop fear of commitment because of past experiences, and relationship with parents growing up.  Read her article in the Independent here.

This may all sound insurmountable, or perhaps you identify, but all is not lost. It really is possible to be successful in your life partner search you just might need a little help. Most successful people have no trouble in spending money on personal trainers, life coaches, spa treatments, even therapy, but what about investing with a little help when looking for a partner for marriage?


Maybe you have never thought of elite matchmaking but you may be surprised at how it can change your dating life if you’re engaged with professional matchmaking services like Vida Consultancy. Before we take a look in detail at how they can help in finding a future life partner, it’s interesting to hear what some of the key obstacles are in the marriage partner search from Vida Consultancy’s Founder and Managing Director Rachel MacLynn who is also a qualified psychologist.

The real reasons why men and women looking for a partner for marriage can’t find the person:


Too Picky

Dating to find love is a science, and aside from physical aesthetics, we tend to find people attractive when they come from a similar background to you. How can you really know this if your searching for a marriage partner takes place in an average online dating site or via an app? Julie Spira has some interesting things to say about women who are too picky here.

Deal breakers

Women and men tend to have a mental list of deal breakers when it comes to dating or marrying someone. Many of them are valid, but some are unnecessary obstacles that with a little coaching and conversation with a professional matchmaker could come off your list.

Looking for love in all the wrong places

Life isn’t always like it turns out in the movies, finding love that can work is not about luck. Maybe you could think of it more as opportunity meets talent. You could spend an inordinate amount of time looking for a partner for marriage in all the wrong places. Professional successful people don’t have that kind of time, are you tired of waiting?

Desperation pouncing

If you’ve been trying to find love for a while, you may with a flicker of interest from someone pounce and suffocate any chance of a relationship with your sense of urgency in looking for a marriage partner.

 Exhibiting stress

If the person who is really keen to find that elite date isn’t getting lucky when looking for a partner for marriage, they can get psychologically frantic, and the opposite sex can smell that stress a mile away. It can be the unseen deal breaker when it comes to dating because you won’t be relaxed and you won’t be acting like your true self.

The way forward in looking for a partner for marriage

 Given the key obstacles and the real reasons you are not finding success in looking for a marriage partner, what do the professional matchmakers at Vida Consultancy have to say about these and how they can help you?

Dealing with Individualism

You can change the way you view marriage when you don’t assume that one or both has to give up their life and career goals. It doesn’t have to mean women looking for marriage have to be homemakers. It doesn’t mean men looking for marriage need to stop focusing on career progression. When you get introduced to like-minded individuals looking for a partner for marriage via executive matchmaking experts Vida Consultancy, individualism is encouraged not removed.

Do We Need Marriage Any Longer?

Marriage no children or marriage with children, or no marriage at all, the choice is entirely yours. With Vida Consultancy as elite matchmakers we are all about you and helping you when you’re looking for a partner for marriage. Whatever your goal is, we curate your dating to suit your life and introduce you to people who feel a similar way about things that you do. We just don’t want you to be alone on your life journey if you really want great company.

Overcoming the Fear of Commitment

One step at a time is the best way forward. No pressure, but at the same time we need to know that you ultimately would like to commit to someone. You just want to feel safe and sure about it, we understand that. Moving towards commitment is so much easier when you are meeting the right people with potential to be a future life partner. If you are focused on looking for a partner for marriage, then we’ll make sure you meet people who feel the same way.

 Sidestepping being too picky

We are all about the science of looking for a partner for marriage, so you can leave the sifting and searching to us, so that you meet someone who does comes from a similar background to you with a better chance of being sure you will find love.

 Avoiding the Deal breakers

What you’re picky about becomes part of the profile we’re building for the right kind of match dating. No one is perfect, but we’re not going to introduce you to people who hit on the most annoying deal breakers on your list. Have you ever thought about what those deal breakers might be? Rachel MacLynn Founder and CEO of Vida Consultancy talks about this very subject here.

Looking for love in all the wrong places

No more trawling for hours with online dating sites or apps, this is about a curated focus on introducing you to someone who will be your life partner. No waiting around in bars hoping for cupid’s arrow to strike, or relying on your friends when looking for a partner for marriage. Maybe you’re over 40 and feel like you’ve tried everything already? Read Rachel’s tips right here.

No more desperation pouncing and exhibiting stress

Your dedicated professional matchmaker is all about marriage matchmaking and will be coaching you to help you be the best version of yourself on your elite date. The fact that you will be meeting the right kind of people is going to make you immediately more relaxed when you are getting to know each other. You also have the comfort of knowing that they have the same goals and aspirations as you in looking for a marriage partner.

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5 Secrets to looking for a partner for marriage

If you really are focused on searching for a marriage partner then it’s good to know what you really need to understand in order to fulfil your goal of finding a future life partner. This is all about the long term, not just an elite date, but finding someone you can spend the rest of your life with.

So what are the essential success secrets when looking for a partner for marriage?

1. Find Someone Similar to You

 Opposites attract with magnets, but in love that doesn’t happen. If science has taught us anything it’s that people from similar backgrounds and interests gravitate towards each other.

With professional matchmaking services we curate your dating opportunities to ensure you meet people who have the same kind of background as you.

2. Success Does Matter

There’s a reason why over-achievers and under-achievers rarely get together. Frustration and feeling under threat are the two effects that come from this. That doesn’t make you a bad person. As humans we can’t help it, we always compare ourselves to others. That’s why we always advise finding someone with similar goals and similar levels of success in life.

With professional matchmaking we can ensure you meet other successful people who are compatible with your accomplishments, goals and life aspirations.

3. Be Aware of Cultural Differences

 Some bespoke matchmakers say that women or men looking for a partner for marriage shouldn’t endeavour to cross the cultural advice. This is far from the truth. It does come with additional challenges for men and women looking for marriage but it’s far from impossible.

With marriage matchmaking cultural differences are always considered and discussed before an introduction is made.

4. Lifestyle Concerns

 You can have two people who look perfect on paper for one another, dig a little deeper and it might not be all that it seems. Your lifestyles need to be compatible if you’re going to make anything work. If for instance you regularly work abroad and your prospective partner can’t stand any kind of physical absence then it’s not going to work.

Executive matchmaking means introducing successful, educated, attractive, well-travelled individuals to each other who have similar lifestyles.

5. Building a Marriage isn’t Like Building a Relationship

 Those first few weeks in a new relationship are like a dream. You feel like you could be with this person forever, and you may indeed get into a relationship with them. But it’s a huge jump from relationship to marriage. Looking for a partner for marriage takes time and commitment.

So what’s the Key to Finding a Partner to Marry?

You need to get out of cyber space online and on apps and actually meet people with real potential face to face on a real date.

Finding success in looking for a partner for marriage with Vida Consultancy

At Vida Consultancy it is all about finding and meeting the right person with the potential for marriage. We don’t just accept anyone as a client, we carefully vet everyone to ensure the quality of people we may introduce when looking for a partner for marriage. For this reason you can feel confident that we maintain a portfolio of singles that are successful, driven, healthy, and highly educated. Unlike many online dating platforms, our service is extremely private and highly confidential.

Looking for a partner for marriage is never going to be easy no matter who’s on your side, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Invest in yourself and your life by contacting the phenomenal team of professional matchmakers at Vida Consultancy here today for a no-obligation meeting about how we can make your marriage dreams come true!

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