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Client stories

From Manchester

My client from Manchester came across Vida after reading about us in a newspaper article. At the time, he was in his late 30s, at the peak of his career and felt this was the right time for him to find his forever partner and settle down. He didn’t know too much about the matchmaking industry, mainly due to the fact that back in 2013, the industry was less known than it is today. The concept of matchmaking instantly appealed to him; he realised that running his own business and finding the time to date was tricky and enlisting the help of a professional agency seemed like the ideal solution. He made it very clear that for the right lady, he would make the time, but it was getting to that point that he needed our help. And our help he indeed got.

His ideal partner had to be witty, have banter, be sporty, sexy and have a positive attitude to life. Three months into his membership, am thrilled to report that he fell madly in-love with a gorgeous lady I introduced him to.

– Rachel


I knew Leila would find me someone. She seems to know a lot of people, so it didn’t take long! Matchmaking for Leila is not just a career, it’s a lifestyle. It shines through and I am glad to be at the receiving end of her magic!

Paul, 52

Rachel, I just wanted to drop you a note and say how fantastic Joanna is for you. All too often people do not get the recognition and she is nothing less that a super star. Joanna always gives great feedback and is so very supportive with her guidance and advice. For me I would recommend Vida alone, just so people have Jo manage their hopes and dreams.

Mark, 48

I have been a member of Vida for 6 months. I enjoy Rachel’s personal approach and Jacqueline’s willingness to pop out of the office, so we can have regular catch ups. The whole team is wonderful and it is so apparent that they genuinely love matchmaking! I am very happy and the introductions so far have all been very impressive!

Julie, 48

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