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Client stories

Ashley, 56
from New York

After losing my husband, I never thought I would be able to fall in love again. Vida reassured me that there can be multiple soul mates for people and that I would once again feel the love I felt before. I started the process slowly and ended up meeting someone after five months. I am currently enjoying every minute of getting to know him and feeling in love again.

My client joined in March 2017. He is a lawyer who splits his time between NYC & London. He is 34, and wanted to meet a woman who had a similar mentality to life, someone who had also lived globally and has an international mind-set. The women he was meeting didn’t fit on an intellectual level or attraction. His core values are centred around education, his family, and health, and he was looking to find someone who complemented this. 

I completed his Compatibility Profiling over an afternoon Skype conversation. He was then heading to New York to spend a month there. On his second introduction in NYC I matched him with a gorgeous New Yorker. She is truly inspirational, warm, upbeat, and like him, healthy. She has a passion for learning, is a successful writer, and can talk on all subjects. My client had met his match! They are still together and he is very pleased it only took him 3 introductions to meet his ideal lovely lady.

– Jacqueline


I really cannot thank Alice enough for introducing us. Things have been going so well, I’m very happy!


Gina, she is great! Please put my membership on hold- I have no interest in meeting anyone else – thank you Gina.


Things are going great between X and I.  He is really amazing – thank you for working your matchmaking magic!


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