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Alexandra Dalton

Matchmaker - London Office

Photo of Alexandra Dalton

Born in Ukraine, educated in France and the UK and currently residing in Spain, Alexandra has a diversified international background and is very much the linguist, with fluency in English, French and Russian and a rudimentary understanding of Spanish and Ukrainian. This lifestyle has also given her a broad understanding of differentiating cultures, attitudes and perspectives and is very much a people’s person.

Alexandra has a degree in Psychology and is currently undertaking a Masters in Organisational Psychology and Psychiatry from King’s College London. Her education has developed her comprehension and study of human behaviour, social constructs and the evolutionary underpinnings of romantic behaviour. She now applies her knowledge and experience to welcome new clients to Vida as an Open Membership Manager with a friendly and positive attitude. Outside of Vida, Alexandra is also passionately involved in her family run non-profit, which helps orphans in Ukraine.

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