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Dr Alina Wilms

Matchmaker & Coach - Düsseldorf Office

Photo of Dr Alina Wilms

Dr Alina Wilms is CEO and Head Matchmaker at Vida’s Germany office. One of Germany’s most sought after psychologists (with extensive media presence), Alina has coached a plethora of high-profile personalities; helping businesspeople, politicians and even Olympic athletes attain psychological fortitude and a long-term positive attitude. In addition to holding an undergraduate degree, two Master’s Degrees and a PhD in Psychology, Alina also has a Master’s in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy from Oxford University and is a chartered psychotherapist*.

Alina’s international background spans Europe and Asia, giving her deep insight into a myriad of cultures. She is trilingual (German, English and French) and whilst her main focus is assisting German-speaking clients to find their compatible match, Alina works very closely with the team at Vida’s London and NYC offices to facilitate intercontinental and intercultural relationships. Alina has a natural ability to nurture personal growth in singletons and couples alike. Warm, sensitive and empathetic, Alina is the ideal individual to head up Vida Germany.

*Lifelong member of the Oxford Union.


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