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Holly Hall

Matchmaker - Los Angeles

Photo of Holly Hall

Holly is truly the epitome of a globetrotter. Born in Washington, D.C. and of English, German and Vietnamese descent, she spent her elementary school years at an international school in Egypt, during which time she traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, Western Europe and the Mediterranean. Her travels have shaped whom she is today: it is in Holly’s blood to connect with people from all manner of cultures and backgrounds. Indeed, her love for learning ‘what makes people tick’ led her to an education in psychology, then on to a successful career in business development. Furthermore, Holly has worked towards a Ph.D. in Counselling and Community Psychology at New York University, which she hopes to complete in the future.

A long and fruitful career in the luxury community, specifically working in private aviation directly with high-net-worth individuals, has taught Holly the value of building quality client relationships. She joined Vida as VP, Business Development in Los Angeles, where she helps build our network on the West Coast. Holly loves that her work at Vida is deeply meaningful. She is passionate about making positive differences in the lives of others – and what better way than helping them find love?

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