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Do Men Really Need a Matchmaker?

Men, is finding a life or romantic partner worth paying for? To some, the concept of spending money on something so unpredictable is a risky move… Is love something that money can’t buy, or is it worth a try anyway? Read on to find out what we think..

Summertime Match maker advice – sustaining your relationship

04 Jun

Summer lovin can be as intoxicating as five porn star martinis. There’s something about the carefree nature of long days, sunshine, the sound of the sea, the splash of a lake, dining al fresco that can easily go to your head. So how do you let go and let love in and at the same […]

European Escape: Dating in Barcelona

08 Apr

There are a handful of spectacular seaside cities in the world, and Barcelona is right up there with the best of them.

What is Love? #Grazia10 Ten Talks

26 Feb

Grazia Magazine is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with an exhibition and a series of talks at the Getty gallery in central London. The free #Grazia10 exhibition runs from 23rd February – 14th March and is open to the public Monday ­-Friday (10am-5.30pm), Saturday (12-5.30pm).       One of the talks addressed the question ‘What is love anyway’ […]

Dating Advice: Money Talks

11 Feb

They say money talks, but does it really when it comes to love? Take some time to consider my dating advice if you want to avoid common pitfalls in strong relationships. Money can definitely be a pressure point when it comes to romance. When you start to see a new person there may be a […]

Vida Review: a look at 2014

31 Dec

No …not that unfortunate incident at the hairdressers, but a sound bite of some things in 2014 that unconsciously caught our attention this year. This is an alternative review of 2014, let’s call it simply a Vida Review. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s “conscious uncoupling” was reported in the Guardian newspaper as “deluded tosh”, it’s […]

ATTRACTION: Mind over body

22 Dec

Let’s face it, male or female, most of us hate the mirrors and fluorescent lighting that adorn most shop changing rooms. So I’m posing some questions today:  what is ‘attraction’, what is ‘sexy’, and is it purely physical? Get a group of men and women in a room and you’ll probably hear a lot of […]

There’s a chill in the air

09 Oct

With September behind us we are well and truly on our way into the autumn, one of my favourite times of the year and when matchmaking really heats up. What can be better than the smell of fallen leaves, a blaze of red, orange and yellow through the trees, and spectacular Technicolor sunsets? It’s the perfect […]

Lovestruck! 10 Tips For A Healthy Relationship

01 Sep

Psychologist and relationship expert Rachel MacLynn shares her advice on how to get the most out of dating, your love life and truly understanding yourself and your partner. Are you and your partner having endless arguments? Has your relationship hit a ‘love plateau’ or are your expectations simply too high? Relationship guru and psychologist Rachel […]

Learning To Trust Love Again – Advice for Female First from Rachel MacLynn

19 Aug

Relationship Expert and Professional Matchmaker, Rachel MacLynn, offers advice on how to restore the faith in love after an affair.   An affair is a brutal end to any relationship and the scars left behind can stay etched on someone’s heart forever. The ability to trust love again is one of the biggest challenges that victims of an affair […]

What To Wear On A First Date – 8 Ways To Make A Good Impression

29 Jul

“Do you have blue eyes? Wear a dark or light blue shirt. Do you have green eyes? Wear a white or light or mossy green shirt” Whether you pride yourself on being on top of the latest trends, or you’re admittedly a non-fashionista who just likes some nice kit now and then, the threads front […] May 2014 – How to survive a wedding when you’re single

19 May

DON’T BE ASHAMED OF BEING SINGLE – Rachel says being single is nothing to be ashamed about: “A lot of people there will be viewing you as the exciting singleton.After years of marriage and childcare you’ll be amazed how alluring the idea of the ‘young and free’ single life is. Enjoy the excitement and see yourself through […]

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