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Do Men Really Need a Matchmaker?

Men, is finding a life or romantic partner worth paying for? To some, the concept of spending money on something so unpredictable is a risky move… Is love something that money can’t buy, or is it worth a try anyway? Read on to find out what we think..

Relationship Deal Breakers

What’s the deal breaker for you when it comes to a long term relationship?

Single in Cyber Space – Discover the alternative to online dating…

We are all busy, so busy in fact that the idea of taking time to look for a partner often seems like one chore too much. An obvious solution that may spring to mind is delving into Cyber Space for your search. In this article, I explore some of the fundamental issues with online dating and why using a matchmaking service is the perfect solution.

Investing in Love

Smart people accumulate assets and monitor their financial landscape consistently. Is that you? The big question is: are you prepared to invest in your love life?

As with any change, divorce brings opportunity

It’s a fact of life that when you’re dating in your 20’s you feel invincible, attractive and the future seems a long way off. The opportunities for romance in your social universe are just dropping off the trees like ripe fruit. We’ve still got hair, we can go out 5 nights a week and still […]

Fear of Rejection

22 Mar

Have you ever found yourself in the sea in the summer momentarily alone and bobbing with your face at water level, when suddenly the JAWS theme pops into your head? Your heart constricts with fear and you start to swim frantically and irrationally the three feet and three arm strokes to the shallows. Jiminy Cricket […]

Shoreditch Radio Interview with Jacqueline Burns

10 Mar

Thank you Shoreditch Radio for having Jacqueline Burns, Head of Gay and Lesbian Matchmaking, on the show earlier this week. To hear what she had to say on how we work here at Vida, the gay and lesbian division and the future of sexuality, love and matchmaking click here .  

Can you find love through… a spreadsheet?

16 Feb

Are you in need of an epic romance, or are you still flying solo and hoping to fall truly madly deeply in love? Does a love song or a sonnet make your heart soar with expectation and the yearning for cupid’s arrow to hit you right this moment? Perhaps you’re more of a strategist and […]

Give romance a chance

21 Jan

All through our lives we are told what to do. Our elders and experts have the authority to tell us to eat our vegetables, do our homework, tidy our rooms and pay our tax. It really is one of the joys of life being an independently self-funded adult to make decisions about what, when, where […]

5 Tips On Dating a Breadwinning Woman

17 Dec

  In a nutshell, historically, men brought home the bacon and the women cooked it. However, much time has passed since the dark ages and thanks to the likes of the suffragettes, women are not only bringing home the bacon, they’re bringing steak home too. It’s true that men still earn more than women, but […]


10 Jun

Anjuna, Eze-Sur-Mer, France Saturday June 6, 2015 – Basking in the glorious sunshine as I greeted our Vida8 group outside the brand new and glamorous Monaco Yacht Club, an international visitor commented – “Barbara I can see how you’ve got the perfect work/lifestyle balance living between Monaco and London – what’s not to love about this […]

The Ugly Truth in Gay Long Term Relationships

05 Jun

Despite what the songs and the films would have you believe, no one is perfect. Even the most self-confident gay man has their insecurities and, more importantly, everyone has their flaws. The first few dates you go on are a little bit like a sales pitch you’re both showing your sparkling wit, you tell your most […]

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