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Matchmaking Across Cultures: Crossing the Cultural Divide

There are many soaring romance stories of discovering love in a foreign country, who knows what exotic and heady love scenes may unfold in your life?

Bad Dating Habits to Avoid!

If you've experienced some bad dates, then read on... I give my expert advice on bad dating habits you really need to avoid!

When do you say ‘I Love You’?

You may be completely surprised to learn that it is men who are more likely to say “I love you” before a woman.

Fear of Commitment

Fear of Commitment is a disease that is rampant in the dating world. You’re never going to catch the love train while you have a fear of commitment that is preventing you from a relationship or sabotaging it before it has a chance to happen.

The Power of Networking

12 Apr

Do you know people who you really consider to be great networkers? They seem to know everyone, and if they don’t they know how to get to someone. Are they just touched with gold, or a bit of a mover and shaker? You could say that, but actually good networkers are people who know the […]


28 Oct

When it comes to business and relationships do you value honesty? We would all likely automatically say yes, but in reality is it possible to be honest and succeed in business? There are plenty of stories and rumours about people succeeding in business through dishonesty, but how does that sit with your ethics and morality? […]

Love and plain, old ‘Excess Baggage’…

08 Oct

How often do you switch on the evening news and then actually feel like you either want to walk away from it or switch it off? Ever wondered why that might be? Is it possibly because all you are hearing is negative and depressing. Important and valid information, but somehow weighty and heavy, and you […]

Radio 5 Live Interviews Jacqueline Burns

11 Sep

  Check out the  Interview here >     We got  some Vida air time this morning with Nicky Campbell and Rachel Burden on Radio 5 Live. Talking about likes, dislikes in your perfect partner. Jacqueline Burns our resident Matchmaking and head of Gay Matchmaking at Vida talks all things compatible … check it out,  1 hr 27 […]

Dating after Divorce

11 May

Dating again after divorce can be an extremely daunting prospect when you’re feeling disillusioned and alone. It’s something you probably never imagined you would find yourself considering again and the very thought of it can be frightening. If the last time you went on a date was many years ago you will have many unanswered […]

5 Steps to Introducing Your New Love

27 Apr

Are you a serial dater? Do you have an urgent need to introduce your most recent conquest to your friends right away, almost as if to say “look everyone I have a boyfriend/girlfriend, I am not a loser….see…..see!” Ok first point, apply breaks gently and slow down. One step at a time otherwise you could […]

Relationship Rules – a reminder

31 Mar

Compromising Ask yourself this: do you give too much or too little? Being at either end of the spectrum really doesn’t work well in relationships. If you compromise too much you may be giving up who you really are and potentially become unaware that you are allowing toxic resentment to develop gradually. Compromise too little […]

My Ideal Man

03 Mar

“I want a man who is about 6”2, and has the body of a Men’s Health Fitness model, a brilliant sense of humour, rich, maybe has an accent. Oh he has to love theatre, even better if he can sing and dance, but my ideal man also needs to be very manly and be able to […]

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