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There’s nothing worse than feeling out of touch when you just don’t understand the lingo. If you’ve been off the dating scene, or concentrating on career success, you may not be au fait with expressions that have been cultivated and adopted to describe dating behaviour. It’s a dating safari out there, so here, in this article, I lift the mystery on all this terminology and enlighten us all.

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Early Sunshine Escapes

April is a bargain month for making an early escape to the sun before the prices begin to sky rocket. The sea hasn’t quite warmed up yet, but soaking up the rays by the pool and shedding your winter coat is pure joy. If you want to bag a bargain and be guaranteed of some warm sunshine, these are my recommendations for a romantic getaway. Get a jump start on summer and your tan with the one you love.

Dating apps: a revolution of narcissism?

With the influx of dating apps and online dating, never before in the history of humanity have we had such easy access to such a vast pool of potential partners. However, this phenomenon also raises some fundamental flaws in the system...

3 Tips for Singletons Searching for The One

Disillusioned with digital dating and need a helping hand to switch up life’s repetitive cycles? If you’re finding yourself stuck in a dating rut, here are my top 3 tried-and-true tips to help you refocus your search and propel towards finding The One in 2018.

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