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Author: Rachel

7 Top Tips to Bridge the Age Gap

Whenever there’s a noticeable age gap between partners, it’s not uncommon for eyebrows to be raised. Some studies suggest that people show disapproval regarding relationships that breach the 10-year age gap. Today, the average age gap between partners is approximately three to four years but further studies show that both men and women prefer to meet and be with someone who is their own age.

However, as the world develops and we become more accepting as a society, the stigmas attached to age gap relationships are fading.

Top Tips for Managing Relationship Anxiety

Experiencing relationship anxiety is not uncommon during a relationship and can arise at any stage. You may be in a long and stable relationship where you’ve developed trust, understand each other's boundaries and communicate well - but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel anxious from time-to-time.

10 Years of Magical Matchmaking, Memories and Milestones

Vida's 10th anniversary has arrived and am delighted to share with you my top ten magical moments and milestones.

The Self-Controlled Lover: The Importance of Self-Discipline in a Relationship

Self-control is the prerequisite for all other successes in life. But how important is self-control when you’re single and looking to settle down?

Fear of Dating Again: Exploring the Latest Pandemic Fallout

It’s been 14 months since singletons were faced with an unbelievable scenario: the pause button was pressed on dating—and much of life in general. What does dating again look like?

Is Video Dating Here to Stay? Or Is It Simply a Part-Time Alternative?

In a COVID world, we are fortunate to have access to apps and technology that allow us to keep in touch with our friends, family and loved ones. However, while the world has witnessed rapid digital evolution, can it effectively replicate a realistic and intimate dating experience?

The 7 Crucial Stages of a Relationship & How to Manage Each One

Every relationship is different, but every relationship falls into a similar structure when it comes to its progression. We all hit relationship stages at different times, but it’s fair to say that everyone goes through a similar pathway when it comes to the stages of a relationship.

Research has actually found that relationships can be split up into milestones and different stages. From these milestones, we can understand new ways of thinking and how the relationship is forced to adapt to these milestones.

Nature and Your Relationship

In the digital age we move quickly and forget about the little things, but nature invites us to slow down, ponder, reflect, and engage.

My Favourite Virtual Date Ideas

Virtual dates have numerous benefits and I believe they have a place in the longer-term dating landscape, read on to see some of my favourites.

What Makes a Healthy Relationship? 12 Tips for a Lifelong Relationship

The Vida Consultancy offers its expertise on what makes a healthy relationship and signs to look out for in an unhealthy relationship.

Romance Across the Party Line

Can two people with differing political views make a relationship work? Always a tricky one - but it can be done.

Overcoming the Challenges of Finding a Long-Term Partner as a High-Achieving Woman

You’re internationally minded and a high-achiever. You have both a high EQ and IQ, and a growth mindset. You thrive on career progression and are good at what you do. Finding a long-term partner might not be one of your goals in which case my advice below won’t apply. However, if you consider yourself to be a high-achiever and are serious about finding a long-term compatible partner, read on...

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