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7 Ways to Make Your Long-Distance Relationship a Success

Almost no one actually wants a long-distance relationship. However, sometimes it is inevitable for one reason or another. Read on for my top 7 tips on how to make your long-distance relationship work.

What to Wear on a First Date?

What you wear to your first date plays a major role in others first impressions of you. But we are here to take away the stress of deciding what to wear with some style tips for a first date from personal stylist Deni kiro.

How Rumination Can Sabotage Your Relationships

The cognitive process of rumination is rather simple, it involves deep thinking about something that has already happened or is due to happen — it becomes an issue when you get stuck in a cycle of unproductive thoughts. It can be one of the unhealthiest thought habits around hurting you and your relationships.

How to Deal With Relationship Rejection

If there is one thing that’s true in life, it’s knowing that it’s impossible to find love without experiencing pain or rejection. But if you avoid it or try to dodge it, you may end up never giving it a chance. There’s a beautiful scene in the film Somethings Gotta Give between Mother and Daughter which shows why you have to give it a go. But if you are rejected, it really does hurt, so what can you do when you find yourself in that situation?

4 Ways Perfectionism Manifests in a Relationship—and How to Overcome Them

How can something like 'perfectionism' damage your romantic prospects—and what you can do about them.

Turbo Relationships: How to Make Sure your Lockdown Love Lasts a Lifetime

A dating related outcome that has arisen as a result of the global pandemic, is the increase in 'turbo relationships', which are very fast-paced relationships. But are they sustainable now restrictions have largely lifted?

Digital Era Dating and Forging Authentic Relationships Amid the Screens

The digital era has provided us the opportunity for online dating and the connivance of fast and easy communication. But what is the flip side of that? What is it like forging an authentic relationship amid the screens?

Dating Someone with Anxiety – Our Top 8 Tips

Just because you’re dating someone with anxiety doesn’t mean your relationship has to suffer in the anxiety bubble forever. There are a number of ways to help alleviate tension and anxious thoughts to ensure your relationship continues to grow and blossom despite the mental health challenges your partner may be facing.

7 Top Tips to Bridge the Age Gap

Whenever there’s a noticeable age gap between partners, it’s not uncommon for eyebrows to be raised. Some studies suggest that people show disapproval regarding relationships that breach the 10-year age gap. Today, the average age gap between partners is approximately three to four years but further studies show that both men and women prefer to meet and be with someone who is their own age.

However, as the world develops and we become more accepting as a society, the stigmas attached to age gap relationships are fading.

Top Tips for Managing Relationship Anxiety

Experiencing relationship anxiety is not uncommon during a relationship and can arise at any stage. You may be in a long and stable relationship where you’ve developed trust, understand each other's boundaries and communicate well - but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel anxious from time-to-time.

Why Dating After Forty Can Be the Best Time to Find Love

Dating in your forties may seem scary at first. But love has no age or limit, your forties can be an amazing time to find love just be patient, positive and present.

Fear of Dating Again: Exploring the Latest Pandemic Fallout

It’s been way over a year since singletons were faced with an unbelievable scenario: the pause button was pressed on dating—and much of life in general. What does dating again look like?

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