Dream Job: Exclusive Matchmaker

27 Oct

The office


It has already been 3 years since I last came to London, and today, shortly after I arrived, the charming drive from Notting Hill to Mayfair made me wonder why I waited so long to be back in town.

Well, I believe that apparently random things usually happen for a reason and coming back to this magical city with a purpose – to become part of the fun and sophisticated team of Vida Consultancy as an Exclusive Matchmaker was definitely a “Steve Jobs connecting my dots” moment for me. The chemistry between me, Joanna and Rachel was instant; suddenly the cosy office centered in the glamorous streets of Mayfair felt like home.

I’ll tell you something – I am an expat and I have been travelling around the world quite a lot for quite a while, which means that despite the fact I already have amazing friends back “home”, home to me is quite a movable concept requiring constant effort and willpower to recreate inner social circles that can give me and my husband a homely, welcoming and ‘real’ feeling anywhere we land. Throughout that process, I have experienced how rare and special truly great connections are – those types of encounters that sparkle and create positive,  growing and solid energy inside of us. They are definitely to be cherished and enjoyed.

Something tells me that it wasn’t simply luck that made it so easy and natural to talk and feel genuinely comfortable with the rest of Vida’s team. It was something more: a mix of that divine matter life is all about, together with the obvious experience and capability of Vida’s senior consultants, Rachel MacLynn and Maite Plimmer, to read people’s personalities and perspectives – this is refined matchmaking in it’s pure essence.

Fun fact, four out of five of us are Virgo, I guess Vida’s team is also astrologically aligned.


The romance Vida spreads among their clients starts at the office. Today at my second day working from London as an Exclusive Matchmaker, the talk at the office was of course, love. Everybody was happy because, after some serious screening, they had found a perfect match for one of their favourite clients.

I was particularly touched by this event, firstly because I could see that everyone was proud of the work they did together to transform a wish and a possibility into a concrete connection and second because the team’s reaction to that success, illustrated what I already suspected, that not only they were proud of their service, but most importantly they were genuinely happy for the client.

With this good spirit and strong sense of love in the air it was time to call and profile my first client. I met this client online and was very excited to know more about him and reviewing his relationship history, since he seemed like a genuine and interesting gentleman. I was right, in the words of Forbes, “more often than not, people are as they appear”.

The conversation was so pleasant that soon it was time for me to leave the office. It’s impressive how time flies when you are doing what you love. When I finished the phone call and my time at Vida Consultancy’s London office, I was simply left wanting more, wanting more days like this, more of that special feeling we all shared in the morning – to find great people their great match. Tomorrow, I am off to the Matchmaking Institute’s Certification Training Course, so I can combine my innate desire to help others find love, with professional matchmaking skills.

By Laiz Batista
International Matchmaker, Norway


Laiz Batista has recently joined The Vida Consultancy as an International Matchmaker. She is Brazilian and works in Norway, where she lives with her husband. Laiz graduated in Law but has always been passionate about love and relationships. Now she is a certified matchmaker doing what she is crazy about – spreading the love.


by Rachel Vida MacLynn

Founder & CEO

Rachel Vida MacLynn is reputed as being a world-leading matchmaking and dating expert. Registered as a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, Rachel advocates a professional matchmaking approach based on psychological principles and professional consultation.More by this author

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