Express Romance

04 Sep

If you want your romance to get motoring, then it’s time to board the Glacier Express.

A weekend away should be as hassle free as possible, especially to avoid travel nightmares with timing. If you want bristling efficiency, flawless service, clear communications and things that run like clockwork, you can’t beat Switzerland. Think chocolate boxes, watches, private banking, and million dollar, make that million Swiss Francs alpine scenery. If you want your romance to get motoring, then it’s time to board the Glacier Express. Cow bells will ring at the genius of your weekend travel planning, it’s almost Bond-like.

Flights to Zurich from London City Airport, Heathrow or Gatwick abound, wear or carry down jacket, scarf and gloves, and wearing stylish comfortable walking boots, you can travel with overnight bag only to speed things up in transit if you wish. September is great for this trip, otherwise wait until the first weekend of December as many of the best hotels and restaurants take a break in October and November.  On arrival in Zurich airport escalator downstairs to the train and you’re into central Zurich and connecting to your train to St Moritz with perfect on time efficiency. Check into stunningly beautiful Kulm Hotel which while it has been in operation since 1864, you won’t find “old” rather rooms and public spaces that could feature in a current issue of Architectural Digest or Interiors. The view is knock out as is the Michelin starred restaurant.

After breakfast boarding the Glacier Express is a breeze and a lesson in hassle free train experiences. Travel First Class or Second, it makes no matter, you will spend seven and a half hours meandering through the most breath-taking scenery you can imagine. Lunch at your table and send postcards from the train to impress friends around the world. It’s the most wondrous day of gazing out the window and into each other’s eyes. Before you know it you’ll be arriving in the carless impossibly gorgeous Zermatt.

If there’s early snow you will be met by horse drawn carriage to be whisked off to several equally fabulous possibilities. The Omnia is where you could encounter a Bond operative or the villain, overlooking the village with modernistic panache. Or you could stay at the Unique Hotel Post if you want a bit of buzz and the ability to walk out the door onto the main street, it’s very cool. If you’d like to experience old money Switzerland in grand style, then check into the “small grand hotel” the Zermattahoff.  Wherever you are fireside drinks are de rigeur before dinner and after dinner.

After the groaning buffet that is breakfast it’s off for a walk to take the cable car up to Trockener Steg by cable car for the most sensational view of the valley and the Matterhorn. An easy and efficient train ride back into Zurich will get you bang on time for your flight back to London. Or make it a three night weekend and check into the Hotel Widder a favourite of Roger Federer, and dine under a Chagall original at Kronenhalle.

All weekends should be this dreamy!


by Rachel Vida MacLynn

Founder & CEO

Rachel Vida MacLynn is reputed as being a world-leading matchmaking and dating expert. Registered as a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, Rachel advocates a professional matchmaking approach based on psychological principles and professional consultation.More by this author

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