Love vs. Life: Finding Balance in your Dating Schedule

24 Sep

Love vs. Life: Today, perhaps more than ever before, everyone is incredibly busy, whether with travel, work commitments, kids, family. And hey, being busy is great – up to a point. But what do you do when you have a hectic schedule, yet really want to be looking for love?

Love vs Life:

“I’m sorry – I’m just too busy to date.”

If you have ever had this said to you – or, indeed, if you yourself have ever said this – you’ll know that it generally means one of two things. One: it’s a polite putdown, a go-to response to alleviate the awkwardness of saying thanks, but no thanks. Or, two: you are genuinely struggling to offset your work life with your personal life – and your love life is suffering as a result.

Today, perhaps more than ever before, everyone is incredibly busy, whether with travel, work commitments, kids, family. And hey, being busy is great – up to a point. But what do you do when you have a hectic schedule, yet really want to be looking for love? To you, I say as a matchmaker with an elite dating agency, hold tight – hope is not lost.

Make goals

Approach your dating life with the same strategic thinking as you would for your career. Where do you want to be in six months, a year, five years? What measures can you take to ensure these plans can come to fruition? Make tangible, realistic aims: don’t just proclaim to the skies, ‘I will be married within two years!’ – break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks. How about, ‘I will go on one date every month’? After all, in love as in life, it isn’t the destination that is important – it’s the journey.

You can make time

Picture the scene.

It’s five minutes to bedtime. You’ve brushed your teeth, snuggled down in your PJs, and you’re doing a final cursory check of your emails. As you go to switch off your phone for the night, ping – one new email. The Queen of England has invited you to tea – tomorrow.

Now, it’s an extreme example, but the logic is sound – stay with me. The point is, when a life-changing opportunity presents itself to you on a plate, you don’t roll over and ignore it. You grab life by the collar and take it! Now, whilst her Majesty might not be giving you the call any time soon, someone else just might be – the love of your life (potentially). Numerous scientific studies have shown that the single greatest factor in a happy life is a long-term, meaningful romantic relationship, so it’s fair to say that dating, far from a trivial pursuit, is actually of profound importance to your long-term life satisfaction.

‘But I really don’t have any time!’ I hear you cry. To this, I say, let’s step back – assess the situation. Consider every aspect of your lifestyle individually, right now. Is there truly nothing that is unavoidable, nothing that can be rearranged or postponed, in favor of a little more focus on your own happiness? Sometimes it seems like there is nothing that can change – but is that true, or is it just a fear of breaking the safety net of a familiar routine? Because, you know what? Life is rife with uncertainty, never without risk – and neither is love. Consider committing just a small window of time every day to making an active effort to date, be this sifting through messages from potential suitors on a dating app or, even better, saying yes to that social event you’d really rather miss so you can instead burrow down beneath the comforter for a Netflix marathon. It’s a big, big world out there – you never know whom you might just encounter.

Stay flexible

Are there ways to increase your efficiency within working hours, without decreasing productivity? It might sound obvious, but actually, it’s sometimes only when a new priority in your life becomes apparent that you reassesses and conclude that yes, actually, I can get this job done in less time – thus freeing up your evenings for dates.

Can you work remotely? Why not take your work to that local coffee shop, rather than sitting home alone, and meet like-minded individuals? Do you work near a potential love interest? Why not synchronize your work schedules and meet for a quick coffee or bite to eat? Especially in the fast-paced modern world we live in, we must adapt – we don’t have to adhere to the tradition of dinner and drinks – do whatever you can to take the time to get to know the person. In fact, by taking the time to see them whenever the opportunity arises, you only go to prove that you are committed to seeing them – and, therefore, that you are totally into them.


If this article resonates with you and if you’re looking for love in the US then get in touch. With time being so precious, seeking the assistance of a professional matchmaker is often the best and most effective solution to help you on your dating journey. Let us at The Vida Consultancy weave our magic and find you love. Contact us today – fall in love tomorrow.


by Gina Yannotta

Chief Operating Officer, New York City.

Gina Yannotta is Head Matchmaker & Chief Operating Officer at Vida’s New York office. Gina’s unyielding passion for the field, in combination with her extensive experience in matchmaking, has allowed her to orchestrate successful and everlasting relationships amongst her clients. Tasked with running the Manhattan office, Gina utilizes her interpersonal skills and relationship expertise to make a splash in the matchmaking pool, personally connecting her clients with their ultimate match while simultaneously taking advantage of the endless possibilities that NYC offers to its client-base.More by this author