Picture Perfect

02 Oct

In the age of the selfie we might think we've got the perfect picture nailed. But perhaps we forget the importance of having, not only a good picture, but one that also portrays your personality.

Successful people, like you, invest in lots of things that improve or enhance their lives. Many are beginning to appreciate the value of having an exclusive matchmaker to help you with their dating landscape, curating who they meet and focusing on their relationship success. Now it’s time to get that camera lens into focus on great pictures that capture not just how attractive you are but your personality too.

In the age of the selfie and with great smart phone camera technology and editing features, we might think that we’ve got it nailed. But you may be surprised what the right colour clothing against your facial skin tone and proper lighting can do to capture the right shot. Red for instance is a colour of passion and love, but it might not be your best colour for a photo.

But just how important are pictures of you when it comes to dating? They’re actually an essential tool because if you’re not physically present in the room for that eye contact moment, your pictures should do that for you. Randomly selecting what you think might be your best shots, is probably not going to cut it. There are so many things you want to say with a picture that only a professional photographer will know how to capture.

So you may be thinking that you’re not a model and the idea of sitting with a professional photographer seems a little daunting. The right photographer is going to make you feel completely at ease and totally relaxed, and you may even enjoy the experience. What they are trying to capture is the authentic you, something in your eyes, or your smile that indicate, warmth, humour, kindness and your personality. The right picture needs to be natural not posed, and a professional knows how to make you relaxed in front of a camera to capture that moment.

The professional matchmaking team at Vida are keen for all of their clients to have great pictures. At Vida we work on the psychology of love when it comes to introducing you to people where the date has potential for something substantial. But of course you want to see who you might be meeting and vice versa, first impressions count.

If you’ve tried online and app dating you will know the power of the right profile picture. How many people have you bypassed because you thought; “Why is their friend in the picture? Oh that’s just looks silly. They are too far away I can’t really see them properly”. Likewise you might not like the professional picture that seems too “posed” and more like something you would see on a corporate website or LinkedIn.

Like it or not we do make judgements on how people look in a picture. But what we have to remember is that while we might not be attracted to someone immediately on first impressions, it’s often their confidence, sense of humour and personality that we fall in love with. Take the time to invest in great pictures and you will feel more confident about succeeding in finding romance and love. Your Professional Matchmaker at Vida will work wonders for your dating life and helping you meet the right people, but a terrific shot of how wonderful you are is definitely going to help.

Want to know how you can get the perfect picture? Contact us now – a conversation might lead to you finding your ultimate match…!


by Rachel Vida MacLynn

Founder & CEO

Rachel Vida MacLynn is reputed as being a world-leading matchmaking and dating expert. Registered as a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, Rachel advocates a professional matchmaking approach based on psychological principles and professional consultation.More by this author

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